Result: South West CX League

Jacek Nowak beats Steve Lampier of Saint Piran into second place at round 6 of the South West Cyclo-Cross League at Coxleigh Barton, Barnstaple on October 28

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Result: South West CX League


1 Jacek Nowak V Male
2 Steve Lampier S Male
3 Oliver Allen J Male
4 Tristan Davies J Male
5 Philip Collings S Male
6 Oiver Yates V Male
7 Frederik Scheske S Male
8 Marcus Durant V Male
9 Nick Blight S Male
10 Jonathan Gregory V Male
11 Richard Long S Male
12 Matthew Loake S Male
13 Andrew Parker V Male
14 Ashley Fletcher S Male
15 Lee Adams S Male
16 Martin Crocker V Male
17 James Chapman V Male
18 Lee Hayward V Male
19 Tim Carpenter V50 Male
20 Leigh Mahoney V Male
21 George Greensmith J Male
22 Michael Waterjohns V Male
23 James Bovey V Male
24 Richard Taylor V50 Male
25 Corey Bale S Male
26 Angus Menter V Male
27 Richard House V50 Male
28 Charlie Revell S Male
29 Kevin Heywood V Male
30 James Grogan S Male
31 Richard Lewis V50 Male
32 Martin Shapland V50 Male
33 Dominic Spencer S Male
34 Andrew Perkins V Male
35 Martin Smith V Male
36 Mark Harmes V Male
37 Tristan Ellis V Male
38 James Benney S Male
39 Phil Morrish V Male
40 Miles Earl S Male
41 Will Hutchins V Male
42 Nicholas Helsing V50 Male
43 Si Potter V50 Male
44 Duncan Murdison S Male
45 Mike Page S Male
46 Paul Davies V50 Male
47 Si Newton S Male
48 Mikey Saunders S Male
49 Adam Gazeley V50 Male
50 Chris Cumming S
51 Gary Webber V50 Male
52 Catriona Ross W Female
53 Matthew Camps V Male
54 Simon Rendell S Male
55 Alice Staniford W Female
56 Gregory Dufour-Cox V Male
57 Paul Broom V Male
58 Fergus Maine J Male
59 Lewis Anes S Male
60 David Crawford S Male
61 Adrian Clode V50 Male
62 Catherine Kilburn W Female
63 Chris Slough V Male
64 Adrian Prust S Male
65 Natasha Reddy W Female
66 Helen Barron W Female
67 Iain Robinson V50 Male
68 Craig Lawson V Male
69 Daniel Lyness S Male
70 Antony Prutch V Male
71 Marcus Gague S Male
72 Peter Moyse S Male
73 Louis Cox J Male
74 Steve Whitehouse V50 Male
75 Michael Alexander V50 Male
76 Jess Morrish W Female
77 Adrian Bellew V50 Male
78 Greg Howe V Male
79 Mark Deakin V Male
80 Lester Young V50 Male
81 Jackie Shute W Female
82 Alex Mabey V Male
83 Rob Woodger S Male
84 Tex Lord V50 Male
85 Jaime Lewis V Male
86 Rachel Bull W Female
87 Jenny Bolsom W Female
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1 Joe Dix U16 Male
2 Harry Jukes U16 Male
3 Dylan Dayman U16 Male
4 Callum Start U16 Male
5 James Pearcy U16 Male
6 Rosie Andrews U16 Female
7 Leo White U16 Male
8 Edward Jeffery Nov Male
9 Samuel Medlyn U16 Male
10 Ewan Dix U14 Male
11 William Salter U14 Male
12 Pete Cropper Nov Male
13 William Piccin-White U16 Male
14 Connie Mclaughlin U16 Female
15 Shaun Duffield U16 Male
16 Dan Luckham U16 Male
17 Ninlay Webb U16 Male
18 Edward Selwood U14 Male
19 Ellen Webber U16 Female
20 Hannah Rainger U16 Female
21 George Watch U14 Male
22 Ellen Garnsworthy U14 Female
23 Ryan Kingdon U14 Male
24 Zoe Betteridge Nov Female
25 Henry Fletcher U14 Male
26 Grace Whitehouse U16 Female
27 Aaron Webber U14 Male
28 Jacob Blease U14 Male
29 Angus Graham U14 Male
30 Orla Maguire U14 Female
31 James Matraves U16 Male
32 Patrick Neilan U14 Male
33 Emma Luckham
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Under 12
1 Max Standen U12 Male
2 Louis Garnsworthy U12 Male
3 Georgia Mahoney U12 Female
4 Henry Birchall U12 Male
5 Rhys Cooke U12 Male
6 Eva Fox U12 Female
7 William Birchall U12 Male
8 Matthew Holmes U10 Male
9 Arther Oliver U10 Male
10 Bayley Woodger U10 Male
11 Thomas Roodhouse U12 Male
12 Lara Dix U12 Female
13 Orla White U10 Female
14 Jacob Start U10 Male
15 Hunter Pruth U10 Male
16 Aine Graham U12 Female
17 Freddie Day U10 Male
18 Eva Ellis U12 Female
19 Elsie Maguire U12 Female
20 George Marlow U10 Male
21 Morgan Wilson U12 Male
22 Dominic Stone U10 Male
23 Reece Louw U10 Male
24 Edolie Wilson U10 Female
25 Olivia Luckham U12 Female
26 Luke Mahoney U12 Male
27 Ellie Birchall U10 Female
28 Lydia Stone U12 Female
29 Nell Maguire U10 Female

Under 8
1 Lauren Fox U8 Female
2 James Allen U8 Male
3 Alexander Pearcy U8 Male
4 Ben Ward U8 Male
5 Madeline Woodger U8 Female
6 Mabel Maguire U8 Female
7 Lydia Blight U8 Female
8 Daniel Smith U8 Male
9 Charlie Day U8 Male
10 Jessica Louw U8 Female
11 Elsey Blight U8 Female
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