Startlist: Beaumont Trophy

Former winners Russell Downing (x2), Chris Latham (Vitus Pro Cycling p/B Brother UK , and Peter Williams among the entries for the 2019 Edition of the Beaumont Trophy on July 7 at Stamdfordham

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Startlist: Beaumont Trophy

1.15pm, Sunday 7th July

This year’s Beaumont Trophy will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 7th July 2019.

The Beaumont Trophy is one of the longest running national road events on the calendar. It was first run in 1952, the year after the organising club, Gosforth Road Club, was formed. The trophy was presented by Rex Beaumont, a cycle and motorcycle wholesaler based in Newcastle. The first edition of the race was won by Stan Blair riding for Viking Cycles and started and finished in Gosforth Park where the club had its headquarters.

Since then, the race has been won by many famous riders including Sir Bradley Wiggins, Chris Newton, Russell and Dean Downing, Malcolm Elliott and Don Sanderson to name but a few. The most prolific winner of the Trophy is Ray Wetherell who has won it 5 times.

Sir Bradley Wiggins won it twice, including 2011 when the event was the National Championships. Connor Swift won the race in 2018 when, again, it was the National Championships.

The men’s race will include series leader Matt Holmes, who leads a Madison Genesis team which also includes third-placed Ian Bibby, Tom Moses, Jon Dibben and Jonny McEvoy.

Fresh from his silver and bronze medals at the National Road Championships, John Archibald (Ribble Pro Cycling) will be on the start line, as will James Shaw, the winner at the Tour of the Reservoir and the current closest chaser to Holmes on the series standings.

Alistair Slater (Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK) and Max Stedman (Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes) are fourth and fifth respectively in the standings, and will both be surrounded by strong teams this weekend.

Team Wiggins Le Col have also entered a strong contingent, with Gabz Cullaigh, Mark Christian and Rob Scott among their squad.

