Result: Ridley Lazer West Midlands CX League 3

Beth Crumpton, Toby Barnes, Stephen Knight, Kieran Riley and Darren Atkins winners at the third round of the Ridley Lazer West Midlands CX League on Sunday organised by Stratford CC

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Result: Ridley Lazer West Midlands CX League 3

Photos: David Perry | Words: Ben Goddard

Beth Crumpton (Storey Racing) and Toby Barnes (Lichfield City CC) used their strength to great effect as they clinched victory in the women’s and men’s races at round three of the West Midlands Cyclo-Cross League. The man-made banks at Johnsons’ Coaches Liveridge Hill provided a tough event organised by Stratford CC.

Beth Crumpton

Earlier rain which made for muddy conditions dried by the afternoon and for the senior men’s event the ground had firmed up. Round one winner Barnes led from start to finish in the senior event gradually increasing his unassailable lead throughout the race to win by over a minute. Behind junior riders Simon Wyllie (Halesowen A&CC) and Daniel Barnes (Lichfield City CC) led the charge behind.

Wyllie pulled clear on the second lap and was a lone chaser while Barnes fell away and Samuel Morris (Revolution Racing) came through to take third. Barnes took second junior and David Hird (Halesowen A&CC) was third. Toby Barnes said: “When we arrived at the course it seemed really muddy but by the time we raced it had completely dried out. It was a tough course with the banks and I went hard from the start and got a gap so kept pushing on from there. I was a bit annoyed last week as I crashed which allowed Lewis (Askey) to get a away from me so it was nice to get a second win.”

After suffering a rare defeat last weekend Darren Atkins (Zannata Ride Coventry X Gear) returned to the top spot in the veteran over-40 category. Last week’s veteran’s winner Philip Glaze (Stourbridge CC) was left chasing behind for second while Gareth Scott (Bicicielo) took third. In the women’s event similar to the first round Crumpton went head-to-head with junior rider Harriet Harnden (T-Mo Racing). In the first round a twisted chain cost Crumpton a chance at the victory but she made no mistake on this occasion.

Crumpton attacked on the third lap and used her road strength to power up the muddy banks and to pull out a winning margin of 37 seconds. Behind Xan Crees beat her junior Team Empella team-mate Alderney Baker to take third place overall on the day. Karen Summers (unattached) took the veteran women’s victory finishing a minute and a half ahead of Sally Reid (Brotherton Cycles) in second and Amanda Whitehouse (Stourbridge CC) in third.

Darren Atkins

“It was muddy this morning but it dried up and by the time we raced it was just a bit sticky and sloggy,” said Crumpton. “Hattie (Harnden) turned up so we had a race on and we raced together for the first two laps. Then on the third lap I attacked and pushed on and managed to get a gap. “The course was really strength sapping and there was no recovery and the climbs were really quite tough.

“I won a road race in Sheffield yesterday so it was nice to get a double weekend win. I’m feeling really strong at the moment and I’m racing in the Czech Republic next week before travelling to Slovenia a day later.” Once again the veteran’s over-50 event was dominated by Stephen Knight (Team Jewson MI Racing) finishing a minute and 41 seconds ahead of his nearest rival.

After a slower start Stephen Whitehouse (Stourbridge CC) kept his lap times consistent to take a clear second place passing Kirby Bennett (Team Jewson MI Racing) who finished third. Kieran Riley (Langdale Lightweights) made it two wins from two in the youth boys category in sticky conditions taking a 35 seconds victory.

Ben Askey (RST/Cycle Division Racing Team) kept the pressure on the leader throughout the race but had to settle for second place while Alex Barker (Team Backstedt/Hotchillee) finished third. In the under-14s event Max Greensill (Rapid Racer Products) took his first win of the season finishing over a minute clear of Spencer Corder (Rotor Race Team) with Tomos Pattinson (Halesowen A&CC) finishing third.

