Result: Mallory Park Youth League

Libby Bell, Joshua Brown, Finley Bass, Max Hinds and Oliver Stenhouse winners at the Mallory Park Youth League on Tuesday, April 30

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Result: Mallory Park Youth League

U16 Boys
1 Joshua Brown Kettering CC
2 Jack Pearson Beeston Cycling Club
3 Callum Twelves The MI Racing Academy
4 Jamie Kennerson The MI Racing Academy
5 Rory Knowles The MI Racing Academy
6 Fred Shenton-McQueen Beeston Cycling Club
7 Matthew Malone RST/Cycle Division Racing Team
8 Edward Hopkins The MI Racing Academy
9 Lewis Holmes Matlock CC
10 Harrison Tacey Leicestershire Road Club
11 Alex Galpin Bourne Whls CC
12 Dan Galpin Bourne Whls CC
13 Michael Newall Cycle Derby CC
14 Finlay Preece Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
15 Finlay Holland Beeston Cycling Club
16 Solomon Okrafo-Smart
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U16 Girls
1 Annabel Ramsay Leicester Forest CC

U14 Boys
1 Finley Bass The MI Racing Academy
2 Adam Lea Team Milton Keynes
3 George Amor-Hughes Derby Mercury RC
4 Ryan Williams Peak Rides C.C
5 Zak Machin Mercia CC – Lloyds Cycles
6 Spencer Corder ROTOR Race Team
7 Joshua Williams Matlock CC
8 Joshua Jackson The MI Racing Academy
9 Matthew Jordan Stratford CC
10 Callum Jones Cycle Derby CC
11 Henry Barker-Pine Matlock CC
12 Noah Inman Lichfield City CC
13 Matthew Calvert Matlock CC

U14 Girls
1 Libby Bell Leicester Forest CC
2 Lotty Dawson Team Milton Keynes
3 Bethany-Ann Jackson Leicester Forest CC
4 Caitlin Harvey RST/Cycle Division Racing Team
5 Niamh Williams
6 Mia Hopkins Welland Valley CC
7 Jessica Lea Team Milton Keynes
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U12 Boys
1 Max Hinds Wyre Forest CRC
2 Luke Jones Welland Valley CC
3 Matthew Kent VC Lincoln
4 George Cooper Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme
5 Jude Du Toit Newark Castle CC
6 Harrison Morroll Cycle Derby CC
7 Juri Reidenbach Leicester Forest CC
8 Charles Hoyle Newark Castle CC
9 Rocco Schumacher Schumacher Cycling Team
10 Leo Bass The MI Racing Academy
11 Hudson Hendry Kettering CC
12 Drew Ottewell Cycle Derby CC
13 Daniel Ward Mercia CC – Lloyds Cycles
14 Jamie Kershaw Welland Valley CC
15 Daniel Lea Team Milton Keynes
16 Samuel Murcott Newark Castle CC
17 William Carvell

U12 Girls
1 Megan Cherry Leicester Forest CC
2 Ruby Summer Osborne Leicester Forest CC
3 Gemma Newall Cycle Derby CC

U10 Boys
1 Oliver Stenhouse Charnwood Cycling Club
2 Jet Du Toit Newark Castle CC
3 Corin Bradley Lichfield City CC
4 Jake Bird Kettering CC
5 Eddie Fox Leicester Forest CC
6 Louis Inman Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
7 Andrew Deathridge Welland Valley CC
8 Joshua Jones Leicester Forest CC
9 Beau Smith

U10 Girls
1 Eva-Joan Leavis Leicester Forest CC
2 Roxanne Schumacher Schumacher Cycling Team


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