Result: Didcot Phoenix 10m TT

Chris Boddy fastest in the Didcot Phoenix 10 mile time trial on August 17 near Oxford; Lydia Watts fastest woman; Richard Gildea fastest on a road bike, Kristen Lovelock fastest women (Road bike)

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Result: Didcot Phoenix 10m TT
Report by Anthony Atkin (DPCC President)

Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club Hosted their open 10 mile time trial on the A420 near Southmoor, Oxfordshire on the 17th of August. This event has become a staple in the club’s event calendar and attendance has been steadily growing for three years. To encourage participation of new riders to open TT racing and to lure road racers to the race of truth, this year an entire race was dedicated to road bikes.

This race was run in collaboration with the Oxfordshire Road Race League, a season long competition which blends, crits, road races (both organised under British Cycling) and individual and team time trials (CTT regs) to give an overall winner. In all, 125 riders from 51 different clubs or teams entered the race from the most experienced TT-ers , to riders who hadn’t done a time trial in 40 years, riders who have never done an open, and even riders who have never done a time trial at all.

The conditions were breezy/windy with a hefty tailwind to the turn followed by a sheltered return until the exposed roads and the headwind combined to make the last 2.5 miles a little challenging. In the road bike competition Cowely Road Condors CC’s team of two and Didcot Phoenix CC team of three took the womens’ and mens’ team prize, respectively. Condors and Abingdon Race Team rounded out the top three on the mens’ side.

Kristen Lovelock (CRCCC) and Aimee Jones (24m24s) made it a 1st and 3rd for the Condors with Alexandra Chart (GS Henley) splitting the pair for second. The promoting club’s Richard Gildea opted to ride his road bike (to avoid second claim member Chris Boddy in the TT comp, probably) to take the road bike win in 20.08 followed by Greg Fitzek (Zero BC) and Anthony Turner (Mickey Cranks).

While the dust settled on the road bike competition, the pointy hats of the time trial bikes got underway. Here Richard Harrison (Drag to Zero), Rob West (Aerocoach) and Chris Boddy (Aerocoach) squared up with Boddy taking the win in 19.01 from West (19.47) and Harrison (20.36). Lydia Watts (CT Onform 23.04) and Melanie Sneddon (Torq 23.09) took first and second in their competition with Reading Cycling Club (RCC)’s Jen Mcgill taking third in 23.26.

Bicester Millennium CC took the TT-bike team prize for the men with Oxonian CC in second and Mickey Cranks Cycling Club in third. The team of two Torq (Sneddon and Birkmyre) won the women’s team prize. Special mention goes to Sam Boulton (DPCC) who was the fastest rider to complete both events…soundly beating his teammate Anthony Atkin. Both riders are now much wiser as a result.

We would like to thank every rider, helper, organiser (Richard Gildea), timers, pusher, parent/supporter, poster designer and photographer who helped make this event such a success. From the club’s point of view It is extremely pleasing to see how strong and welcoming the grass-roots cycling and racing community can be and how, by pulling together with friends across teams, clubs, league organisers and event governing bodies new people can be brought into (or back to) the sport of time trialling and bike racing in general.

To emphasise this point, this race traditionally used to run with 50-60 participants…this event along with others in the district run by excellent clubs and teams shows that this trend can be quietly ignored when high-quality, welcoming events are put on. Finally finally, the commitment award goes to Robert Briggs and Anna Woodcock who cleared the start of road kill before sending two hours of riders on their way!

Thank you again to everyone involved, you’re our favourites. Standby for Hill Climb season

Prize winners

Tandem event: 1 Peter Oliver & Christopher Edginton 20:50

Road bike event:

Men Road Bike
1 Richard Gildea 00:20:28
2 Greg Fitzek 00:20:56
3 Anthony Turner 00:21:21

Women Road Bike
1Kristen Lovelock 00:24:24
2 Alexandra Chart 00:25:15
3 Aimee Jones 00:25:25

Men RB Team (3)
1 Didcot Phoenix CC 01:05:27
2 Cowley Road Condors CC 01:06:19
3 Abingdon Race Team 01:08:00