Isla Mason (Team Empell clinched his first victory of the series in the under-16 girls event. She was chased home by Daphne Jones (Mid Shropshire Whls) while first under-14 Ellie Swingell (Halesowen A&CC) finished third overall. Hannah Cockroft (unattached) finished second under-14 while Posie Forrester (Wyre Forest CRC) took third.

Toby Barnes


1 Bethany Crumpton Storey Racing Senior
2 Harriet Harnden T-Mo Racing Junior
3 Xan Crees Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com U23
4 Alderney Baker Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com Junior
5 Lucy Hart Mid Shropshire Wheelers Junior
6 Karen Summers Private Member V45
7 Melissa Baker Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com U23
8 Julie Caddick Brotherton Cycles Senior
9 Sally Reid Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe V55
10 Josie Nelson Litchfield Ccc Junior
11 Amanda Whitehouse Stourbridge Cc V40
12 Claire Murphy Kenilworth Wheelers CC Senior
13 Hannah Pearson FISHFACE CYCLES RT Senior
14 Michelle Paget Rugby Velo V40
15 Tessa Oelofse Brat Club V45
16 Lisa Garside Private Member V50
17 Ella Roper Newport Shropshire CC Senior
18 Helen Pritchard Sytri – Shrewsbury Triathlon V50
19 Daniella Gregory CC Giro V45
20 Pam Saunders Stourbridge Cc V55
21 Kerry Guest Private Member V40
22 Rita Humphreys Coventry Cycling Club V50
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1 Toby Barnes Lichfield City CC U23
2 Simon Wyllie Halesowen A & CC Junior
3 Samuel Morris Revolutions Racing U23
4 Ewan Grivell-Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers U23
5 Daniel Barnes Lichfield City CC Junior
6 Darren Atkins Zannata Ride Coventry X Gear V45
7 Ben Wadey Clee Cycles Senior
8 Luke Grivell-Mellor Msw Senior
9 David Hird Halesowen A & CC Junior
10 Sebastian Bacon Wolverhampton Whls U23
11 Robert Burns Islabikes Senior
12 Matthew Kingston Lichfield City CC Junior
13 Nick Morris Clee Cycles Senior
14 Phillip Glaze Stourbridge Cc V40
15 Andrew Wearing Mike Vaughan Cycles Senior
16 Josh Field Halesowen A & CC Junior
17 Ben Beauchamp Beacon Roads CC Senior
18 Jonathan Morris Fishface Cycles Senior
19 Jonathan Williams Fred Williams Cycles Senior
20 Ollie Morgan Team Echelon U23
21 Gareth Scott Bicicielo V45
22 Colin Miller Ride Coventry V40
23 Joseph Lister Wolverhampton Whls U23
24 Nicholas Popham Rotor Race Team V45
25 Jason McNulty Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC) V40
26 Robert Grimes BIKESTRONG-KTM V40
27 Sam Wainwright Redditch Road & Path CC Junior
28 Gary Howard Private Member V45
29 David Reilly Ride Coventry V45
30 Edward Woodward The MI Racing Academy Junior
31 Gareth Vickers Stourbridge Cc Senior
33 Thomas Smith Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC) Senior
34 John McAllister Private Member Senior
35 Scott Matthews Redditch Road & Path CC Junior
36 David Mole Stourbridge velo V45
37 Andy Jones Clee Cycles V45
38 Stuart Duckworth Lichfield City CC V40
39 Joshua Hubble Halesowen A & CC Junior
40 James Griffiths Clee Cycles V45
41 Graeme Davidson Kenilworth Wheelers CC V45
42 Gareth Evans Revolutions Racing V40
43 John Hines 3C Payment sports V45
44 Darren Shaw Stourbridge velo V45
45 Richard Ashley Jennings C2 Racing Senior
46 James Jenkins Senior
47 Donatas A Senior
48 Stephen Jefferies Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC) V40
49 Mitchell Ward Private Member Senior
50 Robin Bailey Private Member V40
51 Andrew Owen Kenilworth Wheelers CC V45
52 Kevin Hayward Stourbridge Cc V45
53 Nigel Hammond Private Member V40
54 Thomas Williams Beacon Roads CC Junior
55 Iain Tinsley Rotor Race Team V45
56 Mark White Mid Shropshire Wheelers V40
57 Zak White Wolverhampton Whls U23
58 Patrick Allaway Beacon Roads CC V45
59 Jonathan Mouzer Private Member Senior
60 Pablo Requejo Senior
61 Martyn Vickers Lichfield City CC V40
62 Thomas Green Solihull CC Junior
63 Paul Daniels Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC) V40
64 Pete Matthews Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC) Senior
65 Stephen Edwards Wolverhampton Whls V40
66 Nick Hammond Private Member Senior
67 Michael Brownsword Solihull CC V40
68 Matthew Newman Private Member V45
69 Terry Richardson Redditch Road & Path CC V45
70 Ian Warr Redditch Road & Path CC V40
71 Richard Lowe Redditch Road & Path CC V45
72 Christopher Coombs Clee Cycles V45
73 Steve Mullen Lichfield City CC V45
74 Adam Gould Private Member Senior
75 David Green Solihull CC V45
76 Leon Rainsford Mike Vaughan Cycles V40
77 Ed Middleton Private Member Senior
78 Andrew Taylor Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC) V45
79 Adam Roper Newport Shropshire CC Senior
80 Stacey Hubble Halesowen A & CC V45
81 Ewan Grey Private Member V40
82 Philip Hitchmough Solihull CC V45
83 James Strain Redditch Road & Path CC V40
84 Scott Barnett Private Member Senior
85 Tim Mason Redditch Road & Path CC V45
86 Kevin Lister Kenilworth Wheelers CC V40
87 Ashley Bullock Evo Velo Racing Senior
88 Benjamin Killeen Mid Shropshire Wheelers V40
89 Michael Harrison Solihull CC V45
90 Nikki Taylor Newport Shropshire CC V40
91 Neil Wood Private Member V45
92 Paul Guest Worcester St Johns CC V45
93 Neil Pellowe Beacon Roads CC Senior
94 Fraser Pressdee Lichfield City CC V40
95 Russell McAusland Private Member V40
96 Anthony De-Leon Wolverhampton Whls Senior
97 Matthew Henney V40
98 Emerson Graham Ride Coventry V45
99 Jon Ellis Royal Sutton CC Senior
100 Gerard Scott Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC) V45
101 Matt Rogers Solihull CC V40
102 Julian Holt West Midlands Police CC V45
103 Mark McEnery Private Member V40
104 Alex Hall Wolverhampton Whls Junior
105 Chris Oldfield Redditch Road & Path CC Senior
106 Craig Gough Private Member V45
107 David Cartwright Redditch Road & Path CC V40
108 Hari Vikram Kolnaty Solihull CC V40
109 Kirk Finlinson Redditch Road & Path CC V40
110 Gary Short Wyre Forest CRC V40

