Result: Full Gas Winter Series

James Bonham and Gordon Kenwright winners at the Full Gas Winter Series on October 13 at London’s Velopark

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Result: Full Gas Winter Series

1 James Bonham Southdown Bikes – Casco PET
2 Chris Burns TMG Horizon
3 Ian Robins
4 Rob Parry Crystal Palace Triathletes
5 Roman Piotrowski
6 Devin Ainslee Rapha Cycling Club
7 Henry Lee
8 William Hunnam Islington Cycling Club
9 Rupert Baker WORX Factory Racing
10 Mike Bell Fast Test Racing Team
11 Joseph Kaye Videre Race Team
12 Andrew Creamer Brixton CC
13 Trevor Ormes Rapha Cycling Club
14 David Tate In Gear Quickvit CC
15 Michael Renardson Trainsharp
16 Jose Soler Sarmiento Handsling Racing
17 Ollie Bishop VC Equipe
18 Peter Smith Condors
19 James Leach Imperial Racing Team
20 Stephen Campbell Videre Race Team
21 Marco Coppola WyndyMilla
22 Tyler Lemmon TBW23 Stuart Hall Gett Taxi
23 Chris Cook 4T+ Cyclopark
24 Sean Meager Verulam Really Moving
25 Darren Franks Cranks
26 Owen Geeson Fast Test Racing Team
27 Rory Palmer Brighton Mitre CC
28 Rufus Shotter
29 Steve Dunn VCC
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4th Category
1 Gordon Kenwright London Dynamo
2 Fred Watson
3 Tom Coles Giro Prestige
4 Haykel Barhoumi Islington Cycling Club
5 Edgars Arzblats ELF
6 Stuart Jordan Woolwich CC
7 Matthew Hundt Rapha Cycling Club
8 Rob Tutt Cycling Club Hackney
9 Jack Thomas Windrush Triathlon Club
10 Guillermo Castro Hub VĂ©lo
11 Nicholas MacLeod Islington Cycling Club
12 Jack Wetherbee Herefordshire Cycling Club
13 Lewis Kemp LVYCC
14 Ian Thomas Videre Race Team
15 Nicholas Taylor Islington Cycling Club
16 Tom Griffiths
17 Richard Clay Dulwich Paragon CC
18 Ben Cook
19 Jonny Cheatle VC Londres
20 Paul Donegan Chelmer CC
21 Colin Williams Windrush Triathlon Club
22 Nicola Papalini
23 Paul Connor Windrush Triathlon Club
24 Samuel Clark
25 Elliot Phillips VCL
26 Noah Phillips VCL
27 Grzegorz Jaworski Harlow CC
28 Bartosz Sokolowski Islington Cycling Club
29 Kouros Driscoll Dulwich Paragon CC
30 Angus McCool Duncan Ronde Cycling Club
31 Jose Alejandro Velasquez Giraldo
32 Charles Hibbert
33 Harvey Leadbeater Videre Race Team
34 David Watkins Barclays Cycling Club
35 Adrian Williams Rapha Cycling Club
36 Padraic OShea Rapha Cycling Club
37 Simon Pearson Gemini BC


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