Result: Litherland Circuit League 3

Chris Fannan and Jack Crook winners at week 3 of the Litherland Circuit League in Liverpool on Wednesday (April 24)

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Result: Litherland Circuit League 3

1 Jack Crook L’pool Mercury (Dolan) C.C. 44m. 50s.
2 Declan Hudson Liverpool Century Road Club @ 6 Secs.
3 Conror McKinnon Southport Cycling Club @ 1m.20s.
4 John MacKellar Team Chronomaster st
5 Paul Wilkinson North Cheshire Clarion @ 1 Lap
6 Thomas Ashcroft Bott Cycle Team Same
7 Chris Fallon Kuota – GSG Same
8 Jim Adamson Ilkley Cycling Club Same
9 Daniel Yates Innovation Racing Same
10 Robert Shirley Harry Middleton Cycling Club Same
11 Thomas Stewart L’pool Century Cycling Academy Same
12 Thomas Hanlon Team Chronomaster Same
13 Kieran Wynn-Cattanach Team B38/Cycles in Motion Same
14 David Clarke Velo Schils – Interbike RT Same
15 David Cuthill North Wirral Velo Same
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1 Chris Fannan Liverpool Century Road Club 25m. 53s.
2 Mark Black Sportcity Velo @ 13 Secs.
3 Dean Drinkwater CC London @ 1m 10s.
4 William Wood Harry Middleton Cycling Club @ 1 Lap
5 Nicholas Lloyd Harry Middleton Cycling Club Same
6 Liam Jaques Army Cycling Union Same
7 Terry Bolland Harry Middleton Cycling Club Same

1 Jo Ryding Team JRC 2nd. 25m.58s.
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Youth A – Boys Distance: 12 Laps
1 Daniel Yates Innovation Racing 18m. 53s.
2 Max Jones Birkenhead North End C.C. @ 1m. 00s.
3 Tyr Bujac Birkenhead North End C.C. st
4 Jack Hughes Chorley Cycling Club @ 1m. 03s.
5 Sam Slough North Cheshire Clarion @ 1m.15s.
6 Adam Dillon Southport Cycling Club @ 1m.17s.

Youth A – Girls Distance: 12 Laps
1 Niamha Albones L’pool Century Cycling Academy 19m. 06s.
2 Issy McKinnon North West Cycle Coaching st

Youth B – Boys Distance: 12 Laps
1 Joseph Cosgrove PH-MAS/Paul Milnes Cycles 19m. 38s.
2 Sebastian Grindley North Cheshire Clarion st
3 Raphael John Tabiner North Cheshire Clarion @ 5 secs.
4 John White North Cheshire Clarion @ 1m. 08s.
5 Harry Roberts Liverpool Century Road Club @ 1 Lap
6 James Clinton L’pool Braveheart Bicycle Club Same

Youth B – Girls Distance: 12 Laps
1 Jamie Leigh Lloyd L’pool Braveheart Bicycle Club 20m. 54s.
2 Natasha Hill North Cheshire Clarion @ 37 Secs.
3 Evelyn Field L’pool Century Cycling Academy @:1m. 05s.

Youth C – Boys Distance: 11 Laps
1 Albie Jones North Cheshire Clarion 20m. 05s.
2 Daniel Cosgrove L’pool Century Cycling Academy st
3 Tom Morrissey North Cheshire Clarion @ 1m. 13s.
4 Matthew Hill North Cheshire Clarion @:1 Lap
5 Tom Murphy L’pool Mercury (Dolan) C.C. Same
6 Freddie Wood Harry Middleton Cycling Club @ 2 Laps
7 Daniel Johnson North Cheshire Clarion @ 3 Laps

Youth C – Girls Distance: 11 Laps
1 Megan Lloyd Harry Middleton Cycling Cluub 20m. 04s.
2 Gabby Scott North Cheshire Clarion @ 51 Secs.

Youth D – Boys (Short Circuit) 5 Laps:
1 Edward Black Eastlands Velo 4m. 38s.

Youth D – Girls (Short Circuit) 5 Laps:
1 Melissa Moscrop Southport Cycling Club 5m. 31s

Youth E – Boys (Short Circuit) 4 Laps
1 Frank White North Cheshire Clarion 4m. 29s.

Youth E – Girls (Short Circuit) 4 Laps
1 Betty Jones North Cheshire Clarion 5m. 22s.
2 Zoe Scott North Cheshire Clarion @ 13 Secs.


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