Q&A: The Questions

Here are the questions for the Q & A – are you up to come out of the closet and tell the cycling world a little about yourself and make some noise about your club/team/sponsors?

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Q&A: The Questions

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1. Name, Team in 2018, Category

2. How did you get into the sport of cycling?

3. Full time rider, student or working?

4. Best result for you in 2018?

5. Best organised/fun race you did in 2018?

6. Toughest race of 2018?

7. Best moment in a race or funniest moment in a race in 2018?

8. Do you train alone or have others to help you get through the ride?

9. In the winter, training on the road or indoors?

10. How many hours on the bike can you fit in during an average winter training week?

11. Is there any off the bike training (running/swimming/gym etc)?

12. Do you train with any gadgets (Heart rate/power) or just go on ‘feel’ of the ride?

14. Are you eager to race again or happy to wait for the first to come along in 2019?

15. Are you doing anything different in training this winter than last one?

16. Which races are you looking forward to most in 2019

17. Favourite pre race meal?

18. Favourite race drink?

19. Best one thing you learned about racing in 2018?

20. Favourite professional to watch on tele (male or female) and favourite race(s) you like to watch and inspire you?

21. Your bike for 2019 will be what and what’s the best thing about it?

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