Result: Fakenham Crits

 Dougal Toms, Alex Dale, Jo Tindley and Thomas Wright winners at the Fakenham Easter Criteriums in Norfolk (April 21)

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Result: Fakenham Crits

1 Jo Tindley Campinense – Velo Performance 1st 01:33.2
2 Alicia Speake Team LDN 1st 01:33.8
3 Holly Hoy Cycle Team OnForm 2nd 01:29.3
4 Charlotte Berry Campinense – Velo Performance 2nd 01:31.7
5 Mathilde Pauls 1904 RT 1st 01:32.2
6 Anneleen Bosma Team LDN 1st 01:30.4
7 Francesca Cutts Team LDN 2nd 01:31.2
8 Francesca Hall DAP Cycling Club 2nd 01:34.6
9 Maxine Filby Datalynx Pareness 01:34.5
10 Victoria Lovett Liv Awol 2nd 01:34.1
11 Lauren Higham Liv Awol 2nd 01:33.9
12 Isabel Darvill Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling 2nd 01:35.6
13 Polly Mason DAP Cycling Club 2nd 01:36.6
14 Charlootte Redden Team Boompods 01:34.7
15 Jess Woodworth Cycle Team OnForm 01:37.3
16 Elizabeth Hughes Team LDN 1st 01:36.4
17 Sophie Holmes Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling 2nd 01:38.5
18 Sarah Walker Team Boompods 2nd 01:37.1
19 Iona Sewell Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling 01:37.1
20 Nicola Soden Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling 3rd 01:38.3
21 Sandra Mackay Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling 3rd 01:41.0
22 Kimberlee Charlton DAP Cycling Club 3rd 01:39.6
23 Cindy Berry DAP Cycling Club 2nd 01:37.7
24 Melissa Antoniou-Kourounioti 4th 01:45.9
25 Lucy Jay TPH Racing 4th 01:46.3
26 Katie Ward Peterborough CC 01:44.4
27 Matilda Gurney Spalding Cycling Club 3rd 01:40.3
28 Ellie-Mae Pledger Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd 01:47.0
29 Isabella Johnson Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling 3rd 01:49.6
30 Georgina Sutton Tri Harder 01:59.3
31 Mia Mawson Sleaford Whs 01:55.9
32 Molly Cutmore TPH Racing 3rd
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1 Dougal Toms University of Exeter Cycling Club
2 Jake Hales Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
3 Matt Holmes Arctic Tacx RT
4 Kieran Jarvis Cycle Team OnForm
5 George Thompson Sleaford Whls CC
6 Charlie Wright Strada-Sport
7 Chris Martin RMNC
8 Mark Richards DAP Cycling Club
9 Gareth Turner VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
10 Dale Johnston Velo Schills
11 Joshua Wallis Spalding Cycling Club
12 Tim Shoreman Bio Race Moriaty Bikes
13 Freddie Checketts Kibosh
14 Cameron Richardson Bioracer- Moriarty Bikes
15 Michael Parry GPN builders-Rock and Road Bikes
16 Andy Shackel Team Wiggle
17 Sean Purser St Ives CC
18 Kyle Gordon RT 23
19 Timothy Torrie Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK
20 Richmond Rogers Arctic Tacx RT
21 Tiago Fougo Strada-Sport
22 Roland Kiraly Velo-One Cycling Team
23 Ross Hallard Rapha Cycling Club
24 Andrew Taylor DAP Cycling Club
25 Harley Matthews DAP Cycling Club
26 Samuel Asker Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
27 Joseph Kaye Videre Race Team
28 Benjamin Shucksmith Ellmore Factory Racing
29 Cameron Oliver Glasgow Cycle Team
30 Jake Jackson Ellmore Factory Racing
31 Ieuan Woods Cycle Team OnForm
32 Tom Wright Cycle Team OnForm
33 Matt Elworthy Velo-One Cycling Team
34 Connor Rumbles Strada-Sport
35 Jamie O’Connor Cycling Performance Squad