1 Stephen Knight Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe V50M
2 Stephen Whitehouse Stourbridge Cc V50M
3 Kirby Bennett Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe V60M
4 Vince Page Worcester St Johns CC V50M
5 Chris Wreghitt Second Wind V60M
6 John Buchan Lichfield City CC V50M
7 Gareth Highley CC Giro V50M
8 Kevin Payton Stourbridge Cc V55M
9 Brian Handley Wolverhampton Whls V50M
10 Richard Lewis Kenilworth Wheelers CC V50M
11 Andy Webb Kenilworth Wheelers CC V55M
12 David Wilcock Private Member V50M
13 Nigel Jones Rotor Race Team V55M
14 Peter Bromwich Private Member V55M
15 Mark Garrett Ride Coventry V50M
16 Lorenzo Buratti V50M
17 Mark Mullender Walsall RCC V55M
18 Andy Collins Mid Shropshire Wheelers V50M
19 Peter Busby Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe V55M
20 Michael Vaughan Mike Vaughan Cycles V50M
21 Garry Bolton Wolverhampton Whls V50M
22 Simon Jones Fred Williams Cycles V50M
23 Timothy Stowe Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe V60M
24 Carl Max Taylor Rotor Race Team V50M
25 Chris Watts Matlock CC V60M
26 John Byatt Private Member V55M
27 Joseph Rowe Bush Healthcare CRT V65M
28 Nicholas Vipond Beacon Roads CC V50M
29 Paul Gibson Wyre Forest CRC V50M
30 Kevin Plant Stoubridge CC V50M
31 Mark Farrar Ride Coventry V50M
32 Sean O’Toole Private Member V55M
33 Gary Rowing-Parker Solihull CC V60M
34 Richard Graham Worcester St Johns CC V50M
35 Michael McDermott VC Long Eaton V65M
36 Andrew Merrick Stourbridge Cc V50M
37 Robert Burns Islabikes V55M
38 Steven Ford Nova Raiders Cycling Club V50M
39 Peter Hall Halesowen A & CC V50M
40 David Simmons Private Member V50M
41 Andrew Riley Langdale Lightweights V50M
42 Neville Gunn Solihull CC V50M
43 Mike Snell Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC) V60M
44 Gary Hodkinson Mid Shropshire Wheelers V55M
45 Mark Humphreys Rugby Velo V50M
46 Quinn Bytheway Stourbridge Cc V55M
47 Michael Hopkins Team V-Sprint Racing V60M
48 Gareth Cann Halesowen A & CC V50M
49 Adrian Ravenscroft Beacon Roads CC V50M
50 Robin Worman Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA V55M
51 Peter Varian Birmingham Midland Cycling Club V55M
52 Jonathan Todd Rugby Velo V50M
53 Peter Carman Lyme RC V60M
54 Philip Richardson Wolverhampton Whls V50M
55 John Homer Redditch Road & Path CC V50M
56 Dave Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers V55M
57 Peter Ward Solihull CC V65M
58 Paul Lewis Halesowen A & CC V50M
59 Phillip Edwards Redditch Road & Path CC V55M
60 Mike Bazeley Mid Shropshire Wheelers V50M
61 Derek Hill Stourbridge Cc V65M
62 Phil Metcalfe Wolverhampton Whls V65M
63 Michael Gould Private Member V65M
64 Ian Forrester Kenilworth Wheelers CC V65M
65 John Claydon Private Member V65M
66 Nicholas Selibas Velo Karbona V70M
67 Bernard Wareing Solihull CC V65M
68 Ian Cadwallader Stourbridge Cc V55M
69 Robin Goundry Private Member V60M
70 Mark Lampitt Startford Cc V50M
71 Malcolm Lindsay Redditch Road & Path CC V50M
72 Nicholas Francks’ Halesowen A & CC V50M
73 Pete Marshall Beacon Roads CC V60M
74 Geoff Mann V65M
75 John Cashmore Ctc Foundary V65M
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1 Kieran Riley Langdale Lightweights U16
2 Ben Askey RST/Cycle Division Racing Team U16
3 Alex Barker Team Backstedt/Hotchillee U16
4 William Ryan Solihull CC U16
5 Samuel Holwill Hafren CC U16
6 Harry Cockroft Private Member U16
7 Jacob Jones Solihull CC U16
8 Oliver Baker Wolverhampton Whls U16
9 Sullivan Berry Redditch Road & Path CC U16
10 Max Greensill Rapid Racer Products U14
11 Oliver Tandy Solihull CC U16
12 Joe Brookes Halesowen A & CC U16
13 Spencer Corder Rotor Race Team U14
14 William Farmer Wolverhampton Whls U16
15 Benjamin Tomlinson Mid Shropshire Wheelers U16
16 Jonathan Masters Stratford CC U16
17 Ben Pierce Mid Shropshire Wheelers U16
18 Ryan Greaves Lichfield City CC U16
19 Tomos Pattinson Halesowen A & CC U14
20 Fred Meredith Hafren CC U16
21 Thomas White Wolverhampton Whls U14
22 Conor Jones Solihull CC U16
23 Isla Mason Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com U16
24 Luke Harris RST/Cycle Division Racing Team U14
25 Joe Homer Redditch Road & Path CC U16
26 Jack Fothergill Solihul CC U16
27 Byron Garvey Redditch Road & Path CC U16
28 Luca Bradley Lichfield City CC U14
29 Billy Laight Private Member U14
30 Ben Lucas Wolverhampton Whls U14
31 Noah Inman Lichfield City CC U14
32 Max Saunders Solihull CC U14
33 Daphne Jones Mid Shropshire Wheelers U16
34 Alex Dalton Redditch Road & Path CC U14
35 Jamie Kennerson Mira U16
36 Akhil Kolnaty Solihull CC U14
37 Joshua Darlow Stratford CC U14
38 Luke Brennan Stratford CC U14
39 Tom Brookes Halesowen A & CC U14
40 Ellie Swingell Halesowen A & CC U14
41 Hannah Cockroft Private Member U14
42 Isla Blain Halesowen A & CC U16
43 Alexander Burden Stratford CC U14
44 Luke Mannings Halesowen A & CC U14
45 Matthew Lowe Redditch Road & Path CC U16
46 Posie Forrester Wyre Forest CRC U14
47 Molly Lewis Halesowen A & CC U16
48 Will Lewis Halesowen A & CC U14
49 Wiliam Menzies Solihull CC U14
50 William Simons Halesowen A & CC U16
51 Tom Hyde Newport Shropshire CC U14
52 Ben Woodhouse Solihull CC U14
53 Alexander Brown Wyre Forest CRC U14
54 Cerys Greaves Lichfield City CC U14
55 Joseph Webb Stratford CC U14
56 Marc Charton Solihul CC U14
57 Mari Porton Redditch Road & Path CC U14
58 Joseph Turnbull Redditch Road & Path CC U14
59 Tom Lucas Wolverhampton Whls U14
60 Thomas Cartwright Redditch Road & Path CC U14
61 Harriette Taylor Newport Shropshire CC U14
62 Charlie Cooper Worcester St Johns CC U14
63 Hannah Philpotts Wyre Forest CRC U14

