Result: Full Gas 2019 Summer Circuit Series 14

David Mulholland and Benedict Thompson winners at week 14 of the Full Gas 2019 Summer Circuit Series at London’s Velopark on July 31st

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Result: Full Gas 2019 Summer Circuit Series 14

1 Benedict Thompson Team LDN
2 Craig Cole Wolfe RT
3 Matt Holmes Arctic Aircon RT
4 James Mowatt Dulwich Paragon CC
5 Ian Hope Wolfe RT
6 Tim Allen Team LDN
7 Keir Sutton Dulwich Paragon CC
8 Kevin Argent
9 Adam Parkes RMNC
10 Jonathan Calderon Wheelsuckers
11 Rhys Howells Richardsons-Trek RT
12 James Somerfield Hub Vélo
13 Thomas Fairley Stayer Racing
14 Jordan Calcutt Islington Cycling Club
15 Kevin Yven
16 Martin Smith London Phoenix CC
17 Peter Merritt TBW23 Stuart Hall Gett Taxi
18 Matthew Buckle Ashmei Musette Race Team
19 Jonas Rooze Team LDN
20 Darren Yorston CHAINGANG Racing Team
21 Reece Wood The 5th Floor Cycle Club
22 Unknown Rider
23 John Karlo Corpuz NLTCBMBC
24 Richmond Rogers Arctic Aircon RT
25 Jacob Chambers GNPC
26 David Williams TBW23 Stuart Hall Gett Taxi
27 Kevin Knowles Rapha Cycling Club
28 Matthew James Chichester City Riders (CCR)
29 Valentino Fontana Project 51
30 Thomas Battrum Rapha Cycling Club
31 Jose Trejos
32 Stephen Messenger East London Velo
33 Steve Noel Rapha Cycling Club
34 Simon Alexander Richardsons-Trek RT
35 Adam Cotterell Project 51

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4th Cat only
1 David Mulholland CC London
2 Aaron Sandhu Lea Valley CC
3 Jonathan Bound The Bicycle Moaning Collective
4 Matthew Yeates London Dynamo
5 Will Breese Cinglés CC
6 Giovanni Luongo London Dynamo
7 Sonny Molloy Rapha Cycling Club
8 Peter Wilson
9 Haykel Barhoumi East London Velo
10 Rob Bell Lea Valley CC
11 Jack Rendle Islington Cycling Club
12 Angus Bennett Hub Vélo
13 Andrew Jewell
14 Charles Hazzan London Velo Cafe Cycling Club
15 Nicholas Johnston Blackspokes RT
16 Calum Jackson Islington Cycling Club
17 Alan Selby Brixton Cycles Club
18 Jack O’Reilly Islington Cycling Club
19 Jack Sadler Islington Cycling Club
20 Joseph Forrester Clapham Chasers Run & Tri Club
21 Henry Schimanski
22 Andrew Buckwell Hub Vélo
23 Jacob Kenc
24 Timotej Kapus Islington Cycling Club
25 Pier Reinold
26 Benjamin Allon-Smith
27 Nathaniel Rackham
28 Pritesh Patel Ashford Road Cycling Club
29 Sean McGourty Elitecycling
30 Charlie Taylor Cinglés CC
31 Alex Talbot Islington Cycling Club
32 Alex Green Hub Vélo
33 Christopher Kiernan London Dynamo
34 Jonathan Spowart Hertfordshire Wheelers
35 Alexandre Proy Rapha Cycling Club
36 Stuart Davidson
37 James Varney
38 Andy Wakeling Hub Vélo
39 Roger Crouch Dulwich Paragon CC
40 James Rapinac London Dynamo
41 Oliver Grogono
42 Michael James Regents Park Rouleurs
43 Johnaziav Yeate
44 Mirza Be
45 Dominic Nielsen Hub Vélo
46 Oliver Buye



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