Startlist: Klondike Grand Prix

Startlists for the Men’s and Women’s Klondike Grand Prix on April 14 starting and finishing in Guisborough (National Road Season Events)

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Startlist: Klondike Grand Prix

In 2019, the first event of the mens and women’s national road series 2019 will be Velo29’s Klondike Grand Prix where the women’s race will be a first for the event after two years as a men only event.

Tom Tom! Last year it was Tom Moses and Tom Pidcock who battled it out for the win …

All the biggest teams and riders will descend upon Guisborough on the 14th April 2019 for what will become an early season classic. The circuit is a tough one! There are three significant hills on each of the 3 main laps. They are short and sharp making it a course for a strong rider who can climb well but has the legs to keep it going in the tough side winds over the top.

The ladies will race first, starting from 09:00 on Westgate Guisborough a field of the UK’s top Female racers will assemble for the opening round to the HSBC National Women’s Series. They will race 65.7 miles over 2 laps of the same large circuit which the men will use.

The Men’s race will start at 13:30 prompt and rollout through to Dunsdale. The flag will drop as we turn right to Sandy Lane and the racing will start immediately, the riders will turn right through New Marske, onto the A174, we join the main circuit at 4 Lane ends, it’s over 100 miles to complete the circuit the riders will do 3 laps, then one small lap, then return home from boosbeck, Margrove Park, Charltons, slapewath back to Guisborough via whitby Road for the nail biting finish!

The finish line will be at Westgate Guisborough in front of Sunnyfield House where huge crowds will gather to enjoy the excitement.

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9-12: Women’s Race
10-10.30: Under 16 ride the finishing circuit
10.45-12: Finishing circuit open to everyone
1.30-5.30pm: Men’s race
1.30-4pm: Youth Racing


Provisional – as ever, the rider line ups for teams may change on the day because of form, injury, illness etc

1. Anna Christian, Drops
2. Emma Cockcroft, Bianchi Dama
3. Charlotte Colcough, Bianchi Dama
4. Sarah King, Bianchi Dama
5. Holly MacMahon, Bianchi Dama
6. Georgina Panchaud, Bianchi Dama
7. Jennifer Powell, Bianchi Dama
8. Natasha Reddy, Bianchi Dama
9. Bethany Taylor, Bianchi Dama
10. Abigail Dentus, Brother UK-Tifosi
11. Leah Dixon, Brother UK-Tifosi
12. Rebcca Durrell, Brother UK-Tifosi
13. Anna Henderson, Brother UK-Tifosi
14. Charmaine Porter, Brother UK-Tifosi
15. Gabby Shaw, Brother UK-Tifosi
16. Annie Simpson, Brother UK-Tifosi
17. Emily Wadsworth, Brother UK-Tifosi
18. Jennifer Hudson, Brother UK-Fusion RT
19. Emma Lewis, Brother UK-Fusion RT
20. Joscelin Lowden, Brother UK-Fusion RT
21. Fiona Russell, Brother UK-Fusion RT
22. Rebecca Richardson, Brother UK-Fusion RT
23. Claire Steels, Brother UK-Fusion RT
24. Ruth Sheir, Brother UK-Fusion RT
25. Elizabeth Bennett, Campinense-Velo Performance
26. Charlotte Berry, Campinense-Velo Performance
27. Florence Cox, Campinense-Velo Performance
28. Jennifer Holden, Campinense-Velo Performance
29. Fiona Hunter-Johnson, Campinense-Velo Performance
30. Soraia Silva, Campinense-Velo Performance
31. Jo Tindly, Campinense-Velo Performance
32. Georgia Hilleard, Cycle Team OnForm
33. Holly Hoy, Cycle Team OnForm
34. Corrine Side, Cycle Team OnForm
35. Monica Dew, Storey Racing
36. Chanel Mason, Storey Racing
37. Dame Sarah Storey, Storey Racing
38. Jennifer Batey, Team Boompods
39. Hannah Farran, Team Boompods
40. Lauren Humphries, Team Boompods
41. Hannah Larbalestier, Team Boompods
42. Ellen McDermott, Team Boompods
43. Charlotte Redden, Team Boompods
44. Sarah Walker, Team Boompods
45. Rosei Walsh, Team Boompods
46. Oliva Bent, Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo
47. Sophie Enever, Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo
48. Amy King, Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo
49. Marie Lynn, Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo
50. Gemma Sargent, Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo
51. Poppy Thompson, Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo
52. Christina Wiejak, Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo
53. Mary Wilkinson, Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo
54. Chloe Fraser, The Racing Chance Foundation
55. Amy Gornall, The Racing Chance Foundation
56. Katie Helsby, The Racing Chance Foundation
57. Lauren Dolan, Torelli Assure
58. Jennifer George, Torelli Assure
59. Niamh Fisher Black, Torelli Assure
60. Sophie Thackray, Torelli Assure
61. Hayley Simmonds, BTC City Ljubljana
62. Lucy Hart, Cycling Performance Squad
63. Amelie Wayte, Cycling Performance Squad
64. Francesca Hall, DAP CC
65. Keira McVitty, Isorex No Aqua Ladies CCT
66. Hannah Graveny, LIV Awol
67. Rebbeca Richards, Newcastle CC
68. Molly Weaver, Orbea RT
69. Dannielle Khan
70. Emily Nelson, RST Cycle Division RT
71. Megan Manton, Project 51
72. Abbie Taylor, Sheffield Dirt Society
73. Fiona Turnball, Slingshot
74. Molly Patch, Velotec
75. Melissa Greaves, TW1 Racing
76. Jaati Hine, Uiversity of Sheffield
77. Jasmine Jones, Veloflow Cc Rowe & King
78. Louise Hart, TC Racing
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1. Ryan Christensen, Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes
2. Stijn De Bock, Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes
3. Matthew Bostock, Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes
4. Alex Paton, Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes
5. Rob McCarthy, Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes
6. Max Stedman, Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes
7. Andrew Tennant, Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes
8. Rory Townsend, Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes

