Result: Lincolnshire CX League

Sam Burman, Graham Briggs, and Brian Stanley winners at the Pain Train round of the Lincolnshire CX League in Lincoln

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Result: Lincolnshire CX League

With many local riders away at the the first National Trophy, it may have looked to some like an easy win was possible at the Pain Train promotion on Lincoln’s South Common.

But with Graham Briggs of JLT Condor on the start line, there was to be nothing easy except for the way Briggs dispatched the rest of the field. Lapping all but three of the field, he made the fast grassland look like a road circuit and after the first lap only Under 23 Kieran Brown of 8point8 Race Team still had the leader in sight.

At the finish only Brown, Bart Kiers (Bourne Wheelers) and Louis Wells of Arrow Cycles were on the same lap as Briggs. In the Women’s race Sam Burman of Team WMT Development quickly opened up a lead on Isabel Darvill of VC Schills and went on to win by over two minutes, with Veteran Deborah Scotcher in third place. The Youth race was won by Jensen Windsor of Alford Wheelers from Joshua Backhouse (VC Lincoln) and the Veteran’s by Brian Stanley from Paul Campbell.

1 Sam Burman TeamWNT Development
2 Isabel Darvill VC Schills
3 Deborah Scotcher Sleaford Wheelers CC
4 Sandra Smith
5 Donna Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre RT
6 Alice Standish Team OnForm
7 Joanne Howes Sleaford Wheelers CC
8 Leah Laird Sleaford Wheelers
9 Pam Challen Vc veldrijden
10 Kate Backhouse Lincoln Wheelers
11 Claire Jackson Grimsby Tri Club
12 Rebecca Newborough None
13 Julie Ellis Boston Wheelers
14 Mia Mawson Sleaford Wheelers
15 Zoey Walker None

