Result: RC Ravenna Goodwood Round 1

George Holland, Caitlin Peters and Lee Smith winners at the first of the RC Ravenna Goodwood crits on Tuesday, July 23

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Result: RC Ravenna Goodwood Round 1

4th Cat Race
1 George Holland
2 Inaki Maneru
3 Barry Harvey Blazing Saddles Cycles
4 Ross Kettle Chichester City Riders (CCR)
5 Thomas Sanders Saddleworth Clarion
6 Joshua Burgin VC Meudon
7 Chris Dunn Angmering Cycling Club
8 Brian Burgess GS Vecchi
9 Tim Jenkins Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
10 Philip Wise Southdown Velo
11 Kevin Cornish Southdown Velo
12 Chris Gambs Portsmouth North End CC

Womans E/12/3/4 Cat Handicap Race
1 Caitlin Peters Storey Racing
2 Chrissie Slot IRIS Race Team
3 Emma O’Toole DHCyclesport Cycling Club
4 Izzy Wild Velo Club Venta
5 Meredith Gilbert Lewes Wanderers CC
6 Debbie Morgan VCGH
7 Sherilyn Powell Racing Club Ravenna
8 Chloe Barr
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Mens 2/3 Cat Race
1 Lee Smith Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT
2 Steve Calland Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET
3 Ben Huttly Brighton Mitre CC
4 James Horton VC St Raphael
5 Tony Boness Blazing Saddles Cycles
6 Will Ranoe MB Cyclery
7 Matthew Allsopp Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.
8 Gary Tulloch PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team
9 John Correa Project 51
10 Nicholas Hale Primera-TeamJobs
11 David Turton BIKESTRONG-KTM
12 Ken Prince Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT
13 James Newman VC Meudon
14 Jake Roe
15 Harry Johnson VC St Raphael
16 Matthew Heathcote Natural RT
17 James Bonham Paceline RT
18 James Smee Chichester City Riders (CCR)
19 James Kenward Portsmouth North End CC
20 Ethan Court Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT
21 James Nicholson TAAP Cervelo
22 Kevin Chant Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.
23 Callum Davies-Russell VCGH
24 James Veal Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.
25 Colin Smith Army Cycling Union
26 David Bone Racing Club Ravenna
27 Mark Herbert Team ASL
28 Stacey Manwill Crawley Wheelers
29 Stuart Hawkins Portsmouth North End CC
30 Luis Coutinho Racing Club Ravenna
31 Roy Spicer VC Meudon
32 Darren Rawlings Chichester City Riders (CCR)
33 Christopher Carroll MB Cyclery
34 Isaac Warrington Solent Pirates
35 Paul Atkinson VC St Raphael
36 Jacob Schnabel Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
37 Stuart Thompson VC St Raphael
38 Matthew James Chichester City Riders (CCR)
39 Mark Wall BTNRT
40 Stanley Kennett TBW23 Stuart Hall Gett Taxi
41 Owen Giles Portsmouth North End CC
42 Elliot Chilton New Forest CC
43 Tim Blackmore Racing Club Ravenna
44 Sam Stewart Racing Club Ravenna
45 Julian Lockwood Primera-TeamJobs
46 Nicholas Tyrie Primera-TeamJobs
47 Thomas Dawtrey Southdown Velo
48 Christopher Williams Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
49 Sam Fox
50 Philip Smeeth Racing Club Ravenna
51 Luke Jerome Racing Club Ravenna
52 Christopher Wallis Blazing Saddles Cycles
53 Laurence Brown Chichester City Riders (CCR)
54 Ryan Machin Crawley Wheelers
55 James Mapley Blazing Saddles Cycles
56 Matthew Walters BTNRT
57 Matthew Bone TAAP Cervelo
58 Paul Hopkins BIKESTRONG-KTM
59 Stuart LeTissier DHCyclesport Cycling Club
60 George Moore I-Team Cyclists’ Club
61 David Knight Portsmouth North End CC
62 Paul Frisby Southdown Velo
63 Ben Williams I-Team Cyclists’ Club
64 Adam Littlechild Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC
65 Ben Elvin Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
66 Darryl Rice Racing Club Ravenna
67 Mario Manelfi Blazing Saddles Cycles
68 Ed Slot Sotonia CC
69 Peter Allan WyndyMilla
70 Joe Staunton Paceline RT
71 Will Page Primera-TeamJobs
72 Ian Donohue



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