Result: Western CX League Rd 8

Keith Sheridan, Clare Ross, Sam Smith and Benoit Davies winners at round 8 of the Western CX League at Purdown on November 4

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Result: Western CX League Rd 8

1 keith sheridan Private Member V50 Male
2 Nick Baldwin V50 Male
3 Graham Steward Bristol South Cc V50 Male
4 Dave Coghill Dream Cycling V50 Male
5 Pat Foley No club V50 Male
6 Gary Hobbs Stroud Valley Velo V50 Male
7 TONY DAVIS Dream Cycling V50 Male
8 Clare Ross Senior Female
9 Richard Taylor Exeter Wheelers V50 Male
10 Jonathan Gall Clevedon and District Road Club V50 Male
11 Steve Brown V50 Male
12 Iwona Szmyd MT ZOOM / RDFCC V40 Female
13 Alan Green Bristol South Cc V50 Male
14 Alistair Hardy Cheltenham & County Cycling Club V50 Male
15 Catherine Kilburn V50 Female
16 Simon Davis Sodbury Cycle Sport V50 Male
17 Gordon Smillie Cheltenham and County Cycling Club V50 Male
18 Zoe Lawrence Senior Female
19 Miriam Whitehurst Somer Valley Cc V50 Female
20 Stephen Barton Ride 24/7 V50 Male
21 Ev Golebiewska Bristol South Cc Senior Female
22 Phill Whitman Unattached V50 Male
23 John Simmons PerformanceCycles V50 Male
24 Jackie Shute Mid Devon CC V40 Female
25 Clair Wadden Bristol Road Club V40 Female
26 Paul Loosemore Team Striking Bikes V50 Male
27 Katherine Moore DAS RAD KLUB Senior Female
28 Jim Denness Salt And Sham V50 Male
29 Ian Sparrow Sodbury Cycle Sport V50 Male
30 Chris Lowe Swindon Road Club V50 Male
31 Pat Boulton Winchcombe Cc V50 Male
32 Claire Lawrence Sodbury Cycle Sport V40 Female
33 Emilie Lostis Senior Female
34 Simon Hughes V50 Male
35 Beth Rolf VC St Raphael Senior Female

1 Sam Smith Magspeed Racing Junior Male
2 Krzysztof Chrostek Senior Male
3 Jared Linden Rdfcc Senior Male
4 Sam Lindsay Senior Male
5 Dave Roper Senior Male
6 James Britton Bristol Cx Senior Male
7 Samuel Holder Forever Pedalling Senior Male
8 Liam Cahill SomerValley CC Senior Male
9 Andrew Kirby Senior Male
10 William Hibberd DAS RAD KLUB Senior Male
11 Henry Johnson Striking Bikes Junior Male
12 Kevin Thomas Senior Male
13 Theo Brumhead Bristol South Cc Senior Male
14 James Whateley Oldfield Old Boys Senior Male
15 Phil Stanley Cotswold Veldrijden Senior Male
16 Jacob Hardy Team Striking Bikes Junior Male
17 Oleksii Kolbasko Senior Male
18 Jamie Ford Somer Valley Cycling Club Senior Male
19 Dennis Spena Senior Male
20 Brad Pentin Senior Male
21 James Misjoule Senior Male
22 Adam Watkins Senior Male
23 Fran Rizzuti Army Cycling Union Senior Male
24 Matt Diesel Senior Male
25 Sam Wilmont Senior Male
26 Fergus Nain Junior Male
27 Harry Denness Salt and Sham cc Junior Male
28 Craig Nicsson Senior Male
29 Rob Haynes Cheltenham & County CC Senior Male
30 Luke Bonnett Bristol Cx Senior Male
31 Patrick Mason Senior Male
32 Ryan Edge Senior Male
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VET 40
1 Benoit Davies Cheltenham Cycles V40 Male
2 Peter Kench Gravel grinders V40 Male
3 Simon Burgess Bristol Cx V40 Male
4 Glyndwr Griffiths 73 Degrees Bicycles V40 Male
5 Simon Snowden 73 degrees cycling club V40 Male
6 Anthony White MT ZOOM / RDFCC V40 Male
7 Kevin Brewer 73 Degrees Bicycle shop V40 Male
8 Leon Gierat Bristol Cx V40 Male
9 Joe Loader V40 Male
10 Steve Whitehurst Somer Valley Cc V40 Male
11 Paul Douglas Lovelo Cinelli RT V40 Male
12 Ian Cole V40 Male
13 Tristan Ellis 1st Chard Wheelers V40 Male
14 Roger Chamberlain VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse V40 Male
15 Paul Broom V40 Male
16 James Cowan Bristol Road Club V40 Male
17 Richard Hillier V40 Male
18 Dan Smith Gravel grinders V40 Male
19 Steve Glass Sas V40 Male
20 Phil Calvert Performance Cycles V40 Male
21 Tom Parker TSP / FFSCC V40 Male
22 Mark Chick Bristol Cx V40 Male
23 Nick Pashley Bristol Cx V40 Male
24 Paul Whitesmith Bristol Cx V40 Male
25 Ben Cook Bristol Cx V40 Male
26 Izaak Hudson Bcds V40 Male
27 Pete Robson V40 Male
28 Finn Spicer V40 Male
29 Andy Morris V40 Male
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1 Bryn Ruck Bristol Cycling Development Squad U16 Male
2 Joseph Wright U14 Male
3 Jenson Harris Avid Sport U16 Male
4 Lewis Baldwin U16 Male
5 Louis Britton Severn RC U16 Male
6 Dylan Cherruault Sulis Scorpions U14 Male
7 Laura Curle Liv CC Halo Films U16 Female
8 Mack Weale U16 Male
9 Chloe Shephard Ctwycc U14 Female
10 James Biggs First Chard Wheelers U14 Male
11 Ben Pearcey U14 Male
12 Alex Laxham U14 Male
13 Dan Holland U14 Male

Under 12
1 Louis Wright U12 Male
2 Sam Budd Ctwycc U12 Male
3 Georgia Mahoney U12 Female
4 Ross Cherruault Sulis Scorpions U12 Male
5 Joel Wadey U12 Male
6 Estelle Lowe U12 Female
7 Jacob Parker TSP / FFSCC U12 Male
8 Finley Cummins Salt and Sham Cycling Club U12 Male
9 Felicity Lowe U12 Female
10 Imogen Sparrow Sodbury Cycle Sport U12 Female
11 Theo Burrigde-Kelly U12 Male
12 Reuben Wadey U12 Male
13 Peter Gierat U12 Male
14 Isaac Pearcey U12 Male


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