Result: Sussex CA Hill Climb

Richard Cartland winner of the Sussex CA Hill Climb on Saturday (Sept 29); Gemma Hobson fastest female

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Result: Sussex CA Hill Climb

1 Richard Cartland South Downs Bikes / Casco Europe 04:11.5 Male Vet
2 Alex Byrne-Smith LFGSS CC 04:19.5 Male Senior
3 Nick Martin Crawley Wheelers 04:37.8 Male Espoir
4 Francis Schofield Preston Park Youth Cycling Club 04:38.0 Male Junior
5 James Gilmore Preston Park Youth Cycling Club 04:45.8 Male Juvenile
6 Simon Hunt Farnborough & Camberley CC 04:53.0 Male Vet
7 Nik Allen Worthing Excelsior CC 04:59.3 Male Vet
8 John Mcgrath Worthing Excelsior CC 05:05.8 Male Vet
9 Aidan Mcconville Lewes Wanderers CC 05:09.5 Male Senior
10 Gemma Hobson Sussex Nomads CC 05:29.2 Female Senior
11 Olivia Webb Eastbourne Rovers CC 05:30.4 Female Vet
12 John Ferguson Brighton Mitre CC 05:34.0 Male Vet
13 Sam Dix In-Gear Quickvit Italy Bike Tours RT 05:34.7 Male Vet
14 Jamie Smith Brighton Mitre CC 05:48.3 Male Vet
15 Trevor Leeding Worthing Excelsior CC 06:01.5 Male Vet
16 Mike Marchant Southdown Velo 06:09.9 Male Vet
17 Rick Hughes Worthing Excelsior CC 06:16.5 Male Vet
18 Janet Clapton Sussex Nomads CC 06:47.5 Female Vet
19 Robin Johnson Brighton Mitre CC 07:43.4 Male Vet



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