Result: Salt Ayre Tuesday Series 6

Tobias Dalhaus and Pedro Clem winners at week 6 of the Salt Ayre Tuesday Series on May 21

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Result: Salt Ayre Tuesday Series 6

Cat E/1/2/3
1 Tobias Dalhaus                     Richardson Trek RC
2 James Noonan                      Hoppers Rollers
3 Chris Booth                           3C
4 David Huck                            Barrow Central Wheelers
5 Andy Markham                     Lune RCC
6 Richard Butler                       Kendal CC
7 Chris Thomas                         Better Cycling
8 Daniel Pullen                         Cycling Sheffield
9 Sam Lashley                           Wheelbase Castelli
10 Adam Rowlandson                Bella in Sella
11 Leon Barnes                            Wheelbase Castelli
12 John Agnew                            Lune RCC
13 Joseph Richards                     Lakes RC
14 George Wharton                   Kent Valley RC
15 Flora Knight                            Team 22

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Cat 3/4
1 Pedro Clem                             Green Jersey RT
2 Sam Carr                                  Barrow CW
3 Joseph Richards                      Lakes RC
4 Joe Boothroyd                         Kendal CC
5 Chris Vaughan                         Hoppers Rollers
6 Paulo Brucciani                       Lune RCC
7 Graham Carrick                       Barrow CW
8 Rob Baggot                               Warrington
9 Simon Mumford                      Lune RCC
10 Ryan Bull                                   Honister 92
11 Henry Moss                               Barrow CW
12 Neil Armstrong                          Garstang CC
13 Tom Palmer                               Lune RCC
14 Oliver Johnson                           Fit Pro
15 Ian Rutherford                           The Edge
16 Simon Mullholland                    Hoppers Rollers
17 Jason Reynolds                          Lune RCC
18 Rob Ford                                     Lune RCC
19 Lee Skelton                                 Kendal CC
20 Gemma Sargent                         Team Jaden Weldtite
21 Paul Howie                                  Kendal CC
22 Adrian Dalgliesh                         Lune RCC
23 Tyla Loftus                                   Wheelbase Castelli
24 Adam Rowlanson                        Bella in Sella
25 John Agnew                                 Lune RCC



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