Report/Result: Wessex CX League Rd 15

Sam Allen, Amy Perryman & Helen Pattinson (Hargroves Montezuma’s), Phillip Roach, and Sam Freeman winners at round 15 of the Wessex CX League on January 27

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Report/Result: Wessex CX League Rd 15

Sunday 27th January | By Graham Robins

Amy Perryman

The final league race of the season saw wins for Sam Allen (PedalOn) and Amy Perryman (Hargroves Montezuma’s). Both riders led their race from the start to chequered flag, with Sam retaining the Geoff Shergold memorial trophy.

Our hosts today were Crabwood CC and the season came to a close at the Southampton sports centre. The venue is a notorious mud fest and with overnight rain it looked like being another slog. However the rain stopped during the night and riders were greeted with a chilly wind which helped dry the course during the day. Sam Allen quickly pulled to the front on the run out and was first into the wooded section. Being able to ride the woods this year meant there was soon a long line of riders going into the woods while the leaders were coming out.

Sam soon had Tom Budden (Sotonia CC) for company on the opening lap and Matthew Wakefield (Team Wakies) was in close contact. David James Brazier (Sarum Velo) and Karl Norfolk (PedalOn) were locked together 41secs back closing out the podium spots early on.

Sam Allen

By the mid race distance Allen’s lead over Budden had increased to 30secs, whilst Paul Morris (Fareham Wheelers) had leapfrogged both Brazier and Norfolk although he was now over 2mins behind the leader 40secs behind Wakefield.

Allen continued to increase his lead as the laps ticked away. By lap eight of the eleven he had lapped the field up to ninth and by the next two laps he was lapping riders in the top six. At the bell Sam was now picking off Brazier and Daniel Atkins (Didcot Phoenix) and at the chequered flag was behind Norfolk who was now fifth. Allen finished 1min 41 ahead of Budden, 3mins 11secs ahead of Wakefield with Morris over four minutes adrift in fourth. Karl Norfolk took the last spot on the podium.

The very successful women’s season came to a close and was soundly hailed as a perfect addition to the league. The introduction of the category way back in September looked like a great idea from the start as rider numbers were high and they continued to support the race throughout the season. Today’s race saw Amy Perryman (Hargroves Montezuma’s) lead away and quickly distance team mate and Vet National Champion and National trophy series winner Helen Pattinson. Not only her success at National level Helen for those don’t know was also runner up at the vets Masters a couple of months ago.

After a couple of laps the top five was Perryman, Pattinson, Lauren Cracknell (PedalOn), Amy Cantello (Hargroves Montezuma’s) and Lindy Brazier-Larkin (Sarum Velo). The lead remained constant over the next two laps before Kate Robson (PedalOn) caught and passed junior Cantello whilst Ella Laurence (Hargroves Montezuma’s) our third junior was holding off vets Tracy Bremner (North Hants RC) and Amber Lansley (PedalOn).

At the bell Perryman held a 48secs lead over Pattinson, Cracknell was third, Brazier-Larkin was now over 2mins down on the lead by 30secs ahead of Lansley. So positions at the end in each category saw Perryman winning overall and the junior race with Cantello second junior and Laurence third. In the senior race Cracknell took top spot from Brazier-Larkin and Robson third. Helen Pattinson closed out her season with a win in the vet race ahead of Tracy Bremner and Amber Lansley.

Lydia Gould (VC Venta) was first vet 50+ with Alison Ford (GS Vecchi) second. Team Jewson rider Phillip Roach won the vet 50 race from Kevin Holloway (GS Vecchi) and Robin Delve (Mid Devon CC) third. Holloway led the initial lap before Roach took the lead while Tim Costello (GS Vecchi) was third with Delve close by. Our two riders Chris Hutchings and Malcolm Cross from VC Venta were locked together and once Delve got away from Costello the Sussex based rider started slipping back into the clutches of the Venta pair.

At the bell Roach led Holloway by 17secs, Delve at 43secs while Hutchings Cross and Costello were together at 1min 19secs. Roach did increase his lead on the final lap to 32secs and Delve was at 1min 21secs.

