Result: Portsmouth Evening Circuit Races 14

Olly Wise, Harry Johnson, and Monty Scott winners at week 14 of the Portsmouth Evening Circuit Races on July 3rd

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Result: Portsmouth Evening Circuit Races 14

3 / J3
1st Olly WISE 3 Racing Club Ravenna
2nd Darrren ORCHARD 3 Mud, Sweat ‘n’ Gears CC
3rd Jordan GILES 3 Southampton University Road Club
4th James SMEE 3 Chichester City Riders (CCR)
5th Russell THOMSON 3 WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
7th Matthew JAMES 3 Chichester City Riders (CCR)
8th Laurence BROWN 3 British Cycling Private Member – South East
9th Oliver NOLAN J3 British Cycling Private Member – South
10th Owen GILES J3 Portsmouth North End CC
11th Tom SMITH J3 Velo Club Venta
12th Jeremy HUBBARD 3 Hargroves Cycles CC
13th Allan COLLINS 3 Portsmouth North End CC
14th Theo BUGG J3 Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC
15th Charlie HARRISON J3 VC Meudon
16th Fletcher ADAMS 3 Hargroves-Montezumas
17th David KNIGHT 3 Portsmouth North End CC
18th Dan BANKS J3 Velo Club Venta
19th Jerry COOPER 3 WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
20th Gareth FIFORD 3 Portsmouth North End CC
21st Andrew THOMAS 3 VC Godalming & Haslemere
22nd Chris HUGHES 3 Velo Club Venta
23rd Kev FOSTER 3 WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
24th Richard TORRINGTON J3 Velo Club Venta
25th Harry REDSULL 3 Velo Club Venta
26th Tomos SHAW 3 Chichester City Riders (CCR)
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E / 1 / 2 / J
1st Harry JOHNSON 2 VC St Raphael
2nd Kevin CHANT 2 WightlinkWight Mountain CRT
3rd Matt ALLSOP 2 WightlinkWight Mountain CRT
4th Matt EXLEY 1 Flamme Rouge
5th Jacob ARIES 2 Kuota – GSG
6th Luis COUNTINHO 2 Racing Club Ravenna
7th Nicholas HALE 2 Primera-TeamJobs
8th Nicholas BELL 2 Blazing Saddles Cycles
9th Patryk RUCKI 2 Sotonia CC
10th Sam CLARK J2 Hargroves-Montezumas
11th Joe PARKER 2 Blazing Saddles Cycles
12th Mark TREVIS 2 Informed Sport – LGC
13th Tony BONESS 2 Blazing Saddles Cycles
14th Jamie PULLEN J2 1904 RT
15th Ethan COURT J2 VC Meudon
16th George MOORE 2 i-Team Cyclists’ Club
17th Sam STEWART 2 Racing Club Ravenna
18th Joseph CLARK 2 I-Team Cyclists’ Club

4 / J4
1st Monty SCOTT J4 British Cycling Private Member – South East
2nd Robert FRYER 4 Portsdown Hill CC
3rd Joseph WYNNE 4 Sotonia CC
4th Ryan HOGG 4 Videre Race Team
5th Tobias HUNTER 4 British Cycling Private Member – North East
6th David COOPER 4 WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
7th Benjamin FELL J4 Velo Club Venta
8th Simon BENNETT 4 DHCyclesport Cycling Club
9th Michael JANES 4 Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
10th Dennis MURPHY 4 Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
11th Tom CLAYTON 4 British Cycling Private Member – South
12th Thomas LINDSEY 4 Liss Cycling Club
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YOUTH U12 [C] / U10 [D] / U8 [E]
1st Harrison HENDY D Team HUP
2nd Charlie SHEPHERD C Sotonia CC
3rd Thomas HAMPSON C Velo Club Venta
4th Margherita SILANO Cg Velo Club Venta
5th Myles BRADLEY D Wight Youth Cycling Club
6th Alec TUCKER C Velo Club Venta
7th Syke MARTINGALE Dg Sotonia CC
8th Thomas WILKS D Sotonia CC
9th Samuel HUGHES C Velo Club Venta
10th Quiola ARTHUR Dg Solent Pirates
11th Thomas ALLEN D Sotonia CC
12th Chase BRADLEY E Wight Youth Cycling Club
13th Idris ARTHUR E Solent Pirates
14th Ben ALLEN E Sotonia CC
15th Matilda WILKS Eg Sotonia CC
16th Grace HUGHES Dg Velo Club Venta
17th Jaya MARTINGALE Eg Sotonia CC

YOUTH U16 [A] / YOUTH U14 [B]
1st Matthew GILMOUR B Velo Club Venta
2nd Tobias HOUGHTON A Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
3rd George COTTRELL A Poole Wheelers CC
4th Ollie BOARER B I-Team Cyclists’ Club
5th Ethan GUBBY B Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
6th Ethan McNAMARA B VC Meudon


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