Result: Milton Keynes Team Series

Jessica Finney the winner of the Milton Keynes Team Series event on March 16

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

Result: Milton Keynes Team Series
Photos: Simon Blackwell

1   Jessica  Finney      Ellmore Clothes Team
2   Leah      Dixon      Ellmore Clothes Team
3   Jo          Tindley Ellmore Clothes Team
4   Georgina  Hilleard   Cycle Team on Form
5   Holly      Hoy       Cycle Team on Form
6 Jayati Hine Ellmore Clothes Team
7  Keira      McVitty    Ellmore Clothes Team
8   Elena     Spanou     Team Empella Cyclo Cross
9  Katie     Wootton     Cycle Team on Form Juniors
10   Nicole    Oh         Les Filles
11  Maddie  Wadsworth    Cycle Team on Form Juniors
12  Xan        Cress      Team Empella Cyclo Cross
13  Harriet   Dodd        Team Boompods
14  Beckie   Storie       I.O.M Ladies
15  Mathilde Pauls         1904 RT
16  Alice      Towers     RST/Cycle Division
17  Greta     Cowen       TW1 Racing
18  Sian       Botteley   Cycle Team on Form
19  Katie     Scott       Cycle Team on Form Juniors
20  Lauren   Johnston      Avid Sport
21  Alderney Baker        Team Empella Cyclo Cross
22  Connie   Hayes        Liv AWOL Spok’d
23 Francesca Hall         Datalynx Parenesis
24 Hannah   Hewitt        I.O.M Ladies
25  Michelle Arthurs Brennan     1904 RT
26 Melissa   Baker        Team Empella Cyclo Cross
27  Molly      Hodges     Avid Sport
28  Lauren    Humphreys   Team Boompods
29  Melissa  Greaves      TW1 Racing
30  Lydia      Watts      Team 22
32  Louise    Scupham     Liv AWOL Spok’d
31 Jessica  Woodworth Cycle Team on Form
33  Maxine   Filby        Datalynx Parenesis
34  Laura     Pittard     Team Vision Innovative Leisure
35  Kess      Claxton     Cycle Team on Form
36  Olivia     Bentley    Team Vision Innovative Leisure
37 Claire     Hammond     TW1 Racing
38 Victoria  Strila       TW1 Racing
39 Cyndi Goh Team Vision Innovative Leisure
40  Sacha   Quine         I.O.M Ladies
41 Leah       Ball        TW1 Racing
42 Nicola Soden Datalynx Parenesis
43  Rebecca Kearney       Team Vision Innovative Leisure
44  Hermione Harrison     Team Vision Innovative Leisure
45  Carrie    Wernham       I.O.M Ladies
46 Savannah Hewson      Liv AWOL Spok’d
47 Emily     Looker       I.O.M Ladies
48 Megan  Panton          Ellmore Clothes Team
49 Vivienne Tomlin        1904 RT
50 Neve      Hattee       Cycle Team on Form Juniors
51 Ellie       Dilks      Team Empella Cyclo Cross
52 Charlotte Redden       Team Boompods
53 Phoebe Martin          RST/Cycle Division
54 Amy      Marks         Team LDN
55 Alexandra Hamilton   TW1 Racing
56 Connie Stephens Team Vision Innovative Leisure
57  Sandra   Mackay       Datalynx Parenesis
58  Mandy   Bunn          Datalynx Parenesis
59 Isabella  Johnson      Datalynx Parenesis
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1. Cycle Team on Form 249 points
2. Cycle Team on Form Juniors 167 points
3. Team Empella Cyclo Cross 126 points
4. I.O.M Ladies 95 points
5. TW1 Racing 94 points
6. 1904 RT 75 points
7. Team Boompods 73 points
8. Team Vision Innovative 70 points
9. Datalynx Parenesis 62 points
10. Avid Sports 59 points
10. Liv awol Spoke’d 59 points
12. Les Filles 55 points
13. RST/Cycle Division 42 points
14. Team 22 23 points

Some excellent news
We have an extra race for the Team Series, Sunday 5 May. This will be at the Cyclopark which is a closed circuit near Gravesend in London. Details to follow



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