Result: Victoria CC LVRC Circuit Races

Antony Wallis and B. Ford winners at the Victoria CC LVRC Circuit Races at Hog Hill (NE London) on 17th of March

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Result: Victoria CC LVRC Circuit Races

1. A. Wallis (Ciclos Uno) (C)
2. P. Hersey (Eagle Road Club) (B)
3. A. Buurman (Rapha Cycling Club) (C)
4. C. Kennedy Scott (CC Hackney) (B)
5. M. Daly (Colour Tech Racing Team) (B)
6. A. Wubben (Condor Cycles) (C)
7. D. Tate (In Gear) (B)
8. B. Flemming (Rose Racing Team) (B)
9. N. Stephens (Team Terminator) (D)
10. G. Bull (Bigfoot Cycling Club) (C)
11. M. Meades (Ciclos Uno) (D)
12. K. Dineer (V.C. Equipe) (D)
13. C. Steele (Brixton Cycling Club) (C)
14. D. Alstind (Gemini Bicycle Club) (B)
15. O. Kan (V-Sprint) (C)
16. D. Farrow (Eagle Road Club) (C)
17. M. Jones (Colour Tech Racing Team) (B)
18. J. Niles-Cunnington (Condor Cycles) (D)
19. A. Campbell (Eagle Road Club) (A)
20. J. Donald (Handessing Racing) (C)
21. A. Blackwell (Hub Velo Cycling Club) (C)
22. P. Cundy (PMR) (B)
23. M. Coppola (Wyndy Milla) (A)
24. O. Assem (Finchley Racing Team) (B)
25. N. Symes (KCL) (C)
26. J. Boulter (Eagle Road Club) (C)
27. B. Cliffe (Redbridge Cycling Club) (A)
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1. B. Ford (Bournemouth Cycleworks) (F)
2. M. Savage (Crest Cycling Club) (E)
3. P. Bull (Colour Tech Racing Team) (E)
4. P. Schils (Velo Schils) (E)
5. S. Barnsley (GS Vecchi) (E)
6. K. Gross (Glendene Cycling Club) (E)
7. P. Harding (Gregarios Superclub Ciclista) (E)
8. K. Hickman (API-Metrow) (E)
9. M. Lee (Colour Tech Racing Team) (E)
10. O. MacPherson (Kingsnorth International Wheelers) (G)
11. P. Constable (BasildonCycling Club) (F)
12. D. Radbourne (Gregarios Superclub Ciclista) (E)
13. C. Croft (Private Member) (F)



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