Result: Surrey League RRs (June 23)

James Bonham and Nate Oldfield winners at the June 23 Surrey League road races on the Cutmill circuit

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Result: Surrey League RRs (June 23)

1st James Bonham, Paceline RT
2nd Jack Dolny, Onyx Racing Team
3rd Declan Egan, Kingston Wheelers
4th Logan de Monchaux-Irons, Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT
5th Cameron Cragg, Project 51
6th Benjamin Tappenden, Trainsharp
7th Kevin Nelson, Crawley Wheelers
8th Michael Guilford, Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT
9th Mark Aldred, Kingston Wheelers
10th Warren Jesse, Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT
11th Peter Merritt, TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Bottecchia
12th Ian Vagg, Project 51
13th Harvey Guningham, 4T+Cyclopark
14th Richard Bruce, VC Meudon
15th Linton van Zyl, Kingston Wheelers
16th Patrick Ramsey, Blackspokes RT
17th Pat Wright, Paceline RT
18th Jack Wyllie, TAAP Cervelo
19th Len Delicaet, London Phoenix
20th Chris Jenkinson, MB Cyclery RT
21st Jonathon James, Private Member
22nd David Bone, Racing Club Ravenna
23rd Stephen Maxwell, Dulwich Paragon CC
24th Lewis Winfield, VC de Londres
25th Richard Cartland, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
26th Henry James, Crawley Wheelers
27th Chris Tarren, Dulwich Paragon CC
28th Adam Przedrzymirski, London Dynamo
29th Ethan Court, VC Meudon
30th Jack Ryman, Dulwich Paragon CC
31st Christopher Filewood, Team ASL
32nd Tim Lynch, London Dynamo
33rd Charlie Heffernan, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
34th Grant Fraser, Paceline RT
35th Lawrence Coyle, Brighton Mitre
36th Paul Newsome, Project 51
37th Paul Barnard, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
38th Alexander Ashman, TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Bottecchia
39th Neil Edwards, Private Member
40th Michael Renardson, trainSharp
41st Andrew Greaves, Private Member

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Cat 3
1st Nate Oldfield, Arctic Tacx RT
2nd Gareth Thomas, Paceline RT
3rd Ashley Nunn, Addiscombe CC
4th Mark Nuttall, Farnborough and Camberley Cycling Club
5th Matt J Smith, CC Hackney
6th James Knighton, London Dynamo
7th Rich Seabrook, Kingston Wheelers
8th Paul Tomlinson, Sussex Revolution VC
9th Tristin Galloway, VC Meudon
10th Sam Llewellyn-Jones, London Dynamo
11th Conor Clancy, Sussex Revolution VC
12th Sebastian Lea, London Dynamo
13th Steve Coombs, Sussex Revolution VC
14th Joseph Gokmen, London Dynamo
15th Lee Messenger, Abellio SFA RT
16th Anthony Aken, 6AM
17th Shaun King, Kingston Wheelers
18th Joshua Denton, VC Meudon
19th Ed Francis, Paceline RT
20th Tomas Berezniovas, ACME Racing
21st George Kingaby, Addiscombe CC
22nd Damien Lodge, Rapha CC
23rd Richard Pearce, Paceline RT
24th Jamie Turney, Twickenham CC
25th Dominic Wilson, Kingston Wheelers
26th Francis Jago, Paceline RT
27th Robert Ford, Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
28th Andrew Bradbury, Paceline RT
29th Paolo Avagliano, London Dynamo
30th Philip Gallagher, VC Meudon
31st Stephen Looby, Kingston Wheelers
32nd Max Kingdon, Paceline RT
33rd Colin Gunn, Paceline RT



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