Result: Tour Series Aberdeen Support Races

Kevin Barclay, Anna Fairweather and Arabella Blackburn among the winners at the Tour Series Aberdeen Support Races on Thursday, May 16

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Result: Tour Series Aberdeen Support Races

1 Kevin Barclay Spokes Racing Team
2 Martin Lonie Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT
3 Daniel Kain Squadra Scozzese
4 Alistair Merry Dundee Thistle RC
5 Lewis Whitcombe BIKESTRONG-KTM
6 Robin Atkinson Shetland Wheelers
7 Graeme Hart Hart’s Cyclery
8 Michael Gordon Aberdeen Wheelers Cycling Club
9 Alistair Cameron Stonehaven Cycling Club
10 Marc Roberts Elgin CC
11 Chris Main
12 Donald MacRury Moray Firth Cycling Club
13 Dominic Cordner Deeside Thistle CC
14 Mark Walker Deeside Thistle CC
15 Brian Duncan Sparta Breda
16 Ross Webster Westhill Bike Club
17 Jed Scott Moray Firth Cycling Club
18 Ross Birrell Edinburgh RC
19 Andrew Ennis Deeside Thistle CC
20 Jonathan Hunter Sparta Breda
21 Alan Smith Ythan CC
22 Kyle McIntosh
23 Chris Williamson Velocita Coaching Race Team
24 Craig Mcculloch
25 Garry Russell Royal Air Force CA
26 Craig Breetzke Elgin CC
27 David Stewart Deeside Thistle CC
28 Greg Quinn Deeside Thistle CC
29 Kyle Mowbray Pedal Power Inverurie
30 Tim Mackley Velocita Coaching Race Team


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1 Anna Fairweather RT 23
2 Ingrid Kidd Angus Bike Chain
3 Catherine Gourlay
4 Lucy Ritchie Ecosse Northboats
5 Emma Smith Deeside Thistle CC
6 Anna Anderson Glasgow Nightingale CC
7 Jackie Donald Elgin CC
8 Kathleen Thomson Ythan CC
9 Nichola Bramma Holburn Cycles
10 Jennifer Noble Ythan CC
11 Vicki Woodburn Montvelo CC
12 Carol Middleton Ythan CC
13 Laura Macdonald Scottish MTB Leaders Associati…
14 Ailsa Munro
15 Natalie Taylor Aberdeen Wheelers Cycling Club
16 Allison Mckenzie
17 Petra Glennie Deeside Thistle CC
18 Emily Parsons
19 Claire Murphy Ythan CC
20 Laura McPherson Ythan CC
21 Kathleen Cable Ythan CC
22 Aneeka Anderson
23 Terri Reid Ythan CC
24 Megan Stronach Ythan CC
25 Emily Utter
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U16 Boys
1 Fraser Gault Aberdeen Wheelers Cycling Club
2 Alexander Macleod
3 Callum Reid Squadra Scozzese
4 Daniel Kain Squadra Scozzese
5 Ross Birrell Edinburgh RC
6 Calum Smith Deeside Thistle CC
7 Jamie Liversidge Deeside Thistle CC

U16 Girls
1 Erin Murphy Deeside Thistle CC
2 Isla Long Deeside Thistle CC
3 Isabella Thomson Deeside Thistle CC

U14 Boys
1 Isaac Small Deeside Thistle CC
2 Archie Marshall Dawson Deeside Thistle CC
3 Reubens Thomson Grampian Tigers
4 Rhys Edwards Edinburgh RC
5 Callum McGillivray Deeside Thistle CC
6 Gavin Gronkowski Ythan CC
7 Robert Smart Ythan CC
8 Willis mair
9 Gregor Murphy Deeside Thistle CC

U14 Girls
1 Evie White Deeside Thistle CC
2 Millie Thomson Deeside Thistle CC
3 Ailsa Long Deeside Thistle CC
4 Molly Evans Deeside Thistle CC
5 Ella Brooks Deeside Thistle CC

1 Arabella Blackburn Deeside Thistle CC
2 Israel Noble
3 Ross Eastaugh Grampian Tigers
4 Aaron Considine Deeside Thistle CC
5 Anna Birrell Edinburgh RC
6 Matthew Smith Ythan CC
7 Thea Aitken Deeside Thistle CC
8 Maisie Cameron
9 Euan Murphy Ythan CC
10 Andrew Ingram Ythan CC
11 Murdo Evans Deeside Thistle CC
12 Heidi Thomson Grampian Tigers
13 Oliver Bain
14 Jonathan Whittle Grampian Tigers
15 Christopher Irvine Grampian Tigers
16 Jack Wilson Ecosse Northboats
17 Calum Varacavoudin Grampian Tigers
18 Arran Keenon Grampian Tigers
19 Fraser Campbell Grampian Tigers

1 Micah Myles
2 Innes Long Deeside Thistle CC
3 Jessica Booth Deeside Thistle CC
4 Sebastian Blackburn Deeside Thistle CC
5 Zara Main Deeside Thistle CC
6 Hamish McGillivray Deeside Thistle CC
7 Finlay Hanton Ecosse Northboats
8 Matilda Hendry Deeside Thistle CC
9 Josh Sharp Ecosse Northboats
10 Griff Aitken Deeside Thistle CC
11 Eilidh Gronkowski Mukyriderz Cycling Club
12 Rory Keenon Grampian Tigers
13 Katy Tweedie Ecosse Northboats
14 Gabriel Noble Andover BMX Club
15 Eden Thomson Deeside Thistle CC
16 Libby Tweedie Ecosse Northboats
17 Emma Campbell Ecosse Northboats
18 Calum Campbell Ecosse Northboats
19 Alec Wallace


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