Sam Freeman (Hargroves Montezuma’s) won the combined vet 40+/junior race just ahead of Sam Smith (Magspeed Racing), with Matthew Coulson (PPV) third junior. Jacek Nowak was first vet and fourth overall. Jamie Norfolk (PedalOn) was second vet and fifth, with Rory West (Pankhurst Cycles) third vet and ninth overall.

Phil Roach
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Provisional Results

1st Sam Allen PedalOn 57mins 50secs
2nd Tom Budden Sotonia CC @1mins 52secs
3rd Matthew Wakefield Team Wakies @3mins 29secs
4th Paul Morris Fareham Wheelers
5th Karl Norfolk PedalOn
6th Daniel Atkins Didcot Phoenix
7th David-James Brazier Sarum Velo
8th Dan Crook Andover Wheelers
9th Tim Doole Maybush CC
10th Brendan Scofield Cowley Road Condors

Women combined
1st Amy Perryman Hargroves Montezuma’s and 1st Junior
2nd Helen Pattinson Hargroves Montezuma’s and 1st Vet
3rd Lauren Cracknell PedalOn 1st Senior
4th Lindy Brazier-Larkin Sarum Velo 2nd Senior
5th Kate Robson PedalOn 3rd Senior
6th Amy Cantello Hargroves Montezuma’s 2nd Junior
7th Tracy Bremner North Hants RC 2nd Vet
8th Amber Lansley PedalOn 3rd Vet
9th Lydia Gould VC Venta 1st Vet50+
10th Deborah Shaw IRIS RT

Vet 50+
1st Lydia Gould VC Venta
2nd Alison Ford GS Vecchi

Vet 50+
1st Phillip Roach Team Jewson 38mins 39secs
2nd Kevin Holloway GS Vecchi @32secs
3rd Robin Delve Mid Devon CC @1min 21secs
4th Christopher Hutchings VC Venta
5th Malcolm Cross VC Venta

Vet40/ Junior combined
1st Sam Freeman Hargroves Montezuma’s 38mins 45secs 1st Junior
2nd Sam Smith Magspeed Racing @14secs 2nd Junior
3rd Matthew Coulson PPV @15secs 3rd Junior
4th Jacek Nowak 1st Vet
5th Jamie Norfolk PedalOn 2nd Vet
6th Barney Clacy Hargroves Montezuma’s
7th Jay Allen PedalOn
8th Harry Dridge Hargroves Montezuma’s
9th Rory West Pankhurst Cycles 3rd Vet
10th Jonathan Hall Sotonia

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Race 5 : Senior & Vet Women : 40 min
1 Helen PATTINSON Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s V40
2 Lauren CRACKNELL Pedal On Snr
3 Lindy BRAZIER-LARKIN Sarum Velo Snr
4 Kate ROBSON Pedal On Snr
5 Tracy BREMNER North Hants RC V40
6 Amber LANSLEY Pedal On V40
7 Lydia GOULD VC Venta V50
8 Nicola SHAW VC Venta Snr
9 Alison FORD GS Vecchi V50
10 Hedvika TONCROVA private member Snr
11 Gemma WILKS Sotonia CC Snr
12 Deborah SMITH IRIS Race Team V40
13 Donna SHORT Cotswold Veldrijden V40
14 Christina GUSTAFSON Reading CC V40
15 Jessica CONNER Cotswold Veldrijden V40
16 Rachel JENKINS North Hants RC Snr
17 Steph RORKE V40
18 Josie GREENEN North Hants RC Snr
19 Sonia WHITEMAN VC Venta V40
20 Kristen LOVELOCK Cowley Road Condors V40
21 Beckie HAMILTON Cotswold Veldrijden V40
22 Claire COOPER League Member V40
23 Suzanne WISE C & N Cycles RT V40
24 Virginia PHILLIPS Cotswold Veldrijden V40

