Result: Lincolnshire CX League (Dec 30)

Sam Burman, Graham Briggs, Martin Kennedy and Samuel Howes winners at the Scunthorpe RC round of the Lincolnshire CX League on December 30

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Result: Lincolnshire CX League (Dec 30)

1 Sam Wood Ellmore Factory Racing Junior Male
2 Sam Burman TeamWNT Development Senior Ladies
3 Isabel Darvill Velo Schils Interbike Senior Ladies
4 Julie Clark Witham Wheelers Veteran Ladies
5 Joanne Howes Sleaford Wheelers Veteran Ladies
6 Jenni Wood Bourne Wheelers Senior Ladies
7 Leah Laird Sleaford Wheelers Veteran Ladies
8 Pam Challen VC Veldrijden Veteran Ladies
9 Alice Standish Team OnForm Junior Ladies
10 Mia Mawson Sleaford Wheelers Junior Ladies
11 Amanda Clements Lincsquad Veteran Ladies
12 Sallie Joseph Lincsquad Veteran Ladies
13 Elise Hatton Sleaford Wheelers Junior Ladies

1 Graham Briggs JLT Condor Senior Men
2 David Earth Steve Poole Plant Hire RT Senior Men
3 Jake Jackson Ellmore Factory Racing Senior Men
4 Aaron Chambers-Smith AMAC Senior Men
5 Benjamin Gale Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles Senior Men
6 Ben Lambert Velo One Cycling Team Senior Men
7 Mark Rogers Wilson’s Wheels Senior Men
8 Ben Shucksmith Ellmore Factory Racing Senior Men
9 Sam Bradley Ellmore Factory Racing Senior Men
10 Olly Hunt Ellmore Factory Racing Senior Men
11 Oliver Mccall Private Member Senior Men
12 Matthew Crawford Private Member Senior Men
13 Chris Capp Senior Men
14 Adam Reeder Alford Wheelers Senior Men
15 Andrew Teanby Private Member Senior Men
16 Mark Staples VC Veldrijden Senior Men
17 Henry Heyes Louth Cycle Centre RT Senior Men
18 Daniel Ingham VC Veldrijden Senior Men
19 Duane Barnard Lincsquad Senior
20 Kevan Woollas Sleaford Wheelers Senior Men
21 Sam Hunt Alford Wheelers Senior Men
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1 Martin Kennedy Ellmore Factory Racing Vet 40-49
2 Steve Wood Ellmore Factory Racing Vet 40-49
3 David Allen Alford Wheelers Vet 40-49
4 Brian Stanley Private Member Vet 40-49
5 Kevin Burton VC Lincoln Vet 50-59
6 Mark Preston VC Lincoln Vet 40-49
7 John Wilkinson Moonglu RT Vet 50-59
8 Carl Jackson Ellmore Factory Racing Vet 40-49
9 George Hackney Paintrain Lincoln Vet 40-49
10 Marcus Nainby TeamWNT Development Vet 40-49
11 Kev Dawson J’s Cycles Vet 40-49
12 Ivan Oxborough Ellmore Factory Racing Vet 40-49
13 Ed Burkitt Lincoln Wheelers Vet 40-49
14 Ben Swain Lincoln Wheelers Vet 40-49
15 Peter Fielding-Smith Wilson’s Wheels RT Vet 40-49
16 Jonathon Snowden Vive Le Velo RC Vet 40-49
17 Steve Walker Trent Valley Road Club Vet 50-59
18 Paul Conneely VC Veldrijden Vet 50-59
19 Mark Robbins Scunthorpe Poly CC Vet 40-49
20 Roy Chamberlain Corley Cycles Vet 50-59
21 John Galway Keswick Bikes Vet 60+
22 Sheehan Quirke Lincsquad Vet 50-59
23 David Robinson Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles Vet 60+
24 Manuel Pina Vet 40-49
25 Alan Wheeler Private Member Vet 40-49
26 David Cocker Doncaster Wheelers Vet 40-49
27 Robert Smith Lindsey Roads CC Vet 40-49
28 Mark Clements Lincsquad Vet 50-59
29 Ian Evans Private Member Vet 40-49
30 Adam Robinson Ellmore Factory Racing Vet 40-49
31 Jon Clarke Lincoln Wheelers Vet 50-59
32 Pete Goy Louth Cycle Centre RT Vet 50-59
33 Matt Everton Sleaford Wheelers Vet 40-49
34 Sean East Witham Wheelers Vet 40-49
35 Andy Stewart Private Member Vet 40-49
36 Glenn Porter Lincoln Wheelers Vet 40-49
37 Philip Heyes Louth Cycle Centre RT Vet 60+
38 David Handley Lincoln Tri Vet 40-49
39 Steven Hilbert VC Lincoln Vet 50-59
40 James Bramma Spalding CC Vet 40-49
41 Nicholas Chapman Private Member Vet 50-59
42 Jeff Perrin Lindsey Roads CC Vet 60+
43 Simon Cocker Witham Wheelers Vet 60+
44 Eddie Kelsall Hull Thursday Vet 50-59
45 Graham Atkins Private Member Vet 60+
46 David Jackson Private Member Vet 60+
47 Andrew Grimwood Lincsquad Vet 50-59
48 Phil Galpin Bourne Wheelers Vet 50-59
49 Jason Clark VC Lincoln Vet 40-49
50 Nick Mowbray Alford Wheelers Vet 40-49
51 Peter Gossop Lincsquad Vet 50-59
52 Nick Ward Boston Tri Vet 40-49
53 Mark Etherton Wilson’s Wheels RT Vet 40-49
54 Darren Busby Barton Wheelers Vet 50-59
55 Heath Speck VC Lincoln Vet 40-49
56 Nigel Middlehurst Ellmore Factory Racing Vet 60+
57 Tim Higgins Scunthorpe Road Club Vet 50-59
58 Gary Horner Lincsquad Vet 40-49
59 Jon Challen VC Vrejdrisden Vet 40-49
60 John Bateman Private Member Vet 60+
61 Dave Allen Scunthorpe Poly Vet 40-49
62 Dennis Owen Sleaford Wheelers Vet 60+
63 John Dowell Heanor Clarion Vet 60+
64 Malcom Dent Lincsquad Vet 40-49
65 Peter Flint Boston Wheelers Vet 50-59
66 Eddy Loftus VC Veldrijden Vet 50-59
67 Paul Campbell Hull Thursday Vet 40-49
68 Kev Lincoln Doddington Cyling Club Vet 40-49
69 Julian Lintin Private Member Vet 50-59
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1 Samuel Howes Sleaford Wheelers U16 Boy
2 Bryn Richards Bourne Wheelers U16 Boy
3 Jensen Windsor Alford Wheelers U16 Boy
4 Chris Hilbert VC Lincoln U16 Boy
5 Alex Galpin Bourne Wheelers U16 Boy
6 Jude Chamberlain MI Racing U16 Boy
7 Dan Galpin Bourne Wheelers U16 Boy
8 Samuel Laird Sleaford Wheelers U16 Boy
9 Alfie Speck VC Lincoln U16 Boy
10 Callum Evans Sleaford Wheelers U14 Boy
11 Jake Kennedy VC Lincoln U14 Boy
12 Emily Richards Bourne Wheelers U16 Girl
13 Amie Hatton Sleaford Wheelers U16 Girl
14 Oliver Dawson J’s Cycle Shack U14 Boy
15 Amy Kolbert Witham Wheelers U14 Girl
16 Georgette Rand VC Lincoln U14 Girl
17 Felix Earth Sleaford Wheelers U14 Boy
18 Holly Nainby TeamWNT Development U14 Girl
19 Jamie Spratt Lincoln Wheelers U14 Boy
20 Jessica Woollas

