Result: Cystal Palace Crits (July 9)

Tom Hargreaves, Rob Sharland and Christine Robson winners at the Crystal Palace Crits on July 9 in SE London

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Result: Cystal Palace Crits (July 9)

1 Tom Hargreaves Nuun Sigma Sports RT
2 Alec Briggs Trekkerz
3 Rhys Howells Richardson’s Trek
4 Chris Martin RMNC
5 Rob Moore Nuun Sigma Sports RT
6 Mark Aldred Kingston Wheelers
7 Keir Sutton Dulwich Paragon CC
8 Declan Egan Kingston Wheelers
9 Sam Humpheson Look Mum No Hands!
10 Rowley Clifford RMNC
11 Daniel Hills Brixton CC
12 Tom Mason Sunday Echapee
13 James Street Team LDN

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Cat 3
1 Rob Sharland Paceline RT
2 Stephen Shawmarsh-Smith RMNC
3 Noah Phillips Velo Club Londres
4 Robyn Llewelyn Jam Cycling
5 Ashley Nunn Addiscombe CC
6 Joel Millard Paria RT
7 James Somerfield Hub Velo
8 Mark Perry Vicious Velo
9 Stanley Platts Velo Club Londres
10 Ben Moody Rapha CC
11 Oliver Wollaston Velo Club Londres
12 James Drain Gemini BC
13 Matthias Newson Handsling

1 Christine Robson Velo Club Londres
2 Francesca Cutts Team LDN
3 Nicole Oh Les Filles RT
4 Alicia Speake Team LDN
5 Kerry Middleton Team LDN
6 Helen Ralston Team LDN
7 Kelsey Fuss VC de Londres
8 Louise Moriarty Les Filles RT
9 Maryka Sennema Paceline
10 Jayne Paine Les Filles RT
11 Esthefania Hurfods VC de Londres
12 Heather Nickson Velo Club Londres
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Youth A/B
1 Amber Brameld-Junker VC de Londres A Female
2 Domini Faluga VC de Londres A Female
3 Grace Turner Bigfoot CC A Female

1 Mattie Dodd VC de Londres A Male
2 Tom Buckley VC de Londres A Male
3 Benjamin Tuchner VC de Londres A Male
4 Dominic Bell Sutton CC / C&N Cycles A Male
5 Albert Peate Bigfoot CC A Male
6 Ed Bowley VC de Londres A Male

1 Lucy Wollaston VC de Londres B Female
2 Lucy Bénézet-Minns Penge CC B Female
3 Esme Wiley VC de Londres B Female
4 Isabel Wallace B Female

1 Piers Higginson Team Darenth B Male
2 Owain Williams Hillingdon Slipstreamers B Male
3 Aaron Medlyn Bigfoot CC B Male

Youth C/D/E
1 Elizabeth Wallace Lee Velo C Female
2 Molly Jones Sutton CC / C&N Cycles C Female
3 Sara Kechiche Bigfoot CC C Female
4 Sophie Schonbach Herne Hill Youth CC C Female
5 Safaa Haque Bigfoot CC C Female
6 Clover Piercy VC de Londres C Female

1 Aaron Harris Bigfoot CC C Male
2 Calder Wilkinson Bigfoot CC C Male
3 Milo Morgan VC de Londres C Male
4 Samuel Little Crystal Palace Tri C Male

1 Isaac Rehman Bigfoot CC D Male
2 Safir Haque Bigfoot CC D Male
3 Christopher Campos VC de Londres D Male
4 Rory Hayes Herne Hill Youth CC D Male
5 Noah Shapton VC de Londres D Male
6 Tiger Gloag VC de Londres D Male
7 Eoin Medlyn Bigfoot CC D Male
8 Sami Kechiche Bigfoot CC D Male

1 Sameeha Haque Bigfoot CC E Female

1 Hal Appleby Penge CC E Male
2 George Haines VC de Londres E Male
3 Jasper Shapton VC de Londres E Male
4 Barney Higgins VC de Londres E Male
5 Jacob Matthews Penge CC E Male
3 Barney Higgins VC de Londres E Male
4 Jacob Matthews Penge CC E Male
5 Finn Jones Herne Hill Youth CC E Male


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