Result: RBL Race Series Event 1

Otto Rutter and Adam Strudwick winners at week 1 of the RBL Race Series at Milton Keynes Bowl on April 17

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Result: RBL Race Series Event 1

4th Cat only
1 Otto Rutter
2 Ian Brown NFTO Race Club
3 Tom Wieckowski
4 Kyle Houston
5 Joe Brinsdon Dulwich Paragon CC
6 Tom Johnson
7 Simon King Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
8 Peter Gregg Team Milton Keynes
9 Colin Buttery Royal Air Force CA
10 Simon Collins Vector Cycling Race Team
11 Lennox Saint Army Cycling Union
12 Simon Hanrahan
13 Adam Morris Royal Air Force CA
14 James Martin Royal Air Force CA
15 Scott Worthing Royal Air Force CA
16 Paul Savage
17 Richard Dowds Ely Race Club
18 Ian Swinscoe Royal Air Force CA
19 Thomas Wilson
20 Shane Hedges Vector Cycling Race Team
21 Martin Patmore VéloElite RC
22 Vito Reale Royal Air Force CA
23 Edward Birdsall University Of Manchester CC
24 James Garrett Mickey Cranks CC
25 Ross Bristow Royal Air Force CA
26 Gary Riley Royal Air Force CA
27 Barry Duplock Vector Cycling Race Team

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Cat 2/3/4
1 Adam Strudwick GPN builders-Rock and Road Bik…
2 Steve Young Royal Air Force CA
3 Clay Davies GPN builders-Rock and Road Bik…
4 Kieron Lewis Team Milton Keynes
5 Kieran Jarvis Cycle Team OnForm
6 James Lloyd Oxonian CC
7 Simon Robinson Fietsen Tempo
8 Elliot Haigh Loughborough Students CC
9 Max Sillifant Team PB Performance
10 Ross Mallen Royal Air Force CA
11 Jack Webb Army Cycling Union
12 Fergus Jones ZeroBC
13 Max Hale Team Milton Keynes
14 Matthew Barnard University Of Manchester CC
15 Jack Pinchin QN Racing
16 Richard Meadows Royal Air Force CA
17 Joshua Avery Team Vision Innovative Leisure
18 Michael Wood Royal Air Force CA
19 Jonathan Gates Royal Air Force CA
20 James Beechey Shutt Ridley RT
21 Nick Barber Royal Air Force CA
22 Conrad Holland Verulam –
23 Gary Price Morvelo Basso
24 James Foggensteiner University Of Manchester CC
25 James Mason Dynamic Rides CC
26 Darryl Thomas Dynamic Rides CC
27 James Harvey Lincoln Wheelers CC
28 David Smith Hoops Velo
29 Julian Frankland Velo Club Montpellier
30 John Hunt Beacon Roads CC
31 Peter Fuller
32 Robert Wood Broughton Cycling Group
33 Duncan Walkey Royal Air Force CA
34 James Silk
35 Daniel Sampson Vector Cycling Race Team
36 David Tuttle VéloElite RC
37 Kyle Bateman Vector Cycling Race Team
38 Stuart Craik Wheelsuckers
39 Andy Gray Royal Air Force CA
40 Chris Reeson Royal Air Force CA
41 Ian Lee Royal Air Force CA
42 Roman Piotrowski Wolfe RT
43 Lewis Muncaster Team Milton Keynes
44 Peter Gregg Team Milton Keynes
45 Sam Yates Strada-Sport
46 Sean Meager GPN builders-Rock and Road Bik…
47 James Redler
48 Thomas King Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
49 Matt Watson GPN builders-Rock and Road Bik…
50 Martin Pearson Royal Air Force CA
51 Rob Howard Amicus 13



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