Under 12
1 Innes Mcdonnald Edinburgh RC U12 Boy
2 Aaron Cocker Doncaster Wheelers U12 Boy
3 Matthew Kent VC Lincoln U12 Boy
4 Max Burkitt Lincoln Wheelers U12 Boy
5 Harrison Evans Sleaford Wheelers U12 Boy
6 Oliver Turnbull Boston Wheelers CC U12 Boy
7 Joshua Lane Witham Wheelers U12 Boy
8 Aston Baker VC Lincoln U12 Boy
9 Oliver Bailey Witham Wheelers U12 Boy
10 Arthur Morley Boston Wheelers CC U12 Boy
11 William Wood Bourne Wheelers U12 Boy
12 Isla Earth Sleaford Wheelers U12 Girl
13 Monty Wood Bourne Wheelers U12 Boy
14 Bethany Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre RT U12 Girl
15 Sam Baker Lincoln Wheelers U12 Boy
16 Isla Kolbert Witham Wheelers U12 Girl
17 Grace Blair Doncaster Wheelers U12 Girl
18 Jessica Stewart Lincsquad U12 Girl
19 Oscar Farrow Sleaford Wheelers U12 Boy
20 Ethan Barnard Lincsquad U12 Boy
21 Samuel Crowley Witham Wheelers U12 Boy

Under 9
1 Hamish Wood Bourne Wheelers U9 Boy
2 Simon Morley Boston Wheelers CC U9 Boy
3 Noah Lane Witham Wheelers U9 Boy
4 Isabelle Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre RT U9 Girl
5 Tristan Bramma Spalding CC U9 Boy
6 Annabelle Gould Witham Wheelers U9 Girl
7 Max Kolbert Witham Wheelers U9 Boy
8 Benjamin Robinson Fenland Clarion U9 Boy
9 Toby Carpenter VC Lincoln U9 Boy
10 Ellis Carpenter VC Lincoln U9 Boy
11 Alma Robinson Fenland Clarion U9 Girl
12 Jacob Crowley Witham Wheelers U9 Boy
13 Harriet Bazley Witham Wheelers U9 Girl
14 Bradley Staples NEL Lindsey Go-Ride U9 Boy
15 Charlotte Crowley Witham Wheelers U9 Girl


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