Result: Salt Ayre Tuesday Series 18

John Agnew and Ben Granger winners at week 18 of the Salt Ayre Tuesday Night Circuit Series at Lancaster on August 13

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Result: Salt Ayre Tuesday Series 18

Cat 3/4
1 John Agnew Lune Racing Cycling Club
2 Nigel Modlinsky Element Cycling Team
3 Andy Auld Team Andrew Allan Architecture
4 Benjamin Peatfield Green Jersey RT
5 John Roberts Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club
6 Stuart Howarth Holmes Chapel Velo
7 Adam Baxter Barrow Central Wheelers
8 James Biggin Airedale Olympic CC
9 James McCracken Salt Ayre Cog Set
10 Robert Patchett Hoppers Rollers
11 Jack Baxter Lune Racing Cycling Club
12 Thomas Palmer Lune Racing Cycling Club
13 Ralph Wilding Garstang Cycling Club
14 Anthony Saynor
15 Ryan Bull Honister ’92
16 Gary Broadbent Barrow Central Wheelers
17 Tyla Loftus Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
18 Lucien Cuming Cycling Performance Squad
19 Matthew Mason Carlisle Reivers Cycling Club
20 Jonny Galbraith Hoppers Rollers
21 Adam Johnson Kendal Cycle Club
22 Ben Cooper Lancaster CC
23 Pete Aylward Kendal Cycle Club
24 Paul Howie Kendal Cycle Club
25 Mark Laidlaw Kendal Cycle Club
26 Simon Mumford Lune Racing Cycling Club
27 Hugh English Manchester Bicycle Club
28 Andrew Parker Lune Racing Cycling Club
29 Robert Ford Lune Racing Cycling Club

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1 Ben Granger Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
2 Matthew Warhurst Crimson Orientation Marketing …
3 Alistair Thomas Crimson Orientation Marketing …
4 Callum Anderson Bioracer- Moriarty Bikes
5 Grant Bigham Velo Runner
6 Thomas Mitchell Birkenhead North End CC
7 Matt Hallam Crimson Orientation Marketing …
8 Ben Barlow Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
9 Charles Paige Green Jersey RT
10 Andrew Markham Lune Racing Cycling Club
11 Samuel Pugh Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club
12 Tom Martin Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
13 Simon Wilson Ribble Pro Cycling
14 Gavin Berry Lune Racing Cycling Club
15 Daniel Pullen Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffi…
16 Julian Pearson Lune Racing Cycling Club
17 Samuel Roper Loughborough Students CC
18 Joseph Bowers Team Chronomaster
19 John Agnew Lune Racing Cycling Club
20 Hugh English Manchester Bicycle Club
21 George Wharton BIKESTRONG-KTM
22 Leon Barnes Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
23 John Roberts Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club
24 Will Corden Velo Runner
25 Paolo Brucciani Lune Racing Cycling Club



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