Team Sights: Tim Elverson (Canyon DHB)

After strengthening his Canyon DHB team for 2019, a Spanish team camp and race in Challenge Mallorca as well as a win in the Perfs, Tim Elverson talks about his up coming race programme

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Team Sights: Tim Elverson (Canyon DHB)

After strengthening his Canyon DHB team for 2019, a Spanish team camp and race in Challenge Mallorca as well as a win in the Perfs, Tim Elverson talks about his up coming race programme

Tim giving a team talk in 2018 … 

Talking before his young rider went out and won his first Perfs Pedal road race, team owner Tim Elverson explained how its been a good start to the season. “Starting with a training camp which we have not been able to do in previous years was really nice because we learnt a lot. We have quite a lot of new riders so I felt it was important we came together as quick as possible and I’m pleased with the interaction between the new guys and the ones we have re-signed. Moral was good there.”

“I was conscious that the new riders I signed were ones I knew and I was comfortable with their character and that includes the Belgian riders who were not a surprise character wise as I saw a lot of them a lot last year. But while I was confident of the character of the riders I’d signed, it was a lot of different people to bring into one space but the camp worked really well. I went to the last part of the camp and we did some specific stuff and I was really pleased with how it all came together.”
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“The race in Mallorca was tough with an awesome quality field so it was a brilliant start for us and we learnt a lot in a short space of time.”

Asked if gets grief doing a race like the Perfs being a UCI team, Tim replies, “We’ll get some grief at some point but I have four second year seniors here when I could have rolled out the Belgians and all sorts as I have them at my house ready for the team presentation tomorrow (Monday).”

“But I have brought the young guys and given them a chance to race. I have Alex Paton here but that’s because he won it last year and it is nice for him to come back and do the race again. Alex Richardson is sick so I only have five guys here”.

It is worth noting that for UCI teams in a National A, they can substitute riders when one is ill but for a National B, it is down to the commissionaire’s discretion and in this instance, the team were not allowed to make a substitution hence why they only had five riders.

“The guys riding it are local” Tim went on to say “and I’ve raced it myself and the organiser likes us doing it as we’re supporting his race and if someone gives us grief, I think they are not ready to ride nat B’s as we’re not doing anything wrong. The race has the Welsh Team, three Vitus (Pro cycling p/b Brother UK) guys, NoPinz, and some individuals who I know are going well in the winter in track and cross who are always going to spring a surprise so my youngsters are under a lot pressure.”

And whilst the team will have some riders doing National B events, the main focus is UCI races in Europe. “We have Le Samyn (UCI 1.1) on the fifth (March), and then we have the first of the Holland Cup races and another race on the same day so the first of our double programme starts on the 10th of March in Europe. In May, we have one point when there are three races on the same day, Lincoln, Holland Cup and a stage race at the same time. It might be a step to far but we’re going to give it a craic.”

“Domestically, I’ll probably have a few guys in Severn Bridge the same time we are in Le Samyn, and I think we’ll be at the Wally Gimber as well. Unfortunately we can’t do the Roy Thame and Jock Wadley as they clash with a double calendar day of racing in Europe. I think we are doing about five Nat Bs to keep the legs moving but luckily we do have a lot of UCI races in March and April and once the national A races start in the UK, we’ll be doing all of them too.”
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Season ahead…
Asked how he thinks the season will be without the likes of John Herety’s squad and others who have folded after 2018, Tim replies “I think the season will be harder because there are guys coming from pro conti level and world tour level in the teams here so I think you now have three or four teams that are stronger than they were”.

“So I think the balance is more even and there is four or perhaps five teams that could win any given race so it will be a good season where it will be down to teams to get their tactics right and down to us using the right guys on the right day.”

“Tour of Britain qualification will also be priority but we don’t know what the system will be yet. In theory, I think it takes care of itself when you do well in the races so I think we’ll be alright as I’m really happy with the team”.

Thanks Tim for his time and good luck in 2019


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