News: Holdsworth & Zappi Combine for 2019

The Holdsworth Zappi collaboration results in an expanded international programme for U23 and Junior team in 2019

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News: Holdsworth & Zappi Combine for 2019

The new Holdsworth Zappi collaboration results in an expanded international programme for U23 and Junior team in 2019. The team and new colours were presented at the team launch at Edale in the Peak District over the weekend.

New Holdsworth Zappi race kit for 2019

Next year Zappi Racing Team is receiving major backing from Holdsworth to form U23 and Junior Holdsworth-Zappi teams. Along with input from new sponsors: Kaizen Industrial Group and IP Asset Partnership, this new collaboration is resulting in improved resourcing, and the launch of an additional Northern Europe-focused U23 programme.

The Holdsworth Zappi Racing Team is unique in that it runs teams to cover both Junior and Under 23 development years. It is also one of only two exclusively Under 23 development teams from the UK. The 2019 team will have an expanded team of around 20 Under 23 riders racing both in Italy and Northern Europe. In a year where British riders have had to work hard to find a 2019 team, we hope to spread a little good news in the year to come!

The Italy-based U23 Holdsworth Zappi Racing Team is in its 7th year, and has successfully built a reputation as one of Britain’s top development teams for Under 23 riders with ambition to succeed at the highest level. In 2018, the calendar included the u23 Giro d’Italia, Piccolo Lombardia, Piccolo San Remo, U23 Strada Bianchi, and the mythical Giro di Val D’Aosta – the ultimate climbers stage race that has made – and broken – many a career!

The 2019 riders are:

• Charlie Beake
• Callum Johnston
• Fergus Robinson
• Nic McKibbin
• Tim James
• Mason Hollyman
• Charlie Quarterman
• Daniel Eklof
• George Kimber
• Conor Chandler
• Thomas Cornwell
• Jason Saltzman
• Karl Jonas Tronstad
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Flavio Zappi, Founder and Boss says: “Racing is my life, and this year I’m excited about running an expanded programme with backing from Holdsworth, some riders who have developed with me, plus some very strong and experienced newcomers who will get the best out of the Zappi programme. We are not a flashy team, but we are here to do serious business! 2019 is going to be a great year!”

Next year sees the launch of a new Northern Europe-based Holdsworth Zappi Under 23 group that will race UK Premier calendar, Belgian, French, Dutch, and Luxembourg UCI U23 and Elite races. The 2019 roster includes:
o Ben Hamilton
o Nathan Draper
o Marcus Burnett
o Pat Christopher
o Reece Wood
o Charlie Meredith

General Manager, Paul Quarterman says: “This is a very exciting project for Flavio and I. We see this expanded U23 project as filling a development gap for young British riders with international ambitions. Most importantly we’re focusing our resources on developing riders with unrealized potential and the right attitude. We’ve got a great race calendar developing, backed up with a very experienced support team, great bikes, and distinctive new race kit. Dead serious with a smile!

The Junior Holdsworth Zappi Team has assembled a talented and promising group of riders to take on the challenging calendar that includes many of Europe’s top races in UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Italy. Again with great support from the Fred Whitton Classic that makes this all possible.

This year the team includes two first year Zappis who have shown great potential and are graduating to their second year: Tom Couzens, Jamieson Blain. Three British second year juniors who have shown their potential in UK and European races in 2018: Angus Hawkins, Jamie Crump, Louis Bilyard. And two Irish riders, who are joining from Nicolas Roche Development and have shown well in Ireland, UK and in European as youth and Juniors: Shay Donley, Archie Ryan.

All of these young guys are looking to raise the bar and build the foundations for careers in cycling. Holdsworth Zappi offers the opportunity and aims to bring them into their senior cycling career with good results, racing experience, and good ethos for racing and living!




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