Promo: trainSharp Fitness assessments

Promo: trainSharp fitness assessments are an essential part of improving cycling performance, but why?

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Promo: trainSharp Fitness assessments

A long time supporter of VeloUK is trainSharp and in this promotional feature tell us about why fitness assessments are an essential part of improving cycling performance

The few points below highlight why physiological assessments are so important.

– Allows identification of strengths and weaknesses
– Provides bespoke training zones
– Optimises training effectiveness
– Informs design and modification of your training plan
– Highlights pacing strategies
– Multiple tests allow the ability to track changes in performance

trainSharp offer physiological assessments designed specifically to assess your performance. It offers a unique and extensive insight into your physiology, this allows bespoke training zones to be produced and identification of your strength and weakness as a rider, this in turn allows the guess work to be taken out of your training so your time training can be maximised.

This testing package includes a; sub-maximal blood lactate profile, maximal aerobic power (VO2max), peak power output and body composition. You can expect a full and comprehensive physiological assessment by our trained Physiologists/Sports Scientists Alex Welburn and Connor Murphy.
The testing will be carried out on our SRM “Gold Standard” test equipment.

Eddie Dunbar having a performance test

Some info about Alex
Alex has BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and MSc applied physiology. He has worked with a range of athletes, specialising in performance development – ensuring athletes are ready for their event.  Alex has also investigated the applied aspect of critical power. Not only does he have an extensive research background, but he is also an established bike racing, currently holding an elite mountain bike licence and is regarded as one of the UK’s top mountain bike racers. Alex has represented GB in both MTB and CX disciplines.

Some info about Connor
Connor also has a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and has a MSc in Sport and Exercise Physiology. Connor has experience working with a broad range of athletes in various sports, including Cycling, Athletics, Triathlon and Sailing.
Connor also a cyclist, having raced in most cycling disciplines over the previous 10 years, including MTB XC, CX, TT, and Track.

Another rider taking the test is Jacob Vaughan

When should you test
It is ideal to test throughout the year, but especially before big blocks of winter training. This ensures training zones are set correctly and performance can be tracked.

Sub maximal blood lactate profile – This test involves a ramped progression, increasing by 30 W per stage until a blood marker, which is correlated to functional threshold power is reached. This test allows identification of your lactate threshold and your functional threshold power. An ideal test for monitoring performance and monitoring of pacing strategies.

Maximal Aerobic Power – This is an 8-12-minute test, whereby power output will increase by 30 W per minute until volitional exhaustion. During this test we will collect expired gasses via with a mask. We will use the result from this test to set your bespoke training zones.

Peak Power Output – This test is comprised of 2 x 10 s sprints. These will be maximal efforts with some recovery in between. We use this test to establish your peak power output.

Body composition – This test involves using skinfold callipers to measure your adipose tissue at 4 different sites (Bicep, Tricep, Subscapularis, Iliac crest). This will give us an indication of your body fat percentage and allow us to track your body composition over time.

Testing available to coached and non-coached, novices and elite riders. Contact to make a booking/enquiry



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