9. Ian Bibby, Madison Genesis
10. Richard Handley, Madison Genesis
11. Matt Holmes, Madison Genesis
12. Jonny McEvoy, Madison Genesis
13. Jon Mould, Madison Genesis
14. George Pym, Madison Genesis
15. Erik Rowsell, Madison Genesis
16. Connor Swift, Madison Genesis
(British RR Champion)

17. John Archibald, Ribble Pro Cycling
18. Dan Bigham, Ribble Pro Cycling
19. William Brown, Ribble Pro Cycling
20. Alex Dalton, Ribble Pro Cycling
21. Zeb Kyffin, Ribble Pro Cycling
22. Alex Luhrs, Ribble Pro Cycling
23. Gruff Lewis, Ribble Pro Cycling
(Scott Auld as well)

24. Ben Hardy, SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling
25. Isaac Mundy, SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling
26. Jordan Reed, SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling
27. Tristan Robbins, SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling
28. James Shaw, SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling
29. Julian Varley, SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling
30. Peter Williams, SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling
31. George Wood, SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling
32. Lawrence Carpenter, Wiggins Le Col
33. Mark Christian, Wiggins Le Col
34. Gabriel Cullaigh, Wiggins Le Col
35. Ben Healy, Wiggins Le Col
36. Callum Riley, Wiggins Le Col
37. Oliver Robinson, Wiggins Le Col
38. Jacques Sauvagnargues, Wiggins Le Col
39. Dan Tulett, Wiggins Le Col
40. Graham Briggs, Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK
41. Ed Clancy, Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK
42. Joe Holt, Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK
43. Adam Kenway, Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK
44. Chris Latham, Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK (Former winner)
45. Mikey Mottram, Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK
46. Ali Slater, Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK
47. Scott Thwaites, Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK
48. George Evans, ActiveEdge RT
49. Laurence Kirby, ActiveEdge RT
50. John Mulvey, ActiveEdge RT
51. Oliver Peckover, ActiveEdge RT
52. Jesse Yates, ActiveEdge RT
53. Jonathan Bridge, Crimson Orientation Marketing RT
54. Jonathan Fowles, Crimson Orientation Marketing RT
55. Elliot Harrison, Crimson Orientation Marketing RT
56. Tom Lowe, Crimson Orientation Marketing RT
57. Ryan Manders, Crimson Orientation Marketing RT
58. Jamie Ridehalgh, Crimson Orientation Marketing RT
59. Jake Womersley, Crimson Orientation Marketing RT
60. Joe Clark, Cycling Sheffield Giant
61. Tom Knight, Cycling Sheffield Giant
62. Daniel Pullen, Cycling Sheffield Giant
63. Charlie Renshaw, Cycling Sheffield Giant
64. Kieran Savage, Cycling Sheffield Giant
65. Louis Szymanski, Cycling Sheffield Giant
66. James Haydon, Leisure Lakes
67. Joseph Perkins, Leisure Lakes
68. William Perret, Leisure Lakes
69. Lewis Bulley, Richardsons Trek
70. Matthew Clements, Richardsons Trek
71. Peter Cocker, Richardsons Trek
72. Tobias Dahlhaus, Richardsons Trek
73. Rhys Howells, Richardsons Trek
74. James Jenkins, Richardsons Trek
75. Theo Modell, Richardsons Trek
76. Joseph Sutton, Richardsons Trek
77. Jake Alderman, Saint Piran
78. Joe Evans, Saint Piran