1 Graham Briggs JLT Condor
2 Kieran Brown 8Point8 Racing Team
3 Bart Kieres Bourne wheelers
4 Louis Wells Arrow Cycles
5 Fraser Rounds Team KTM
6 Ben Moore Spalding CC
7 Reece Egner NRT Racing
8 Adam Egner NRT Racing
9 Mark Rogers Wilson’s Wheels
10 Ben Lambert Velo One Cycling Team
11 Olly Hunt Alford wheelers
12 Richard Baldwin Cottingham RT
13 Luke Barton Louth Cycle Centre
14 James Shaw Steve Poole Plant Hire RT
15 Lewis Pinder Vc veldrijden
16 Andy Bishop Andy Moore Autocentre
17 Thomas Howes Sleaford Wheelers Cycling Club
18 Gavin Crane Vc veldrijden
19 Oliver Mccall N/A
20 Paul Clarke Lincoln Wheelers
21 Alex Warrior
22 Henry Heyes Louth cycles
23 Ben Vaughan VC Lincoln
24 Matthew Crawford None
25 Adam Reeder Alford wheelers
26 Mark Staples Vc veldrijden
27 Daniel Ingham Vc veldrijden
28 Ben Hindley
29 Gary Hignett Spalding CC
30 Alex Broadhurst Lincoln Wheelers
31 James Cragg Sleaford Wheelers
32 Anthony Callaby None
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1 Brian Stanley Private member Vet 40-49
2 Paul Campbell Hull Thursday RC Vet 40-49
3 Jonathon Snowden Vive le Velo Riders Club Vet 40-49
4 Mark Ramage Cliff Pratt Racing Vet 40-49
5 Mark Preston Velo Club Lincoln Vet 40-49
6 Kev Dawson J’sCycle Shack Vet 40-49
7 George Hackney Paintrain Lincoln Vet 40-49
8 Marcus Nainby WNT development team Vet 40-49
9 Kevin Burton Velo Club Lincoln Vet 50-59
10 John Galway Keswick Bikes Vet 60+
11 Ian Russell Moda RT Vet 40-49
12 Ivan Oxborough Ellmore factory racing Vet 40-49
13 Nigel Smith 8Point8 Vet 50-59
14 John Wilkinson Moonglu RT Vet 50-59
15 Leon Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre RT Vet 40-49
16 Paul Conneely Vc veldrijden Vet 50-59
17 Robert Smith Lindsey Roads Vet 40-49
18 Damian Baker Lincoln Wheelers Vet 40-49
19 Matt Everton Sleaford Wheelers Vet 40-49
20 Ed Burkitt Lincoln Wheelers Vet 40-49
21 Jim Sutherland Bolsover & District CC Vet 60+
22 Alan Wheeler Skegness Triathlon Club Vet 40-49
23 Eddy Loftus Vc veldrijden Vet 50-59
24 Jason Clark Velo Club Lincoln Vet 40-49
25 Lee Cuthbert Lincoln tri Vet 40-49
26 David Brown BDCC Vet 40-49
27 Andy Stewart None Vet 40-49
28 Rich Cutsforth VC Beverley Vet 50-59
29 Euan Adamson Paintrain Lincoln Vet 40-49
30 Simon Abdy Barton Wheelers CC Vet 50-59
31 Heath Speck VC Lincoln Vet 40-49
32 David Cocker Doncaster Wheelers Vet 40-49
33 Ben Cottam Giant doddington Vet 40-49
34 Peter Harrison Paintrain Lincoln Vet 40-49
35 Mark Smith None Vet 40-49
36 Mark Goulsbra Louth Cycle Centre Vet 50-59
37 Andrew Cleveland V C VILDRIjDEN Vet 50-59
38 Jon Clarke Lincoln Wheelers Vet 50-59
39 Malcolm Bower-Brown Vegan Cyclists Vet 50-59
40 Jeff Perrin Lindsey Roads Cycling Club Vet 60+
41 Pete Goy Louth Cycle Centre Vet 50-59
42 Tom Comben Bourne wheelers Vet 40-49
43 James Bramma Spalding Cycling Club Vet 40-49
44 Chris Hoggard Cliff Pratt Racing Vet 40-49
45 Jonathan Backhouse Lincoln Wheelers Vet 40-49
46 Ian Evans None Vet 40-49
47 Philip Heyes Louth cycles Vet 60+
48 Kev Lincoln Doddington cycling club Vet 40-49
49 Sean East Witham wheelers Vet 40-49
50 Simon Cocker Witham wheelers Vet 60+
51 Nicholas Chapman Below one cycling team Vet 50-59
52 Tim Higgins Scunthorpe road club Vet 50-59
53 Pete Smith VC Beverley Vet 40-49
54 Graham Atkins None Vet 60+
55 Darren Jones Vet 40-49
56 Chris Morrey Doncaster Wheelers Vet 40-49
57 Jonathan Carter Louth Cycle Centre Vet 40-49
58 Simon Stewart Vet 40-49
59 Barry Robinson Lincoln Velo Club Vet 60+
60 Robin Frisby Sleaford Wheelers Vet 40-49
61 James Allis None Vet 50-59
62 Stuart Elding None Vet 40-49
63 Des Rook Boston Wheelers CC Vet 40-49
64 Peter Gossop Linsquad Vet 50-59
65 David Miller Witham wheelers Vet 60+
66 Paul Andrews VC Lincoln Vet 60+
67 John Armstrong Grimsby Tri Clun Vet 40-49
68 Stuart White Sleaford Wheelers Vet 40-49
69 Steve Robinson VC Beverley Vet 50-59
70 Philip Newborough None Vet 40-49
71 Antony Edwardson Lincoln Wheelers Vet 40-49
72 Simon Ball Michaelgate Cycling Club Vet 40-49
73 John Bateman Private member Vet 60+
74 Simon Bower None Vet 50-59
75 Gary Bentley Spalding CC Vet 60+
76 Terry Beisty Scunthorpe poly Vet 60+
77 Peter Flint Boston Wheelers Vet 50-59
78 Alan Ellis Limcoln tri Vet 50-59
79 Dennis Owen Sleaford Wheelers Vet 60+
80 Martin Mcshane Worksop Vet 60+
81 Charles Fordham Bourne wheelers Vet 50-59
82 Alastair Sellers Vet 40-49
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1 Jensen Windsor U16 Boy Alford wheelers U16 Boy
2 Joshua Backhouse U16 Boy VC Lincoln U16 Boy
3 Rory Standish U16 Boy Bourne wheelers U16 Boy
4 Samuel Laird U16 Boy Sleaford Wheelers U16 Boy
5 Benjamin Leroy U16 Boy Sleaford Wheelers Cycling Club U16 Boy
6 Alfie Speck U16 Boy VC Lincoln U16 Boy
7 Daniel Backhouse U14 Boy VC Lincoln U14 Boy
8 Cameron Braithwaite U16 Boy NEL Go Ride YDP U16 Boy
9 Jacob Bush U14 Boy Baston Cycling Club U14 Boy
10 Edward Linsdell U14 Boy Bourne wheelers U14 Boy
11 Toby Bush U14 Boy Baston Cycling Club U14 Boy
12 Oliver Dawson U16 Boy J’s Cycle Shack U16 Boy
13 Amy Kolbert U14 Girl Witham wheelers U14 Girl
14 Thomas Allis U14 Boy NEL Lindsey Go Ride U14 Boy
15 Oliver Whiffing U16 Boy Oliver Whiffing U16 Boy
16 Connor Wilkinson U14 Boy Boston Wheelers Cycling Club U14 Boy
17 Abigail Saggs U16 Girl Sleaford Wheelers U16 Girl
18 Holly Nainby U14 Girl TeamWNT Development U14 Girl
19 Felix Earth U14 Boy Sleaford Wheelers U14 Boy
20 Georgette Rand U14 Girl VC Lincoln U14 Girl
21 Ellen Fordham U16 Girl Bourne wheelers U16 Girl
22 Jamie Spratt U14 Boy Lincoln wheelers Go Ride U14 Boy
23 Megan Kirk U16 Girl VC Lincoln U16 Girl
24 Jaxon Holroyd U14 Boy Lincoln Wheelers U14 Boy
25 Finley Tolley U14 Boy Bolsover & District CC U14 Boy
26 Jessica Woollas U14 Girl Sleaford Wheelers U14 Girl