1 Matthew Bostock, Canyon Dhb P/B Bloor Homes
2 Daniel Pearson, Canyon Dhb P/B Bloor Homes
3 Alexander Richardson, Canyon Dhb P/B Bloor Homes
4 Maximilian Stedman, Canyon Dhb P/B Bloor Homes
5 Thomas Stewart, Canyon Dhb P/B Bloor Homes
6 Charlie Tanfield, Canyon Dhb P/B Bloor Homes
7 Rory Townsend, Canyon Dhb P/B Bloor Homes
8 Jacob Vaughan, Canyon Dhb P/B Bloor Homes
9 Ian Bibby, Madison Genesis
10 Michael Cuming, Madison Genesis
11 Richard Handley, Madison Genesis
12 Matthew Holmes, Madison Genesis
13 Jonathan Mcevoy, Madison Genesis
14 Thomas Moses, Madison Genesis
15 Tbc, Madison Genesis
16 Joey Walker, Madison Genesis
17 John Archibald, Ribble Pro Cycling
18 Daniel Bigham, Ribble Pro Cycling
19 William Brown, Ribble Pro Cycling
20 Richard Jones, Ribble Pro Cycling
21 Zeb Kyffin, Ribble Pro Cycling
22 Alex Luhrs, Ribble Pro Cycling
23 Jack Rees, Ribble Pro Cycling
24 Mark Stewart, Ribble Pro Cycling
25 William Bjergfelt, Swiftcarbon Pro Cycling
26 Ben Hardy, Swiftcarbon Pro Cycling
27 Edward Laverack, Swiftcarbon Pro Cycling
28 Jordan Reed, Swiftcarbon Pro Cycling
29 Jacob Scott, Swiftcarbon Pro Cyclinging
30 James Shaw, Swiftcarbon Pro Cycling
31 Andrew Turner, Swiftcarbon Pro Cycling
32 Peter Williams, Swiftcarbon Pro Cycling
33 Mark Christian, Team Wiggins Le Col
34 Gabriel Cullaigh, Team Wiggins Le Col
35 Mark Donovan, Team Wiggins Le Col
36 Ben Healy, Team Wiggins Le Col
37 Oliver Robinson, Team Wiggins Le Col
38 Jacques Sauvagnargues, Team Wiggins Le Col
39 Robert Scott, Team Wiggins Le Col
40 Daniel Tulett, Team Wiggins Le Col
41 Graham Briggs, Vitus Pro Cycling P/B Brother UK
42 Adam Kenway, Vitus Pro Cycling P/B Brother UK
43 Dylan Kerfoot-Robson, Vitus Pro Cycling P/B Brother UK
44 Christopher Latham, Vitus Pro Cycling P/B Brother UK
45     TBC , Vitus Pro Cycling P/B Brother UK
46 Frederik Scheske, Vitus Pro Cycling P/B Brother UK
47 Alistair Slater, Vitus Pro Cycling P/B Brother UK
48 Scott Thwaites, Vitus Pro Cycling P/B Brother Uk
49 Aaron Chambers-Smith, Andy Moore Autocentres Racing
50 Damien Clayton, Andy Moore Autocentres Racing
51 Dean Watson, Andy Moore Autocentres Racing
52 Jonathan Bridge, Crimson Orientation Marketing Rt
53 Jonathan Fowles, Crimson Orientation Marketing Rt
54 Matt Hallam, Crimson Orientation Marketing Rt
55 Elliot Harrison, Crimson Orientation Marketing Rt
56 Tom Lowe, Crimson Orientation Marketing Rt
57 Adam Macrae, Crimson Orientation Marketing Rt
58 Chris Sleath, Crimson Orientation Marketing Rt
59 Jake Womersley, Crimson Orientation Marketing Rt
60 Joseph Clark, Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
61 Tom Knight, Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
62 Daniel Pullen, Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
63 Charlie Renshaw, Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
64 Kieran Savage, Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
65 Louis Szymanski, Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
66 Lewis Bulley, Richardsons-Trek Rt
67 Matthew Clements, Richardsons-Trek Rt
68 Peter Cocker, Richardsons-Trek Rt
69 Tobias Dahlhaus, Richardsons-Trek Rt
70 Rhys Howells, Richardsons-Trek Rt
71 James Jenkins, Richardsons-Trek Rt
72 Steven Parsonage, Richardsons-Trek Rt
73 Joseph Sutton, Richardsons-Trek Rt
74 Joe Evans, Saint Piran
75 William Harper, Saint Piran
76 Cameron Jeffers, Saint Piran
77 Steve Lampier, Saint Piran
78 Oliver Maxwell, Saint Piran
79 Matthew Nowell, Saint Piran –
80 Frazier Carr, Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
81 George Clark, Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
82 Leon Mazzone, Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
83 Tom Mazzone, Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
84 Charlie Passfield, Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
85 Jordan Peacock, Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
86 Charles Walker, Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
87 James Chapman, Team Pb Performance
88 Sion Harlow, Team Pb Performance
89 James Hill, Team Pb Performance
90 Josh Housley, Team Pb Performance
91 Toby Jarvis, Team Pb Performance
92 Bradley Symonds, Team Pb Performance
93 Joseph Beckingsale, Wales Racing Academy
94 Matthew Burke, Wales Racing Academy –
95 Peter Kibble, Wales Racing Academy
96 Joshua Price, Wales Racing Academy
97 Joseph Rees, Wales Racing Academy
98 William Roberts, Wales Racing Academy
99 James Tillett, Wales Racing Academy
100 Samuel Tillett, Wales Racing Academy
101 David Duggan, Wheelbase Cab Tech Castelli
102 Harry Hardcastle, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
103 Sam Lashley, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
104 David Lines, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
105 Tom Martin, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
106 William Orrell-Turner, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
107 Joe Reilly, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
108 Finlay Robertson, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
109 Jack Stanton-Warren, Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli
110 Nicholas Cooper, Activeedge Race Team
111 David Mcdermott, Bc Private Member
112 Alex Peters, Bc Private Member
113 Eliot Ward, Bc Private Member
114 Adam Lewis, Beat Cycling Club
115 Chris Thomas, Better Cycling
116 Richard Mcdonald, Bioracer-Moriarty Bikes
117 James Jobber, Brunei Continental Cycling Team
118 Matthias Barnet, Cycle Team Onform
119 Neil Scott, Deeside Thistle Cc
120 Russell Downing, Giordana Racing
121 James Noonan, Hoppers Rollers
122 Declan Hudson, Liverpool Century Rc
123 Joshua Guest, Manilla Presca Cycling
124 Robert Orr, Memil Ccn Pro Cycling
125 Ross Fawcett, Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
126 Gary Freeman, Pedal Power Rt
127 Alexandre Touche, Pontypool Rcc
128 Stephen Swindley, Royal Navy & Royal Marines Ca
129 Thomas Heal, Strada-Sport
130 Charlie Wright, Strada-Sport
131 Thomas Mein, Tarteletto Isorex
132 Matthew Dobbing, Tbw23 Stuart Hall Gett Taxi
133 Andrew Nichols, Team B38 / Cycles In Motion
134 Jude Taylor, B38 Cycles In Motion
135 Jim Brown, Team Inspired
136 Joseph Nally, Team Inspired
137 Michael Gill, University Of Nottingham Scc
138 Brecon Burnett, Vc Toucy
139 David Bolland, Velo Schils Interbike Rt
140 Roman Piotrowski, Wolfe Rt


