Result: Eastbourne Cycling Festival Criteriums

Mak Larkin, Matthew Gilmour, Olivier Mangham, Alec Briggs, and Madeline Verdegaal winners at the Eastbourne Cycling Festival Criteriums

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Result: Eastbourne Cycling Festival Criteriums

1/2 Men
1 Alec Briggs TEKKERZ CC
2 Matt Holmes Arctic Aircon RT
3 Justus Erler
4 Josh Wakeling Adalta Race Team
5 Andy Shachel
6 Stuart LeTissier DHCyclesport Cycling Club
7 Joe Hickerton Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC
8 Billy-Joe Whenman API-Metrow/Bodyby JR
9 Daniel Martin University of Bath Cycling Club
10 Rory Barrett Southborough & District Whls
11 Ian Vagg Project 51
12 Neil Pearson Gemini BC
13 Luke Alexandre Abellio – SFA Racing Team
14 Ben Huttly Brighton Mitre CC
15 Christopher Filewood Team ASL
16 Christopher McGovern Southampton University Road Club
17 Mark Gower Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET
18 James Bullen URDT
19 Benjamin Tappenden trainSharp Club
20 Cameron Cragg Project 51
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2/3/4 Women
1 Madeline Verdegaal Poole Wheelers CC
2 Sarah King Bianchi Dama
3 Molly Hodges Avid Sport
4 Laura Senior VCGH
5 Katie Love URDT
6 Toni Wilkes Project 51
7 Kimberlee Charlton DAP Cycling Club
8 Annie Mcbain Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC
9 Emma O’Toole DHCyclesport Cycling Club
10 Gemma Hobson URDT
11 Amy Dunwell BCR Racing
12 Elaine Burroughs Brighton Mitre CC
13 Alison Lewis Brighton Mitre Cycle Club
14 Elena Valera Eckert
15 Wendy Harman Brighton Mitre CC
16 Isobel Beattie Brighton Mitre Cycle Club
17 Amanda Harman
18 Ileia Spyropoulou
19 Chrissie Slot IRIS Race Team
20 Honor Elliott VC Londres

Youth A Boys
1 Olivier Mangham VC Londres
2 Lance Childs VC Londres
3 Anthony Morris VC Londres
4 Benjamin Flatau Charlotteville CC
5 Isaac Warrington Solent Pirates
6 Marco Overbeeke Panagua CC
7 Jacob James Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
8 Damian Dodd Barking & Dagenham CC
9 Matthew Brown 4T+ Cyclopark
10 Daniel Goodwin Hillingdon slipstreamers
11 Dylan Hicks Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
12 Ovidiu Tataru Barking & Dagenham CC
13 Oscar Pratt Velo Club Venta
14 Leo Whyton 4T+ Cyclopark
15 Alistair Platt

Youth A Girls
1 Amy Harvey Barking & Dagenham CC
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Youth B Boys
1 Matthew Gilmour Velo Club Venta
2 Dan Levine Redhill Raiders
3 John Appleby API-Metrow/Bodyby JR
4 William Munday 4T+ Cyclopark
5 Benjamin Neal Southborough & District Whls
6 Edward Moore Woolwich CC
7 Max Capamagian VC Londres
8 Louis Boulton VC Jubilee
9 Alfred Bunyan Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
10 Matti Rogers VC Jubilee
11 Patrick Lear Southborough & District Whls
12 Owain Williams Hillingdon slipstreamers
13 Raphael Boulton VC Londres
14 Luke McKeown VC Jubilee

Youth B Girls
1 Katie-Anne Calton Solent Pirates
2 Hope Inglis Kent Velo Kids
3 Electra Morris Charlotteville CC
4 Leah Warrilow Barking & Dagenham CC

Youth C Boys
1 Mak Larkin ROTOR Race Team
2 William Flatau Charlotteville CC
3 Sebastian Boulton Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
4 Yannick Rogers VC Jubilee
5 Thomas Dowle
6 Brodie Hiles-Roddick
7 Thomas Broughton
8 Archie Heath VC Londres
9 Ilana Lord VC Deal

Youth C Girls
5 Ilana Lord VC Deal

Youth D Boys
1 Otto Allison Charlotteville CC
2 Alexander Campbell Limited Edition Cycling
3 Myles Bradley Wight Youth Cycling Club
4 William Holland-Leader VC Londres
8 Luke Chapman JUMPCLUB S

Youth D Girls
1 Amelie Hiles-Roddick
2 Amy Dowle

Youth E Boys
1 Woody Clayton ROTOR Race Team
2 William Butcher Thanet RC
3 Chase Bradley Wight Youth Cycling Club
4 Takuma Trott
5 Alexander FRASER

Youth E Girls
1 Harriet Butcher Thanet RC
2 Poppy Bishop
3 Isabelle Broughton


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