Under 12
1 Aaron Cocker 00:12:06 Doncaster Wheelers U12 Boy
2 Aston Baker 00:12:39 VC Lincoln U12 Boy
3 Alfie Steed 00:12:40 Bolsover & District CC U12 Boy
4 Harrison Evans 00:13:03 Sleaford Wheelers U12 Boy
5 Max Burkitt 00:13:09 Lincoln Wheelers U12 Boy
6 Oliver Turnbull 00:14:06 Boston Wheelers CC U12 Boy
7 Arthur Morley 00:14:10 Boston Wheelers U12 Boy
8 Isla Earth 00:14:47 Sleaford Wheelers U12 Girl
9 Joshua Lane 00:15:05 Witham Warriors (Wheelers) U12 Boy
10 James Bushell 00:15:30 Sleaford Wheelers U12 Boy
11 Aaron Walker 00:16:09 Licoln Wheelers U12 Boy
12 Bethany Goodwin 00:16:12 Louth Cycle Centre RT U12 Girl
13 Sam Baker 00:16:51 Lincoln Wheelers U12 Boy
14 Isla Kolbert 00:17:07 Witham wheelers U12 Girl
15 Samuel Grundy 00:17:36 Witham Warriors U12 Boy
16 Libby Jackson 00:18:01 Matlock CC U12 Girl
17 Oscar Farrow 00:18:13 Sleaford Wheelers U12 Boy
18 Jessica Stewart 00:12:35 Lincsquad U12 Girl
19 Taylor Hinchliffe 00:13:25 Bolsover & District CC U12 Boy
20 Isla Wainwright 00:14:32 Boston Wheelers CC U12 Girl
21 Emma Walker 00:15:07 None U12 Girl
22 Poppy Cowell 00:15:12 Velo lincoln U12 Girl

Under 9
1 Thomas Cragg Sleaford Wheelers U9 Boy
2 Jacob Ramage Velo Club Beverley U9 Boy
3 Isabelle Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre RT U9 Girl
4 Simon Morley Boston Wheelers U9 Boy
5 Tristan Bramma Spalding Cycling Club U9 Boy
6 Noah Lane Witham Warriors (Wheelers) U9 Boy
7 Liam Jackson Matlock CC U9 Boy
8 Seth Bush Baston Cycling Club U9 Boy
9 Stanley Russell Newark Castle U9 Boy
10 Max Kolbert Witham wheelers U9 Boy
11 Poppy Sowden Lincoln wheelers Go Ride U9 Girl
12 Oliver Wix Witham wheelers U9 Boy
13 William Mills Sleaford Wheelers U9 Boy
14 Harry Cragg Sleaford Wheelers U9 Boy
15 Emilia Tolley Bolsover & District CC U9 Girl
16 Darcie Parrott Swcc U9 Girl
17 Leo Baldwin U9 Boy
18 Jack Johnson U9 Boy
19 Hector Short Boston Wheelers U9 Boy
20 Harry Pinder NEL Go-Ride U9 Boy
21 Theo Brewin VC Lincoln U9 Boy
22 William Allis NEL Lindsey Go Ride U9 Boy
23 Bradley Staples NEL Lindsey Go-Ride U9 Boy
24 Stuart Wallace VC Lincoln U9 Boy
25 William Barton Louth Cycle Centre U9 Boy
26 Ryan Ingham NEL Lindsey Go-Ride U9 Boy
27 Tom Powell U9 Boy
28 Annabelle Sowden Lincoln wheelers Go Ride U9 Girl


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