Cat 3/4
1 Thomas Wright Cycle Team OnForm 3rd
2 Shaun Brennan Rats Cycling Team 3rd
3 Darren Rutterford Iceni Velo 3rd
4 Stephen Clark Orwell Velo 3rd
5 Richard Lister VC Lincoln 3rd
6 Leigh Matthews Rats Cycling Team 3rd
7 David Hird Halesowen A & CC 3rd
8 Philip Large Iceni Velo 3rd
9 Adam Ellis Spalding Cycling Club 3rd
10 Adam Chamberlin TPH Racing 3rd
11 Frazer Wallis Spalding Cycling Club 3rd
12 Dexter Mansel-Thomas Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
13 George Hackney PainTrain Lincoln 3rd
14 Rob Howard Amicus 13 3rd
15 Stephen Campbell Videre Race Team 3rd
16 John O’Neill North Norfolk Wheelers CC 3rd
17 Matthew Denny West Suffolk Wheelers 3rd
18 Thomas Smith Velo Schils – Interbike RT 3rd
19 Carl Jackson Ellmore Factory Racing 3rd
20 Andy Molloy 3rd
21 Gavin Barron Tri Harder 3rd
22 Rob Kitchen East Coast Riders 3rd
23 Gary Pearce Iceni Velo 4th
24 Graham Denny Rapha Cycling Club 3rd
25 Ivan Carr Kings Lynn CC 3rd
26 Mike Padfield North Norfolk Wheelers CC 3rd
27 Thomas Burgess Velo Schils – Interbike RT 4th
28 Peter Farrell East Coast Riders 4th
29 Stephen Grant Velo Club Baracchi 3rd
30 Chris Springall Strada-Sport 3rd
31 Ben Johnson East Coast Riders
32 Andrew Skiggs Tri Harder 4th
33 Joshua Sykes Strada-Sport 3rd
34 David Webster Kings Lynn CC 3rd
35 Kevin Hickman API-Metrow/Bodyby JR 3rd
36 Chris Bower Videre Race Team 4th
37 Ben Walker Tri Harder
38 Bradley Dawson Rats Cycling Team 3rd
39 Billy Jarish Rose Race Team 3rd
40 Thomas Stegeman Fenland Clarion CC 3rd
41 Paul Furness Tri Harder
42 Angus Toms Iceni Velo 3rd
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A Boys
1 Alex Dale Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club A
2 Owen Lightfoot Bourne Whls CC A
3 Charlie Johnson Fast Test Racing Team A
4 Bryn Richards Bourne Whls CC A
5 Callum Laborde Iceni Velo A
6 Oscar Woodward West Suffolk Whs A
7 Joseph Smith Iceni Velo A
8 Callum Biggs Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club A
9 Samuel Jarrett Fenland Clarion CC A
10 Callum Steadman Tri-Harder A
11 Damian Dodd Barking & Dagenham CC A
12 Callum Molloy
13 Jack Charlton-Hunt Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club A
14 Max Avery Colchester Rovers CC A
15 Eddie Vann Liv Awol A
16 Jake Evans CC Hackney A
17 Joshua Peck Velo Club Baracchi A
18 Alex Cooper West Suffolk Wheelers A

B Boys
1 Adam Lea Team MK B
2 Samuel Leslie Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club B
3 Harley Gregory West Suffolk Wheelers B
4 Marcel Moore Iceni Velo B
5 John Appleby API-Metrow/Bodyby JR B
6 Alex Cutmore TPH Racing B
7 Michael Carter Rockingham Forest Whls B

A Girls
1 Bethany Barnett Liv Awol AG
2 Eleanor Peel Bourne Whls CC AG

B Girls
1 Florence Barnett Kings Lynn CC BG
2 Skye Willis Panagua CC BG
3 Mia Rutterford Iceni Velo
4 Jessica Woolas Sleaford Whs AG


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