Junior Women
1 Amy PERRYMAN Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s
2 Amy CANTELO Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s
3 Ella LAWRENCE Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s
4 Freya RICHARDSON Portsmouth North End CC

Senior Men
1 Sam ALLEN Pedal On
2 Tom BUDDEN Sotonia CC
3 Matthew WAKEFIELD Team Wakies
4 Paul MORRIS Fareham Wheelers
5 Karl NORFOLK Pedal On
6 Daniel ATKINS Didcot Phoenix CC
7 David-james BRAZIER Sarum Velo
8 Dan CROOK Andover Wheelers
9 Tim DOOLE Maybush CC
10 Brendan SCHOFIELD Cowley Road Condors
11 Kev TONNER Cotswold Veldrijden
12 Chris MCGOVERN Southampton University RC
13 Christopher MINTER Pedal On
14 Morgan JONES Banjo Cycles
15 Doug WOOLLETT Maybush CC
16 Tim WARNER private member
17 Alan COLLINS Portsmouth North End CC
18 Phil BANKS Sotonia CC
19 Darren LONGHURST IRIS Race Team
20 Martyn CATTERMOL nhrc
21 Craig HAY Sotonia CC
22 Patrick ASHCROFT Reading CC
23 James CRANSTONE Wyndymilla
24 Mike ABDULLAH Reading CC
25 Ben SIEMASZKO Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
26 Ewan MACDONALD Oxonian CC
27 Paul CRISFORD Pedal On
28 Stuart WIGBY Cowley Road Condors
29 Ben ASHWELL Cotswold Veldrijden
30 Adam GREENEN North Hants RC
31 Peter JENKINS
32 Matt WICKS Cowley Road Condors
33 Andy HAZLEWOOD Maybush CC
34 Saulius VIZBARAS Reading CC

Junior Men
1 Samuel FREEMAN Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s
2 Sam SMITH Magspeed Racing
3 Matthew COULSON Palmer Park Velo
4 Barney CLACY Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s
5 Jay ALLEN Pedal On
6 Harry DRIDGE Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s
7 Sam COULSON Palmer Park Velo
8 Joel HAWKINS Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s
10 Eli TUCKER private member

Vet 40
1 Jacek NOWAK
2 Jamie NORFOLK Pedal On
3 Rory WEST Pankhurst cycles
4 Jonathan HALL Sotonia CC
5 Dean HITCHINGS Cotswold cycles-TREK
6 Ben DARNTON Sotonia CC
7 Miles THOMAS Hart Evolution RT
8 Will JONES Cowley Road Condors
9 Alan COLLINS Portsmouth North End CC
10 James ALLAWAY League Member
11 Tim JONES Cowley Road Condors
12 Robin WILMOTT Cotswold Veldrijden
13 Graham HOLLIDGE Fareham Wheelers
14 Robin SHORT Performance Cycles
15 Paul JONES Cotswold Veldrijden
16 Dominic RORKE Didcot Phoenix CC
17 Matt HAYDEN GS Henley
18 Jim CHARLESWORTH private member
19 Martin RICHARDSON League Member
20 Dave PHILLIPS Cotswold Veldrijden
21 Jez HART Sotonia CC
22 Jeremy SHOTTER Brighton Excelsior CC
23 Gareth DRIDGE Solent Pirates Youth CC
24 Ian KEARY Palmer Park Velo
25 David WEST Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
26 Louis BAKER
27 Neil BOND private member
28 Martin HORNER Meon Valley CC
29 Matt ENOCK
30 Myles THWAITES Performance Cycles
31 Richard COOPER Hart Evolution Racing Team
32 Jonathan GRIGG Fareham Wheelers
33 Gordan MCKINNON Braishfield CC
34 Chris AITKEN Thames Valley Triathletes
35 Gordon WATSON
36 Jason HARRISON Sotonia CC
38 Charlie SMITH MVCC
39 James HUGHES
40 Martin WHITE Sotonia CC
41 Justin RIDGMENT Sotonia CC
42 Simon HALL Crabwood CC
43 Irfon THOMAS Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
44 Matt DAVIS Fareham Wheelers
45 Nick BOWDEN Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
46 Mathew KAREY Cotswold Veldrijden
47 Jay EASTWOOD Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s

