Result: Ellon Town Centre Youth Criteriums

Imani Pereira-James, Jamie Thomson, Evie White, Adam Murray & Erin Boothman winners at the Ellon Town Centre Youth Criteriums in the Scottish National Youth Circuit Series on August 18

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Result: Ellon Town Centre Youth Criteriums

1 Imani Pereira-James East Kilbride Road Club
2 Kirsty Johnson Edinburgh RC
3 Erin Murphy Deeside Thistle CC
4 Isla Long Deeside Thistle CC
5 Isla-May Edge Edinburgh RC

U14 Boys
1 Jamie Thomson Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club
2 Luis Ryder Edinburgh RC
3 Isaac Small Deeside Thistle CC
4 Oliver Kelly Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club
5 Jake Speed Stirling Bike Club
6 Elliot Rowe Deeside Thistle CC
7 Ahron Dick Stirling Bike Club
8 Samuel Edgar Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club
9 Archie Marshall Dawson Deeside Thistle CC
10 Declan Sangster Grampian Tigers
11 Robert Smart Ythan CC
12 Rhys Edwards Edinburgh RC
13 Jimmy Coleman Team Chronomaster
14 Gregor Murphy Deeside Thistle CC
15 Gavin Gronkowski Ythan CC
16 Corey Whiteford Lanark Race team

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U14 Girls
1 Evie White Deeside Thistle CC
2 Millie Thomson Deeside Thistle CC
3 Isla McCutcheon Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club
4 Sarah Johnson Edinburgh RC
5 Ailsa Long Deeside Thistle CC
6 Johanna Mackenzie none
7 Molly Evans Deeside Thistle CC

U12 Boys
1 Adam Murray East Kilbride Road Club
2 Edwyn Atterton Edinburgh RC
3 Matthew Smith Ythan CC
4 Ross Eastaugh Grampian Tigers
5 Israel Noble
6 Euan Murphy Ythan CC
7 Andrew Ingram Ythan CC
8 Oliver Bain
9 Jonathan Whittle Grampian Tigers
10 Murdo Evans Deeside Thistle CC
11 Kyle Gibson Ythan CC
12 Rory Trythall Deeside Thistle CC
13 Jack Wilson Ecosse Northboats
14 alasdair easton Edinburgh RC
15 Arran Keenon Grampian Tigers
16 Alex Speed Stirling Bike Club

U12 Girls
1 Erin Boothman East Kilbride Road Club
2 Arabella Blackburn Deeside Thistle CC
3 Anna Birrell Edinburgh RC
4 Niamh Waters Edinburgh RC
5 Hope Thomson Deeside Thistle CC
6 Harriet Hendry
7 Thea Aitken Deeside Thistle CC
8 Eva Murphy Deeside Thistle CC
9 Becky McManus Royal Albert CC
10 Lacey Holmes Royal Albert CC

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U10 Boys
1 Xander Graham Edinburgh RC
2 Harris Holmes Royal Albert CC
3 Aidan Ryder Edinburgh RC
4 Innes Long Deeside Thistle CC
5 Sebastian Blackburn Deeside Thistle CC
6 Micah Myles
7 Finlay Hanton Ecosse Northboats
8 Euan Donaldson Grampian Tigers
9 Fyvie Gault
10 Rory Keenon Grampian Tigers
11 Gabriel Noble
12 Iain Rae Royal Albert CC
13 Kyle Whiteford Lanark Race team

U10 Girls
1 Melanie Rowe Deeside Thistle CC
2 Jessica Booth Deeside Thistle CC
3 Millie Boothman East Kilbride Road Club
4 Zara Main Deeside Thistle CC
5 Matilda Hendry
6 Eilidh Gronkowski Ythan CC
7 Katy Tweedie Ecosse Northboats
8 Eilish Gaffney Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club
9 Rebecca Stewart
10 Grace Bain
11 Emma Campbell Ecosse Northboats
12 Maisie Rae Royal Albert CC

U8 Boys
1 Ruaraidh Macpherson Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club
2 Griff Aitken Deeside Thistle CC
3 Josh Sharp
4 Ben McMurray Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club
5 Matthew Moran Ythan CC
6 Thomas Fyall
7 Johnathan Myles
8 Calum Campbell Ecosse Northboats
9 Flynn Lucas
10 Asher Noble
11 Harris Bain
12 Brodie Scouller Ythan CC
13 Alec Wallace
14 Ruaraidh Gault

U8 Girls
1 Eden Thomson Deeside Thistle CC
2 Isabella Smith Ythan CC
3 Olivia McMurray
4 Libby Tweedie Ecosse Northboats
5 Freya Lowson Ecosse Northboats
6 Charlotte Cordiner Ythan CC


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