Women RB Team (2)
1 Cowley Road Condors CC 00:49:49

Vets (RB)
1 Anthony Turner +05:24
2 Stewart House +04:37
3 Kristen Lovelock +03:56

TT bike event

Men TT Bike
1 Chris Boddy 00:19:01
2 Robert West 00:19:47
3 Richard Harrison 00:20:36

Women TT Bike
1 Lydia Watts 00:23:04
2 Melanie Sneddon 00:23:09
3 Jen Magill 00:23:26

Men TT Team (3)
1 Bicester Millennium CC 01:05:29
2 Oxonian CC 01:06:17
3 Mickey Cranks Cycling Club 01:10:12

Women TT Team (2)
1 TORQ Performance 00:47:52

Vets (TT)
1 Graham Winstone +05:59
2 Arja Scarsbrook +05:39
3 Malcolm Rose +05:32

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1 Chris Boddy AeroCoach 19:01 Male Senior
2 Robert West AeroCoach 19:47 Male Vet
3 Richard Harrison DRAG2ZERO 20:36 Male Vet
4 Graham Winstone Oxonian CC 20:37 Male Vet
5 Andy Court Bicester Millennium CC 20:59 Male Vet
5 Malcolm Rose Oxonian CC 20:59 Male Vet
7 Arthur Boulton Vision Innovative Leisure Racing Team 21:14 Male Junior
8 Stuart Gourley Radeon-Cycology RT 21:22 Male Senior
9 Simon Bull Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 21:43 Male Vet
10 Mark Woolford Team Swindon Cycles 21:46 Male Vet
11 Martin Attwood Cowley Road Condors CC 22:00 Male Senior
11 Michael Bennett Bicester Millennium CC 22:00 Male Vet
13 Peter Garnett Swindon Road Club 22:02 Male Vet
14 Tom Burnley Thames Velo 22:03 Male Senior
15 Caer Timothy Royal Air Force Cycling Association 22:05 Male Senior
15 William Grainger Andover Wheelers 22:05 Male Vet
17 Jon Saunders Charlotteville Cycling Club 22:15 Male Senior
18 Ben Parker Swindon Wheelers 22:16 Male Vet
19 James Foster High Wycombe CC 22:27 Male Vet
20 Dave May Bicester Millennium CC 22:30 Male Vet
21 Andrew Payne Maidenhead & District CC 22:54 Male Vet
22 Rob Vessey Didcot Phoenix CC 22:59 Male Vet
23 Dan Dolan Mid Devon CC 23:02 Male Vet
24 Hans Nilsson London Phoenix CC 23:03 Male Vet
25 Lydia Watts Cycle Team Onform 23:04 Female Espoir
26 Melanie Sneddon TORQ Performance 23:09 Female Vet
27 Sam Boulton Didcot Phoenix CC 23:11 Male Vet
28 Oliver Gummery Mickey Cranks Cycling Club 23:13 Male Senior
29 James Bark Mickey Cranks Cycling Club 23:23 Male Senior
30 Jen Magill Reading CC 23:26 Female Vet
31 Anthony Atkin Didcot Phoenix CC 23:32 Male Senior
32 Jonathan Whitear Oxford City RC 23:33 Male Vet
33 Rhys Williams Mickey Cranks Cycling Club 23:36 Male Vet
34 Alan Allcock Didcot Phoenix CC 23:46 Male Vet
35 Helen Roby Spirit Bikes CC 23:56 Female Vet
36 Nick James Mickey Cranks Cycling Club 23:57 Male Vet
37 Simon Evans Didcot Phoenix CC 24:35:00 Male Vet
38 Ian Radburn Oxonian CC 24:41:00 Male Vet
39 Janet Birkmyre TORQ Performance 24:43:00 Female Vet
40 Michael Hicks Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 24:53:00 Male Vet
41 Leanne James Didcot Phoenix CC 25:01:00 Female Senior
42 Duncan Martin Cowley Road Condors CC 25:42:00 Male Vet
42 Nicholas Cosgreave Farnborough & Camberley CC 25:42:00 Male Vet
44 Adrian Feek Bath Road Club 25:58:00 Male Vet
45 Arja Scarsbrook Bush Healthcare CRT 26:02:00 Female Vet