Under 12
1 George Cooper Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme U12
2 Alex Hart Mid Shropshire Wheelers U12
3 Ryan Oldfield Redditch Road & Path CC U12
4 Jesse Bradley Lichfield City CC U12
5 Daniel Ward Mercia CC – Lloyds Cycles U12
6 Rocco Schumacher Pro Vision Race Team U12
7 Jude Du Toit Newark Castle CC U12
8 Jefferson Tear-Verweij Stratford CC U12
9 Tom Jackson Newport Shropshire CC U12
10 Andrew Groves Lichfield City CC U12
11 Noah Killeen Mid Shropshire Wheelers U12
12 Zoe Parker Stratford CC U12
13 Murphy Hamilton Lichfield City CC U12
14 Felix Forrester Wyre Forest CRC U12
15 Joe Greening Wyre Forest CRC U12
16 George Lewis Halesowen A & CC U12
17 Jake Bazeley Mid Shropshire Wheelers U12
18 Samuel Abbott Stratford CC U12
19 Teddy Taylor Newport Shropshire CC U12
20 Samuel Brownsword Solihull CC U12
21 Harriet Greensill Rapid Racer Products U12
22 Ashley Watton Newport Shropshire CC U12
23 Callum Moss Private Member U12
24 Ella Tandy Solihull CC U12
25 Patrick Neely Solihull CC U12
26 Oliver Ward Wolverhampton Whls U12
27 Henry Lewis Wolverhampton Whls U12
28 Dylan Phipps Redditch Road & Path CC U12
29 Jenson Groves Wyre Forest CRC U12
30 Harry Parkes Newport Shropshire CC U12
31 Holly Saunders Solihull CC U12
32 William Hyde Newport Shropshire CC U12
33 Evangeline Hopkins Halesowen A & CC U12
34 Sophie Jackson Newport Shropshire CC U12
35 Lucy Sartain Private Member U12
36 Eva Stanley Mid Shropshire Wheelers U12
37 Louis Mingins Stratford CC U12
38 Aoife Lynch Newport Shropshire CC U12

