Result: Bickerstaffe Road Races

Sarah Hardy and Phillip Jones winners at the Southport Cycling Club’s Bickerstaffe Road Races on Sunday, April 27 (Saturday)

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Result: Bickerstaffe Road Races

1 Phillip Jones Transition R.T 1hr. 27m.48s.
2 Andrew Martin Tactic Sport @ 09 Secs.
3 Brian Rigby Harry Middleton C.C. st.
4 Anthony Greenhalgh Team Chronomaster @ 11 Secs.
5 Joseph Dobson Man. Byc.Club st.
6 Keith Melvin Rock to Roll C.C. @ 14 Secs
7 Tim Worthington Horwich C.C. st.
8 Adam Rowlandson Bella In Sella C.C. @ 31 Secs.
9 Frazer Morley BC Private Member @ 50 Secs.
10 Paul Gibson Warrington R.C. st.
11 James Duffy Bury Clarion C.C. st.
12 Matthew Buckley Team Chronomaster st.
13 Michael Wilson Better Cycling st.
14 Alex Dobrowolski Harry Middleton C.C. Jnr. st.
15 Martin Bailey Southport C.C. st.
16 Ben Sharratt St Helens C.R.C. st.
17 Graham Carrick Barrow Central Whs. st.
18 Gregory Carr Macclesfield Wheelers @ 1 Lap
19 Thomas McRoyall North Cheshire Clarion Same
20 Daniel Gooding Cheshire Mav. C.C. @ 2 Laps

9 to go 33 Brian Rigby Harry Middleton C.C.
6 to go 33 Brian Rigby Harry Middleton C.C.
3 to go 46 Keith Melvin Rock to Roll C.C.

First Junior: Alex Dobrowolski, Harry Middleton C.C. Jnr.
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1 Sarah Hardy BC Private Member 1hr. 39m. 59s.
2 Amy Gornall Racing Chance Foundation @ 22 Secs.
3 Jo Ryding Team JRC st
4 Flora Knight Team 22 Jnr 28 Secs.
5 Harriet Gilson BC Private Member 33 Secs.
6 Daisy Barnes Racing Chance Foundation st
7 Rachael Brown Pro Vision R.T. st
8 Rebecca Gregson Racing Chance Foundation @ 1m. 21s.
9 Holly Waymark Team Jadan Weldtite st
10 Sandra Mackay Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling st
11 Kate Taylor Racing Chance Foundation Jnr st
12 Haddi Conant Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling st
13 Amy Whelan Barrow Central Wheelers st
14 Nicola Soden Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling @ 1 Lap
15 Iona Sewell Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling Same

9 to go 141 Sarah Hardy BC Private Member
6 to go 122 Nicola Soden Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling
3 to go 141 Sarah Hardy BC Private Member

First Junior
128 Flora Knight Team 22



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