141 Toby Tanfield, Cleveland Whls Jrt/Catley Lakeman
142 Cameron Blake, Prologue Racing Team
143 Craig Gow, Team Andrew Allan Architecture
144 Benjamin Moody, Team Backstedt Bike Performance
145 Tim Shoreman, Bioracer Moriarty Bikes
146 Michael Chadwick, Doncaster Whls Cc
147 Ben Turner, Corendon-Circus
148 Matthew Warhurst, High Peak Cycles Rt
149 Fergus Robinson, Zappi Racing Team
150 Eugene Cross, Team B38 / Cycles In Motion


1952 Stan Blair (GBR) Viking Cycles[2]
1953 Don Sanderson (GBR)
1954 Des Robinson (GBR)
1955 Don Sanderson (GBR)
1958 Bill Baty (GBR)
1962 Derek Hepple (GBR)
1963 Ron Gardener (GBR)
1964 John Dixon (GBR)
1965 Norman Baty (GBR)
1966 Ray Wetherell (GBR)
1967 Ray Wetherell (GBR)
1968 Ray Wetherell (GBR)
1969 Paul Blackett (GBR)
1970 Eddie McGourley (GBR)
1971 Ray Wetherell (GBR)
1972 Ray Wetherell (GBR)
1973 Joseph Waugh (GBR)
1975 Robin Childes (GBR)
1976 Alan Topp (GBR)
1982 Richard Healy (GBR)
1983 Arthur Caygill (GBR)
1990 Robert Harris (GBR)
1991 Andy Matheson (GBR)
1993 Richard Moore (GBR)
1994 Paul Curran (GBR)
1995 Mark Walsham (GBR)
1997 Paul Blackett Jr. (GBR)
1998 Elliot Gowland (GBR)
1999 Ian Childes (GBR)
2000 Billy Mitchinson (GBR)
2001 Glen Turnbull (GBR)
2002 Richard Sutcliffe (GBR)
2003 Graham McGarrity (GBR)
2004 Mark Wordsworth (GBR)
2005 Malcolm Elliott (GBR) Pinarello–Assos
2006 Evan Oliphant (GBR)
2007 Russell Downing (GBR) Health Net–Maxxis
2008 Rob Hayles (GBR) Team Halfords Bikehut
2009 Bradley Wiggins (GBR) Garmin–Slipstream
2010 Chris Newton (GBR) Rapha Condor–Sharp
2011 Bradley Wiggins (GBR) Team Sky
2012 Russell Downing (GBR) Endura Racing
2013 Dean Downing (GBR) Madison Genesis
2014 Kristian House (GBR) Rapha Condor–JLT
2015 Christopher Latham (GBR) Great Britain
2016 Dion Smith (NZL) ONE Pro Cycling
2017 Peter Williams (GBR) ONE Pro Cycling
2018 Connor Swift (GBR) Madison Genesis



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