Under 10
1 Noah White Mid Shropshire Wheelers U10
2 Louis Inman Lichfield City CC U10
3 Jet Du Toit Newark Castle CC U10
4 Jonah Hearn Lichfield City CC U10
5 Ruben Stringfellow Stratford CC U10
6 Corin Bradley Lichfield City CC U10
7 Rose Lewis Halesowen A & CC U10
8 Fraser Macarthur Team MK U10
9 Daniel Charton Solihull CC U10
10 Zach Jenkins U10
11 Victor Meredith Hafren CC U10
12 Matthew Hitchmough Solihull CC U10
13 James Saunders Wyre Forest CRC U10
14 Lauren Oldfield Redditch Road & Path CC U10
15 Rose Neely Solihull CC U10
16 William Garner Solihull CC U10
17 Erin Barton Mid Shropshire Wheelers U10
18 Teddy Wright Solihull CC U10
19 Stephanie Hopkins Halesowen A & CC U10
20 Daniel Brownsword Solihull CC U10
21 Ronan Finlinson Redditch Road & Path CC U10
22 Samuel Thomas Solihull CC U10
23 Daniel Philpotts Wyre Forest CRC U10
24 George Gregory Wyre Forest CRC U10
25 Seb Rogers Solihull CC U10
26 Owen Jervis Redditch Road & Path CC U10
27 Harry Hughes Nuneaton BMX Club U10
28 Nyla Fletcher Wolverhampton Whls U10
29 Eleanor McGuire Newport Shropshire CC U10
30 Eddy Porton Redditch Road & Path CC U10
31 Roxanne Schumacher Private Member U10
32 Lizzie Webb Stratford CC U10
33 Evie May Stones Mid Shropshire Wheelers U10
34 Izzy Bullock EvoVelo Karbona U10
35 Evelyn Jervis Redditch Road & Path CC U10