Vet 50
1 Philip ROACH Team Jewson M.I. Racing
2 Kevin HOLLOWAY GS Vecchi
3 Robin DELVE Mid Devon CC
4 Christopher HUTCHINGS VC Venta
5 Malcolm CROSS VC Venta
6 Tim COSTELLO GS Vecchi
7 Andrew CRACKNELL Pedal On
8 John MCGRATH Worthing Excelsior
9 Martyn DYMOND C & N Cycles RT
10 Rich COLLINS League Member
11 Dave DALTON Fareham Wheelers
12 David WREY Pedal On
13 David HOBBS Cotswold Veldrijden
14 Philip CONNELL Sotonia CC
15 Robert TUTT VC Venta
16 Kurt WALLIN Cotswold Veldrijden
17 Martin EADON Xannata Ride Country Xgear
18 Paul HARTLAND GS Henley
19 David MARTIN VC Venta
20 Mark ALLEN Pedal On
21 Simon GUARD Sotonia CC
22 Tim CRUMPTON VC Venta
23 John PHILLIPS Sotonia CC
24 Richard BREMNER North Hants RC
25 Nicholas ROUX GS Henley
26 Graham BEGGIN Bicester Millenium
27 Alan KINGSHOTT Solent Pirates Youth CC
28 Richard CHEETHAM GS Vecchi
30 Jon FOX Charlottville CC
31 Andy GRANT GS Vecchi
32 Russ WAKEFIELD Team Wakies
33 Simon FITZJOHN Sotonia CC
34 Steve WARWICK Cotswold Veldrijden
35 Adrian BETTERIDGE Swallowfield VC

Race 3 : Youth : 30 min
1 Jamie GOSTICK Palmer Park Velo M U16
2 Max EDGINGTON Solent Pirates Youth CC M U16
3 Jed SMITHSON Worx Factory Racing M U14
4 Gareth DAVIES Banjo Cycles M U16
5 Felix CLACY Solent Pirates Youth CC M U16
6 Sam NANOPOULOS Solent Pirates Youth CC M U16
7 Ollie BIRCH Chapel Tri Stars M U16
8 Finlay BEGGIN Zappi RT M U14
9 Tom MARTIN Solent Pirates Youth CC M U14
10 Madeline grace COOPER Spokes BPC Racing F U16
11 Nathan CRACKNELL Pedal On M U16
12 Josh HORNER Chapel Tri Stars M U14
13 Edward CHARLES Charlottville CC M U14
14 George COTTRELL Chapel Tri-Stars M U16
15 Niamh MURPHY Cotswold Veldrijden F U14
16 Mack MELLISH Cotswold Veldrijden M U14
17 Adam POTTER Pine sport M U16
18 Max DARNTON Sotonia CC M U14
19 Dylan BAKER private member M U16
20 Melissa eve COOPER Spokes BPC Racing F U14
21 Lloyd PERRY Solent Pirates M U14
22 Alex TAYLOR Oxonian CC M U14
23 Lucy PHILLIPS Chapel Tri-Stars F U14
24 Alexander MURPHY VC Venta M U14
25 Noah HORTON Palmer Park Velo RT M U14
26 Louis KIRK Sotonia CC M U14
27 Alistair PLATT M U16
28 Reae PITTMAN Palmer Park Velo M U14
29 Katie-anne CALTON Solent Pirates Youth CC F U14
30 Bobby BUENFIELD VC Venta M U14
31 Freya ECCLESTON Palmer Park Velo F U14
32 Alex KEARY Palmer Park Velo M U14
33 Oliver MORGAN Solent Pirates Youth CC M U14
34 Kate COULSON Palmer Park Velo F U14
35 Lara HAWKINS Solent Pirates Youth CC F U16
36 Daisy PATTINSON Solent Pirates Youth CC F U14
37 Grace RICHARDSON Portsmouth North End CC F U14