79. Will Harper, Saint Piran
80. Cameron Jeffers, Saint Piran
81. Steve Lampier, Saint Piran
82. Oliver Maxwell, Saint Piran
83. Matt Nowell, Saint Piran
84. Frzier Carr, Spirit Tifosi RT
85. George Clarke, Spirit Tifosi RT
86. Chris Dredge, Spirit Tifosi RT
87. Rupert Graham, Spirit Tifosi RT
88. Tom Mazzone, Spirit Tifosi RT
89. Leon Mazzone, Spirit Tifosi RT
90. Jordon Peacock, Spirit Tifosi RT
91. Charles Walker, Spirit Tifosi RT
92. Thomas Heal, Strada Sport
93. Charlie Wright, Strada Sport
94. Alexander Ashman, TBW23 Stuart Hall gett Taxi
95. Stanley Kennett, TBW23 Stuart Hall gett Taxi
96. Daniel Nieto, TBW23 Stuart Hall gett Taxi
97. Ryan Watkins, TBW23 Stuart Hall gett Taxi
98. Joseph West, TBW23 Stuart Hall gett Taxi
99. Eugene Cross, Team B38/Cycles in motion
100. Andrew Nichols, Team B38/Cycles in motion
101. Jude Taylor, Team B38/Cycles in motion
102. Jack Caldwell, Team Bioracer DHL FR Services
103. Dillion Corkery, Team Bioracer DHL FR Services
104. Aaron Doherty, Team Bioracer DHL FR Services
105. Breandan Flannagan, Team Bioracer DHL FR Services
106. Conor McCann, Team Bioracer DHL FR Services
107. Sean Moore, Team Bioracer DHL FR Services
108. Luke Smith, Team Bioracer DHL FR Services
109. Cian Sutcliff, Team Bioracer DHL FR Services
110. James Bently, Team PB Performance
111. James Chapman, Team PB Performance
112. Sion Harlow, Team PB Performance
113. James Hill, Team PB Performance
114. Josh Housley, Team PB Performance
115. Toby Jarvis, Team PB Performance
116. Bradley Symonds, Team PB Performance
117. Matthew Burke, Wales Racing Academy
118. Daniel Coombe, Wales Racing Academy
119. Peter Kibble, Wales Racing Academy
120. Oscar Mingay, Wales Racing Academy
121. Joshua Price, Wales Racing Academy
122. William Roberts, Wales Racing Academy
123. James Tillett, Wales Racing Academy
124. Samuel Tillett, Wales Racing Academy
125. Matthew Clarke, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
126. Finn Crockett, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
127. Harry Hardcastle, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
128. Grant Martin, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
129. Fraser Martin, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
130. William Orrell-Turner, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
131. Joe Reilly, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
132. Jack Stanton-Warren, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
133. David Bolland, Velo Schils-Interbike
134. Morris Bacon, DAP CC
135. Damien Clayton, Andy Moore Autocentres
136. Oliver Richardson, Twickenham CC
137. Adam Lewis, BEAT CC
138. Aaron Preston, Cleveland Wheelers
139. Russell Downing, Giordana Racing
140. Antony Richardson, Royal Air Force

141. Dean Watson, Andy Moore Autocentres
142. James Jobber,
143. Dave Tilling,
144. Lloyd Wise, Bikestrong KTM
145. Mark Jagger, Harrogate Nova CC
146. Guy Jones, Veloce racing
147. Adam Robertson, Bath Uni CC
148. Tom Mansfield, Bikestrong KTM
149. Matthias Barnet, Cycle Team Onform
150. Thomas Denwood, Harrogate Nova CC
151. Toby Tanfield, Cleveland Wheelers


1. Tom Pidcock
2. Tom Moses
3. Jonny McEvoy

1. Chris Latham
2. Enrique Sanz
3. Harry Tanfield

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