Under 8
1 Isaac Vickery Mid Shropshire Wheelers U8
2 Jude White Mid Shropshire Wheelers U8
3 Arly Berry Redditch Road & Path CC U8
4 Jacob Smith Welland Valley CC U8
5 James Caine Solihull CC U8
6 Alexander Gilmour Redditch Road & Path CC U8
7 Shauna Hamilton Lichfield City CC U8
8 Philippa Godfrey Newport Shropshire CC U8
9 Benjamin Gilmour Redditch Road & Path CC U8
10 Emma Saunders Wyre Forest CRC U8
11 Micah Johnson Hayward Wolverhampton Whls U8
12 Millie Barton Mid Shropshire Wheelers U8
13 Jayden Cook Wyre Forest CRC U8
14 Jessica Askey Private Member U8
15 Sam Styler Private Member U8
16 Alexandra Grey U8
17 Eleanor Killeen Mid Shropshire Wheelers U8
18 Corden Stanley U8
19 Evelyn Thompson Redditch Road & Path CC U8

Under 6
1 Molly Kostka Private Member U6
2 Ruben Garner Solihull CC U6
3 Charlie Parkes Newport Shropshire CC U6
4 Rory Godfrey Newport Shropshire CC U6
5 Jared Jenkins U6
6 Mollie Cook Wyre Forest CRC U6
7 Fifi Kostka Private Member U6
8 Samuel Boazman Wyre Forest CRC U6
9 Megan Jervis Redditch Road & Path CC U6


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