Race 2 : Under 12s : 15 min
1 Peter CARPENTER Sutton CC M
2 Miles HORNER Chapel Tri Stars M
3 Adam JONES Palmer Park Velo M
4 George CONNELL Sotonia CC M
6 Huw WATKINS Palmer Park Velo M
7 Samuel RIDGMENT Sotonia CC M
8 William BLOUNT Chapel Tri Stars M
9 Anna PATTERSON Banjo Cycles F
10 Montague FLAVELL M
11 Lewis RIDGE Palmer Park Velo M
12 Charlotte SMITH Solent Pirates Youth CC F
13 Wilf JONES Cotswold Veldrijden M
14 Isaac ALLAWAY Palmer Park Velo M
15 Cypher TINDELL Sprockets Cycle club M
16 Jonathan LOWE Sotonia CC M
17 Monty WYATT VC Venta M
18 Edward SAMSON Solent Pirates Youth CC M
19 Caitlin DINNING private member F
20 Charlie SHEPHERD Sotonia CC M
21 John KITTO Palmer Park Velo RT M
22 Lauren CHARLES Charlottville CC F
23 Francis CASWELL Chard Wheelers M
24 Jack MORGAN Solent Pirates Youth CC M
25 Isaac HORTON Sprockets CC M
26 Benjamin BRINDLEY M
27 Maisie HAMILTON-UNWIN Cotswold Veldrijden F
28 Olivia ALLMAN VC Venta F
29 Emma HARRISON Sotonia CC F
30 Freddie DRIDGE Solent Pirates Youth CC M
31 Caitlin HAVISHAM Palmer Park Velo F
32 Aimee TAYLOR Oxonian CC F
33 Samuel HUGHES VC Venta M
34 Evans TINDELL Sprockets Cycle club M
35 George WHITE Sotonia CC M

Race 1 : Under 10s : 10 min
2 Charlie FORRESTER – Lazer helmets M
3 Sam GENAZZINI Solent Pirates Youth CC M
4 Stanley PHILLIPS Chapel Tri Stars M
5 Daniel BRANFORD Poole Wheelers CC M
7 Harry COOPER private member M
8 Isla PATTINSON Solent Pirates Youth CC F
9 Joseph BIGNELL Sotonia CC M
10 Phoebe POTTER WyndyMilla Kids F
11 Thomas WILKS Sotonia CC M
12 Sammy BAKER Sprockets M
13 William GOOCH Pedal Heaven M
14 Connor DOOLEY-JONES Banjo Cycles M
15 Adam SHORT Cotswold Veldrijden M
16 Thomas ALLAN Sotonia CC M
17 Jasmine BOND private member F
18 Skye MARTINGALE Sotonia CC F
19 George MEYNELL Cotswold Veldrijden M
20 Balin ATKINS Didcot Phoenix CC M
21 Samuel WHITE Sotonia CC M
22 Holly HURR Portsmouth North End CC F
23 Ella RIDGMENT Sotonia CC F
24 Toby ASHWELL Cotswold Veldrijden M
26 Benji PIKE M
27 Georgia LOVETT Cotswold Veldrijden F
28 Marit DAVIDSE Sotonia CC F
29 Jacob SHAW VC Venta M
30 Isabelle SMITH Solent Pirates Youth CC F
31 William DYER Sotonia CC M
32 Louis SHAW VC Venta M
33 Jamie KERRY M
34 Matilda WILKS Sotonia CC F
35 Riley TONNER Cotswold Veldrijden M
36 Harry BANKS 2012 M
37 Theresa BIGNELL Sotonia CC F
39 Hannah OLNEY Sotonia CC F
40 Alisha KIRK Sotonia CC F
41 Sam PERRY Sotonia CC M
42 Jaya MARTINGALE Sotonia CC F
44 Isaac RICHARDSON private member M
45 Abigail KELLY Poole Wheelers CC F
46 Corden ECCLESTON Sotonia CC M
47 Freddie KELSALL-JOEL Sotonia CC M


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