Result: Southdown Velo 25m TT

Gary Chambers is the winner of the Southdown Velo 25 mile time trial on Sunday (September 16); Angela Carpenter was first woman

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Result: Southdown Velo 25m TT

1 Gary Chambers NOPINZ Male
2 Paul Jones Primera-Teamjobs Male
3 Neil Mackley Fareham Wheelers CC Male
4 Dave Dent GS Stella Male
5 Nik Allen Worthing Excelsior CC Male
6 Matthew Smith Brighton Excelsior CC Male
7 James Fawcett Hampshire Road Club Male
8 Andrew Thomas …a3crg Male
9 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael Male
10 Peter Baker Lewes Wanderers CC Male
11 Carl Richardson trainSharp Male
12 John Mcgrath Worthing Excelsior CC Male
13 Tony Reeves GS Stella Male
14 Angela Carpenter …a3crg Female
15 Mark Jones GS Stella Male
16 Neil Crowther Worthing Excelsior CC Male
17 Trevor Leeding Worthing Excelsior CC Male
18 David Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC Male
19 Gary Ferrett Hampshire Road Club Male
20 Colin Mooney Portsdown Hill CC Male
21 James Stone Brighton Excelsior CC Male
22 Donald Parker Brighton Mitre CC Male
23 Liam Somerville Bike Jockey CC Male
24 David Earl trainSharp Male
25 Kirsty Mcseveney Fareham Wheelers CC Female
26 Rick Hughes Worthing Excelsior CC Male
27 Mark Trimmer Southdown Velo Male
28 John Isard Hampshire Road Club Male
29 Alan Emmott Fareham Wheelers CC Male
30 Dave Abbott Bognor Regis CC Male
31 Mike Boyce …a3crg Male
32 Keith Webb Southdown Velo Male
33 Paul Townsley Worthing Excelsior CC Male
34 Philip Wise Southdown Velo Male
35 David Pothecary Southdown Velo Male
36 Michelle Lock GS Stella Female
37 John Marinko Brighton Mitre CC Male
38 Peter Horsfield Redmon CC Male
39 Martin Whitty …a3crg Male
40 David England Crabwood CC Male
41 Faye Faber Bike Jockey CC Female
42 Paul Beck Hampshire Road Club Male
43 Peter Weaver New Forest CC Male
44 Deanna Ferrett Hampshire Road Club Female
45 Ken Rayson …a3crg Male
46 Simon Craig-Mcfeely …a3crg Male



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