Result: Odd Down Men’s Summer Series 2

James Phillips and Hugh Gorton winners at round 2 of the Odd Down Men’s Summer Series on Tuesday, May 14 in Bath

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Result: Odd Down Men’s Summer Series 2

Cat 2/3
1 James Phillips BIKESTRONG-KTM
2 Daniel Martin University of Bath Cycling Clu…
3 Tom Sharp Bristol RC
4 Jared Linden Royal Dean Forest CC
5 Giles Greening Tri UK
6 Jacques Coates Cycle Team OnForm
7 Conor McGoldrick University of Bath Cycling Clu…
8 Adam Robertson University of Bath Cycling Clu…
9 Adrian Lawson Nopinz Symec Race Team
10 Nathan Hallett Nopinz Symec Race Team
11 Matthew Pandagani-Sayce Bristol Cycling Development Sq…
12 William Jewitt Avid Sport
13 Charlie Shields Zappi Racing Team
14 James Brooks University of Bath Cycling Clu…
15 Jamie Atkins 73Degrees CC
16 Alex Faux Team Tor 2000 KALAS
17 Robert Pears Bath Cycling Club
18 Daniel Carr Salt & Sham Cycle Club
19 Jeff Lawrence Salt & Sham Cycle Club
20 Edward Jackson Islington Cycling Club
21 Spencer Hardman Salt & Sham Cycle Club
22 John Russell Bristol RC
24 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club
25 Joshua Porter Portishead Cycling Club
26 Nick Livermore Bristol South CC
27 Euan Taylor Giant Cycling Club – Halo Film…
28 Oliver Beresford Velo Club Venta
29 Anthony Clark Salt & Sham Cycle Club
30 David Stoyle Bath Cycling Club
31 Nicholas Anderson Salt & Sham Cycle Club
32 Nick Ball Team Tor 2000 KALAS
33 Charlie Lacaille University of Bristol CC
34 Christopher Hill Bristol RC
35 Matthew Dale Velo Club Bristol
36 Ryan Edge
37 Edward Trevor-Jones

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4th Cat only
1 Hugh Gorton Bath Cycling Club
2 Harry Woodman Rogue Racing
3 Tristan Stevens Cotswold Veldrijden
4 Will Duffy
5 Ed Pitt Webbs 1902 Cycling Club
6 Timothy Bodey University of Bristol CC
7 Hamish Paine
8 Matthew Clayton University of Bath Cycling Clu…
9 Ricky Goldswain Bristol RC
10 Andrew Bain
11 Bradley Springham University of Bath Cycling Clu…
12 Daniel Waterston Army Cycling Union
13 Chris Bowie-Hill Bristol RC
14 Tom Curling
15 Justin Price
16 Roger Chamberlain VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propu…
17 Alastair Hardie DAS RAD KLUB
18 Neil Cousins
19 Will Thomas
20 Christopher Driscoll Bristol RC
21 Thomas Olver
22 Tom Wozeziods
23 Alec Johnson Westbury Wheelers



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