46 Andrew Grant Chelmer CC 27:28:00 Male Vet
47 Sam Wootton Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 28:03:00 Male Senior
48 Peter White VC 10 28:05:00 Male Vet
49 Les Gardner Maidenhead & District CC 29:42:00 Male Vet
50 Rosslyn Young Serpentine Running Club 32:11:00 Female Vet
51 Jan Farmer Serpentine Running Club 33:59:00 Female Vet
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Road Bikes
1 Richard Gildea Didcot Phoenix CC 20:28 Male Senior
2 Greg Fitzek ZeroBC Race Team 20:56 Male Espoir
3 Anthony Turner Mickey Cranks Cycling Club 21:21 Male Vet
4 Peter Fifield Cowley Road Condors CC 21:38 Male Senior
5 Harri James Didcot Phoenix CC 22:10 Male Senior
5 David Holland Cowley Road Condors CC 22:10 Male Senior
7 Darrell Harris Abingdon Race Team 22:11 Male Senior
8 Stewart House Arctic Aircon RT 22:17 Male Vet
9 Peter Fry Cowley Road Condors CC 22:31 Male Senior
10 Darren Milligan Abingdon Race Team 22:43 Male Senior
11 Matthew Boswell Didcot Phoenix CC 22:49 Male Senior
12 George Edwards Cowley Road Condors CC 22:54 Male Senior
13 Kyle Bateman Vector Cycling Race Team 22:59 Male Vet
14 Martin Stanley Didcot Phoenix CC 23:03 Male Vet
15 Paul Renshaw Vector Cycling Race Team 23:04 Male Vet
16 Finn Walshe Abingdon Race Team 23:06 Male Junior
17 Andrew Pollard Cowley Road Condors CC 23:15 Male Senior
18 Gareth Simpson Oxonian CC 23:19 Male Vet
19 Peter Smith Cowley Road Condors CC 23:20 Male Senior
20 Dominic Spalding Mickey Cranks Cycling Club 23:22 Male Vet
21 Paul Whitehorne Reading CC 23:27 Male Vet
22 Nicholas Owen Abingdon Race Team 23:37 Male Vet
23 Jonathan Hitch Abingdon Race Team 23:39 Male Senior
24 Greg Simmonds Abingdon Race Team 23:47 Male Senior
25 Gary Smith Swindon Wheelers 23:56 Male Vet
26 Sam Boulton Didcot Phoenix CC 24:03:00 Male Vet
27 Leigh Blackford Vector Cycling Race Team 24:20:00 Male Senior
28 Ben Farrer Vector Cycling Race Team 24:21:00 Male Senior
29 Paul Allday Fairly United Cycling Team 24:23:00 Male Vet
30 Kristen Lovelock Cowley Road Condors CC 24:24:00 Female Vet
31 Michael Wise Mickey Cranks Cycling Club 24:26:00 Male Senior
32 Harry Cook Mickey Cranks Cycling Club 24:53:00 Male Senior
33 Alexandra Chart G.S. Henley 25:15:00 Female Senior
34 Mark Sealy Didcot Phoenix CC 25:19:00 Male Senior
35 Nick Muir Cowley Road Condors CC 25:24:00 Male Espoir
36 Aimee Jones Cowley Road Condors CC 25:25:00 Female Senior
37 Anthony Atkin Didcot Phoenix CC 25:31:00 Male Senior
38 James Harvey Didcot Phoenix CC 25:40:00 Male Senior
39 Rose Mcgovern Cowley Road Condors CC 25:48:00 Female Senior
40 Kate Bradley Born to Bike – Bridgtown Cycles 26:10:00 Female Vet
41 John Pinfold Cheltenham & County Cycling Club 26:38:00 Male Vet
42 Matthew Smith Mickey Cranks Cycling Club 27:57:00 Male Vet
43 Hilary Walker Serpentine Running Club 30:09:00 Female Vet

1 Peter Oliver Fairly United Cycling Team 20:50 Male Vet
1 Christopher Edginton Fairly United Cycling Team 20:50 Male Vet


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