Result: Bike-Pace 50m TT

Andy Jackson fastest in the Bike-Pace 50 mile time trial at Abergavenny on May 18 in Wales; Vicky Jowett fastest woman

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Result: Bike-Pace 50m TT

1 Andy Jackson AeroCoach 01:39:33 Male Vet
2 Stuart Travis Team Bottrill 01:40:26 Male Senior
3 Christopher Gibbard Bynea Cycling Club 01:41:21 Male Senior
4 Anthony Jones Towy Riders Cycle Club 01:45:18 Male Vet
5 David Francis Tribe of one (FTV) 01:50:11 Male Vet
6 Paul Guest Worcester St. Johns CC 01:52:21 Male Vet
7 Christopher Holman Team Bottrill 01:52:58 Male Senior
8 James Elgar N.E.W.T Newport and East Wales Triathlon Club 01:53:18 Male Senior
9 David Medhurst Cardiff Ajax CC 01:53:24 Male Senior
10 Luke Smith Bristol South Cycling Club 01:54:20 Male Vet
11 Steve Burrows Vive Le Velo 01:54:22 Male Vet
12 Mark Sanders Mid Devon CC 01:54:34 Male Vet
13 Dan Farmer N.E.W.T Newport and East Wales Triathlon Club 01:56:40 Male Senior
14 Colin Wallace Merthyr CC 01:57:02 Male Vet
15 Daniel Wyatt Hereford & Dist Whs CC 01:57:07 Male Vet
15 Steve Bray Salt and Sham Cycle Club 01:57:07 Male Vet
17 Vicky Jowett Plymouth Corinthian CC 01:57:50 Female Senior
18 Daniel Kempe Bristol South Cycling Club 01:57:55 Male Vet
19 Mike Griffiths N.E.W.T Newport and East Wales Triathlon Club 01:58:44 Male Senior
19 Chris Scawn Plymouth Corinthian CC 01:58:44 Male Vet
21 Allan Hodgson Newport Phoenix CC 01:59:06 Male Vet
22 Andy Kelly Bristol South Cycling Club 02:01:47 Male Vet
23 Marianne Holt Team Bottrill 02:01:55 Female Senior
24 John French Oxford City RC 02:02:56 Male Vet
25 Christopher Halls Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 02:03:54 Male Senior
26 Nick Burton Newark Castle C C 02:04:25 Male Vet
27 Cliff Voller Newbury RC 02:05:20 Male Vet
28 Gerry Mcgarr Gloucester City Cycling Club 02:07:11 Male Vet
29 Vikki Sivertsen Malvern Triathlon Club 02:08:49 Female Vet
30 Joanna Knight Bristol South Cycling Club 02:13:00 Female Vet
31 Emma Wyatt Hereford Triathlon Club 02:14:18 Female Vet
32 Vicky Jones Merthyr CC 02:16:32 Female Vet
33 Nichola Rorke Exeter Whs CC 02:21:49 Female Vet
34 Sandra Burrows Vive Le Velo 02:22:44 Female Vet
35 Michael Williams Hereford & Dist Whs CC 02:38:04 Male Vet
36 John Howells Corinium Cycle Club 02:40:18 Male Vet

Road Bike
1 Kelwyn Rogers Male Vet Plymouth Corinthian CC 2:03:32

Junior Road Bike
1 Thomas Harrington Male Junior Abergavenny RC 2:04:48



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