Result: Mallory Park Youth League

Jamie Kennerson, Adam Lea and Max Hinds winners at the Mallory Park Youth League on Tuesday

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Result: Mallory Park Youth League

U16 Boys
1 Jamie Kennerson The MI Racing Academy
2 Jack Pearson Beeston Cycling Club
3 Edward Hopkins The MI Racing Academy
4 Alex Galpin Bourne Whls CC
5 Michael Newall Cycle Derby CC
6 Finlay Preece Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
7 Rory Knowles The MI Racing Academy
8 Callum Twelves The MI Racing Academy
9 Lewis Holmes Matlock CC
10 Daniel Armstrong Leicester Forest CC
11 Jonathan Masters Stratford CC
12 Dan Galpin Bourne Whls CC
13 Finlay Holland Beeston Cycling Club

U16 Girls
1 Annabel Ramsay Leicester Forest CC
2 Alice Orgill Cycle Derby CC

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U14 Boys
1 Adam Lea Team Milton Keynes
2 Ryan Williams Peak Rides C.C
3 Zak Machin Mercia CC – Lloyds Cycles
4 Joshua Jackson The MI Racing Academy
5 George Amor-Hughes Derby Mercury RC
6 Joshua Williams Matlock CC
7 Finley Bass The MI Racing Academy
8 Spencer Corder ROTOR Race Team
9 Matthew Jordan Stratford CC
10 Ben Woodhouse Solihull CC
11 Henry Barker-Pine Matlock CC
12 Alexander Burden Stratford CC
13 Matthew Calvert Matlock CC
14 Joshua Darlow Stratford CC

U14 Girls
1 Libby Bell Leicester Forest CC
2 Lotty Dawson Team Milton Keynes
3 Bethany-Ann Jackson Leicester Forest CC
4 Mia Hopkins Welland Valley CC
5 Jessica Lea Team Milton Keynes

U12 Boys
1 Max Hinds Wyre Forest CRC
2 Hudson Hendry Kettering CC
3 Matthew Kent VC Lincoln
4 Luke Jones Welland Valley CC
5 Jude Du Toit Newark Castle CC
6 Charles Hoyle Newark Castle CC
7 Juri Reidenbach Leicester Forest CC
8 Rocco Schumacher Schumacher Cycling Team
9 Dillon Preece Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
10 Thomas Gaul
11 Samuel Murcott Newark Castle CC
12 Jamie Kershaw Welland Valley CC
13 Daniel Lea Team Milton Keynes
14 William Carvell

U12 Girls
1 Megan Cherry Leicester Forest CC
2 Edie Bott Cycle Derby CC
3 Ruby Summer Osborne Leicester Forest CC
4 Gemma Newall Cycle Derby CC

U10 Boys
1 Corin Bradley Lichfield City CC
2 Oliver Stenhouse Charnwood Cycling Club
3 Jet Du Toit Newark Castle CC
4 Toby Gaul
5 Jake Bird Kettering CC
6 Eddie Fox Leicester Forest CC
7 Barnaby Smith Beeston RC
8 Andrew Deathridge Welland Valley CC
9 Felix Jarvis 4 Life Triathlon Club
10 Joshua Jones Leicester Forest CC

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U10 Girls
1 Eva-Joan Leavis Leicester Forest CC
2 Roxanne Schumacher Schumacher Cycling Team

U8 Boys
1 Harry Donald Leicester Forest CC
2 Jacob Smith Welland Valley CC
3 Charlie Gaul
4 Toby Leavis Leicester Forest CC
5 Thomas Kent VC Lincoln
6 William Hoyle Newark Castle CC
7 Sidney Hibble Leicester Forest CC
8 Oliver Gadsby Leicester Forest CC

U8 Girls
1 Harriet Hughes Leicester Forest CC
2 Lilly Gadsby Leicester Forest CC


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