News & Result: British eRacing Championship

Rosamund Bradbury and Cameron Jeffers win the first ever British eRacing Championship in London on Thursday

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News & Result: British eRacing Championship

Cycling ushered in a new chapter in East London (Thursday 28 March) as Rosamund Bradbury and Cameron Jeffers powered to victory at the first-ever national-level eSports cycling race, the British eRacing Championships.

Dominant displays from Rosamund Bradbury and Cameron Jeffers during the multi-event finals – which included an elimination race, points race and scratch race – fired them to the top of their respective podiums and into the red, white and blue championship jersey on a history-making day of racing.

The first to cross the finish line in front of a 100-strong crowd in the Scratch Race, Bradbury clinched the women’s title ahead of Mary Wilkinson in a nail-biting sprint to the line. Separated by just one point, Sharon Bird took bronze ahead of Welsh rider Leah Dixon.

Afterwards, Rosamund said: “I’m feeling great now! It was pretty hard in that final race, it was so tactical. I got a good power up for the sprinting really early on, so I had to decide whether to use it and hope I’d get another one later or save it. And I went to save it and I’m glad I did. It really helped for the final sprint. At the beginning of today, I didn’t know what to expect. I could see I was quite strong on the sprints. But this last race, there were hills. And I’m obviously one of the bigger riders and don’t have the advantage. But my rowing experience has really helped me. I’ve still got the power I used to.”
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Men’s Championship
A mammoth 13 points ahead of the field after two races, 22-year-old Cameron Jeffers was made to work for his championship jersey in the Scratch Race clinching gold ahead of James Phillips. Tom Moses (Madison Genesis) completed the podium.

Jeffers added: “It’s all a little bit surreal really. I finished twelfth in the qualifiers, then due to two guys dropping out of the finals I managed to promote myself to tenth and got a position in today’s finals. I came to this race knowing that Madison Genesis had four guys in the line-up and in terms of out and out power numbers they were probably the strongest guys here.”

“I knew I didn’t necessarily have the numbers, but the advantage that I could get over the four guys is course knowledge and knowing where to put the power down and where to attack. I’ve done a lot of course research, a lot of riding and racing on Zwift, and researching the different power ups. So, all of that put together, I managed to pull off the win.

Elimination race
Rosamund Bradbury kept her cool to take first blood and the maximum 25 points on offer in the championships opener, beating Sharon Bird into second place in a tense head-to-head. Bird’s attack came too early in the deciding 2.8km lap of LaGuardia Loop, allowing the former British rower to ride past with relative ease to claim victory.

It was a case of déjà vu in the men’s race, as quickest qualifier Stevie Young flew out of the blocks early with a similarly ill-timed attack on lap one, before being swallowed up by the bunch to be eliminated first. Side-by-side in the studio, but a mammoth 15 seconds apart on the virtual route, a masterclass from Madison Genesis rider Tom Moses saw him cruise to victory ahead of Cameron Jeffers in the final head-to-head.

Points Race
Dominant displays from Mary Wilkinson, Rosamund Bradbury and Leah Dixon of Brother Tifosi in the women’s race, despite a race neutralisation and restart. Wilkinson, Bradbury, Leah Dixon, Sharon Bird and Miriam Jessett kept things interesting in the hunt for points, whilst Cameron Jeffers blew away the field to upgrade his second place in the elimination race to first, beating George Pym, Gavin Dempster and Ian Bibby in a fast and furious sprint to the line, leaving both eRacing titles all to play for.
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Men’s elimination race results
1 Tom Moses (25 points)
2 Cameron Jeffers (20 points)
3 James Phillips (16 points)
4 Ian Bibby (13 points)
5 Jon Mould (11 points)
6 Gavin Dempster (9 points)
7 George Pym (7 points)
8 Kim Little (5 points)
9 Ed Laverack (3 points)
10 Stevie Young (1 point)

Points Race
1. Cam Jeffers (20 points)
2. George Pym (17 points)
3. Gavin Dempster (10 points
4. Ian Bibby (6 points)
5. James Phillips (2 points)
6. Ed Laverack (0 points)
7. Tom Moses (0 points)
8. Jon Mould (0 points)
9. Kim Little (0 points)
10. Stevie Young (0 points)

Scratch Race
1. James Phillips
2. Cam Jeffers
3. Kim Little
4. Gavin Dempster
5. Tom Moses
6. George Pym
7. Ian Bibby
8. Ed Laverack
9. Stevie Young
10. Jon Mould

Final standings
1. Cameron Jeffers (65 points)
2. James Phillips (52 points)
3. Tom Moses (43 points)
4. Gavin Dempster (38 points)
5. George Pym (36 points)
6. Ian Bibby (33 points)
7. Kim Little (24 points)
8. Ed Laverack (17 points)
9. Jon Mould (17 points)
10. Stevie Young (5 points)


Women’s elimination
1. Rosamund Bradbury (25 points)
2. Sharon Bird (20 points)
3. Mary Wilkinson (16 points)
4. Leah Dixon (13 points)
5. Leah Brewer (11 points)
6. Corinne Fox (9 points)
7. Miriam Jessett (7 points)
8. Lexi Brown (5 points)
9. Clare Rhead (3 points)
10. Caroline Murray (1 point)

Points Race
1. Mary Wilkinson (20 points)
2. Rosamund Bradbury (17 point
3. Leah Dixon (10 points)
4. Sharon Bird (6 points)
5. Miriam Jesset (2 points)
6. Leah Brewer (0 points)
7. Clare Rhead (0 points)
8. Corinne Fox (0 points)
9. Lexi Brown (0 points)
10. Caroline Murray (0 points)

Scratch Race
1. Mary Wilkinson
2. Rosamund Bradbury
3. Leah Dixon
4. Sharon Bird
5. Miriam Jesset
6. Clare Rhead
7. Leah Brewer
8. Corinne Fox
9. Lexi Brown

Final standings
1. Rosamund Bradbury (70 points)
2. Mary Wilkinson (41 points)
3. Sharon Bird (46 points)
4. Leah Dixon (45 points)
5. Miriam Jessett (29 points)
6. Leah Brewer (27 points)
7. Clare Rhead (19 points)
8. Corinne Fox (19 points)
9. Lexi Brown (11 points)
10. Caroline Murray


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