News: Brother UK Neutral Service

Tony Barry explains what Brother UK Neutral Service will be carrying in their cars at major events in 2019

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News: Brother UK Neutral Service

When the breakaways got clear on Sunday at the Klondike GP events, who should be at their side if they need help? The Brother UK neutral service cars of course and before the race, Tony Barry, handed me a leaflet with details of what the cars will be carrying in 2019.

The introduction of disc brakes and thru axels/QR skewers adds a significant number of permutations to the already complex task of supporting a peloton using different drive trains and pedal standards. Tony adds this year will be a transitional year for them due to the number of different equipment on bikes nowadays.

Below is a breakdown of the equipment that will be carried by both the Brother UK neutral service vehicles through-out the season. In the leaflet, Barry warns that because of the so many different options, that the cars may not be able to service some bikes using equipment beyond that specified in the list.

“The limitation on resources imposed by the capacity of the vehicles means that we can only carry a limited number of spare wheels supplied by teams. The decision to do so will remain entirely at the discretion of the Neutral Service support staff at any given race” says Tony.

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The primary objective at each event will be to support those teams and riders most likely to affect the outcome of a race. In most cases that is likely to mean the UCI Continental teams in the men’s peloton and the Elite teams in the women’s peloton. “We will of course always support riders from the lesser funded teams and those competing as private individuals where their position in the race seems to likely affect its outcome and where they are competing on bikes with equipment standards that comply with those below” explains Tony.

Tony finishes by saying “we thank the teams in advance for their understand of the challenges that Neutral Service face in managing such a complex situation during the 2019 season and assure you, where ever circumstances allow, we will remain ‘At Your Side’.”

Brother UK Neutral Service Support vehicles (2)
– 4 Shimano Ultegra mechanical 11 speed Dolan bikes (52, 54, 56, 58)
– 2 Front & Rear spare wheels sets Shimano 11 speed (11-25) (14-25 for Junior races)
– 2 Front & Rear spare wheel sets with Campagnolo 11 speed (11-25)
– 1 front disc brake wheel, 140mm rotor with QR skewer
– 1 front disc brake wheel, 140mm with thru axle (12 x 100mm)
– 1 rear 11 speed disc wheel, 160mm rotor with QR skewer
– 1 rear 11 speed disc wheel, 160mm rtotor with thru axel (12 by 142mm)
– 18v impact driver for thru axel removel and attachment

The cars will also have water filled bidons for riders during a race & numerous energy gels and bars as well



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