Result: Ford CC Dunton Series 6

Marco Coppolo winner of round 6 of the Ford CC Dunton Series on July 11

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Result: Ford CC Dunton Series 6

With Matt Steel unfortunately crashing during a time trial he was unable to continue his clean sweep of the series. The bunch of 46 riders stayed largely together until after the first prime, taken by Lee Desborough, when Desborough and Kevin Baumber stayed clear for two laps until it all came together again. After the second prime taken by Mark Daly there were several attempts to escape but none were successful.

With 2 laps to go ex-pro Reg Smith, the oldest rider in the race was clear but at the bell it was all together. Marco Coppolo jumped at the top of the hill with 1km to go and managed to stay clear to take the win with Andrew Brown just taking the bunch sprint from Mark Daly.

After 6 of the 8-event series Matt Steel can’t be caught in Cat A, but Simon Constable on 6 points has a 1 point lead over Andrew Brown for 2nd place. Richard O’Rourke with a 11 point lead cannot be caught in Cat B; David Farrow still leads Cat C by a single point from Jason Fitchew whilst Martin Meades also cannot be caught with a 9-point lead in Cat D.

In Cat E Mick Lee on 20 points cannot be caught whilst in Cat F Ralph Keeler on 16 points can theoretically be caught by Maurice Bentley who has 9 points whilst Reg Smith has no rivals to date in Cat G.

Please note the points scored in event 5 will not count for the overall as some riders were sent home when it appeared there would be no race as at that time access could not be gained to the track.
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1. Marco Coppolo ColourTech B
2. Andrew Brown The Bike Loft A @0.50sec
3. Mark Daly ColourTech B st
4. Martin Meades Ciclos Uno D
5. Simon Constable Basildon CC A
6. Lee Desborough St Ives CC B
7. Steve Foster Aerocycles C
8. David Farrow Eagle RC C
9. Leigh Gordon Aerocycles B
10. Mick Lee ColourTech E
11. Brad Lamb Victoria B
12. Trevor Phillips Essex Roads CC C
13. David Crowe ColourTech D
14. Scott Beard Shaftesbury CC B
15. Murat Ozdenya TVR B
16. Richard O’Rourke Team Vision B
17. Scott Kicks Aerocycles B
18. Mark Brennan Aerocycles B
19. Paul Lister Herts Rouleurs A
20. Reg Smith Kingsnorth Int G
21. Duncan Thomas Aerocycles D
22. Carlito Rendora Eagle RC D
23. Steve Barnsley GS Vecchi E
24. Shaun Woodley Aerocycles C
25. Graham Brough Interbike B
26. Kevin Baumber Shaftesbury CC B
27. Keith Walker Wigmore CC C
28. Graham Masters Eagle RC C
29. Peter Arden Glendene CC C
30. Hugh Williams Provision C
31. Julian Boulter Eagle RC C
32. Lee Hellen Aerocycles C
33. Steven Pollard Glendene CC B
34. John Malcolm Velo Writtle E
35. Matt Gallagher Crest CC B
36. Richard Webber Datalink A
37. Eduardo Gomes BSCC B
38. Ralph Keeler St Ives CC F
39. Jag Johal Ford CC C
40. Andy Ballentyne Easterley CC C
41. Barry Neal Ciclos Uno C



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