Report: Brooks Cycles Track League

Light rain fails to stop the Brooks Cycles Track League at the Lyme Valley Velodrome (Newcastle Under Lyme) on June 20

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Report: Brooks Cycles Track League

After losing last weeks track league to the rain it looked like we were going to lose two on the trot as it started to rain while the Freewheelers racing was taking place at the Brooks Cycles Track League at the Lyme Valley Velodrome , Newcastle Under Lyme . However the rain did not wet the track enough to stop racing and a full program of events took place.

As the rain started to fall the Freewheelers races were run through at a pace. After a full 8 race program the top points scores one each league were as follows;

Group 1 Oscar Peel Lyme RC 10 Points
Group 2 Charlie Croft Lyme RC 11 Points

In the A Class endurance events league leader Thomas Bullock ( Newport CC) won all the three races he took part in the 10 lap scartch, Course De Primes and Devil. Hayden Norris ( RST) won the final 20 lap scratch after demonstrating again a powerful display forcing the pace throughout before sprinting away for the win.

The sprinters league opened with wins in the 1/2 lap standing start heats to Eddie Arden ( SES Racing), Harry Ledingham-Horn ( Lyme RC) and Joel Partington ( Sportcity Velo) . The Team Sprint went Callum Evans ( Sportcity Velo) Hayden Norris and Eddie Ardern. The Keiren final saw a great race with the top two of Joel Partington and Harry Ledingham-Horn only being separated by a tyres width with Joel taking the verdict.

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In the B Class events Ross Hooley ( Innovation RT) is starting to build the lead in the overall table after taking a clean sweep if wins in the 10 laps scratch, Course de Primes , Devil and 20 laps scratch.

The C League races saw Darren Hughes complete like Ross a clean sweep of wins the 6 laps scratch, course de primes, devil and 15 laps scratch .

The youth races saw a smaller than usual field with a youth event on the same night at Shrewsbury taking riders away. Thomas Hyde ( newport CC) won the 200m TT and individual pursuit. Seth Ireland ( Lyme RC ) won the keiren and Harry Wilson ( Innovation RT ) took the final Course De Prime race.

Freewheelers Results

Group 1

Race 1
1st Oscar Peel Lyme RC
2nd Eddie Townsend Lyme RC
3rd Sophie Griffiths Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Oscar Peel
2nd Tom Ford Lyme RC
3rd Alissa Jamison Lyme RC

Race 3
1st Tom Ford
2nd Eddie Townsend
3rd Sophie Griffiths

Race 4
1st Oscar Peel
2nd Sophie Griffiths
3rd Eddie Townsend

Group 2

Race 1
1st Charlie Croft Lyme RC
2nd Max McKenzie Lyme RC
3rd Sam Ford Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Sam Ford
2nd Charlie Croft
3rd Max McKenzie

Race 3
1st Charlie Croft
2nd Max McKenzie
3rd Sam Ford

Race 4
1st Max McKenzie
2nd Charlie Croft
3rd Sam Ford

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Sprinters League 200m Standing Starts Heat Winners
Eddie Arden SES Racing
Joel Partington Sportcity Velo
Harry Ledingham-Horn Lyme RC

Youth 200m TT
1st Thomas Hyde Newport CC
2nd Seth Ireland Lyme RC
3rd Harry Wilson Innovation RT

A Class Endurance 10 lap scratch
1st Thomas Bullock Newport CC
2nd Joel Ackers Innovation RT
3rd Syd Brown Innovation RT

B Class 10 Lap Scratch
1st Ross Hooley Innovation RT
2nd Mike Boston Uttoxeter CC
3rd Phil Braybrooke Cheshire Mavericks

C Class 10 lap Scratch
1st Darren Hughes Lyme RC
2nd Phil Powell BC PM
3rd Ken Warrilow Lyme RC

Sprinters League Team Sprint
1st Eddie Ardern SES Racing
Callum Evans Sportcity Velo
Hayden Norris RST

Youth Individual Pursuit
1st Thomas Hyde
2nd Seth Ireland
3rd Harry Wilson

A Class Course De Primes
1st Thomas Bullock
2nd Syd Brown
3rd Iain Davidson BC PM

B Class Course De Primes
1st Ross Hooley
2nd Mike Boston
3rd Phil Braybrooke

C Class Unknown Distance
1st Darren Hughes

Keirin Final
1st Joel Partington
2nd Harry Ledingham-Horn
3rd Hayden Norris
4th Josh Spendelow Brooks Cycles
5th Phil Houlton Brooks Cycles
6th Pete Humphries Brooks Cycles

Youth Keiren
1st Seth Ireland
2nd Harry Wilson
3rd Thomas Hyde

A Class Devil
1st Thomas Bullock
2nd Syd Brown
3rd Joel Ackers

B Class Devil
1st Ross Hooley
2nd Phil Braybrooke
3rd Mike Boston

C Class
1st Darren Hughes
2nd Kath Brindle
3rd Ken Warrilow

Youth Course De Primes
1st Harry Wilson

20 lap Scratch
1st Hayden Norris
2nd Joel Partington
3rd Iain Davidson

B Class
1st Ross Hooley
2nd Thomas Alcock
3rd Mike Boston

C Class
1st Darren Hughes
2nd Kath Brindle
3rd Ken Warrilow


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