Result: East Sussex CA 25m TT

Dan Bigham and Joscelin Lowden both break the course records including Graeme Obree’s record from 1996 on the G25/89 course in East Sussex

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Result: East Sussex CA 25m TT

Footnote: Dan Bigham and Joscelin Lowden are both riding the inaugural World Championship mixed team time trial for GB in Yorkshire next Sunday.


1 Dan Bigham Ribble Pro Cycling 48:19:00 Male Senior
2 Howard Shaw trainSharp 51:48:00 Male Senior
3 Matthew Smith Team ASL 53:29:00 Male Senior
4 Joscelin Lowden The Independent Pedaler 54:03:00 Female Senior
5 David Clements Eastbourne Rovers CC 54:49:00 Male Vet
6 Marc Townsend Eastbourne Rovers CC 55:08:00 Male Senior
7 David Clark Eastbourne Rovers CC 55:26:00 Male Vet
8 David Shepherd …a3crg 56:55:00 Male Vet
9 Matthew Sim Dorking Cycling Club 57:29:00 Male Senior
10 Mark Edwards Eastbourne Rovers CC 57:30:00 Male Vet
11 Simon Underwood CC Topp 57:41:00 Male Vet
12 Sally Turner trainSharp 58:08:00 Female Senior
13 Keith Walker Wigmore CC 58:17:00 Male Vet
14 Carl Richardson trainSharp 58:20:00 Male Vet
15 Nathan Russell trainSharp 58:33:00 Male Senior
16 Christian Yates East Grinstead CC (Merlin Cycle Coaching) 58:42:00 Male Vet
17 Duncan Fuller Lewes Wanderers CC 58:57:00 Male Vet
18 Richard Burchett Lewes Wanderers CC 59:14:00 Male Vet
19 Simon Lovelock Team Skipper 59:19:00 Male Senior
20 Simon Smythe Norwood Paragon CC 59:34:00 Male Vet
21 James Stone Brighton Excelsior CC 01:00:01 Male Vet
22 Daniel Ellis Eastbourne Rovers CC 01:00:19 Male Senior
23 Ben Cumpstone Brighton Mitre CC 01:00:27 Male Vet
24 James Ryan Team ASL 01:00:38 Male Vet
25 Kenny Cunningham East Grinstead CC (Merlin Cycle Coaching) 01:00:49 Male Senior
26 Edwin Wagena Brighton Mitre CC 01:01:00 Male Vet
27 Mark Cain Army Cycling 01:01:17 Male Vet
27 Joe Benians Lewes Wanderers CC 01:01:17 Male Senior
29 Madelaine Lee-Smith Oxted Cycle Club 01:02:36 Female Vet
30 Mark Thomas Bigfoot CC 01:02:43 Male Vet
31 Lisa Davis trainSharp 01:03:13 Female Vet
32 Donald Parker Brighton Mitre CC 01:04:47 Male Vet
33 Andy Appleyard 34 Nomads CC 01:06:43 Male Vet
34 Richard Woodward East Grinstead CC (Merlin Cycle Coaching) 01:06:50 Male Vet
35 Mark Gidney Southborough & Dist. Whs 01:07:00 Male Vet
36 Peter Owen Norwood Paragon CC 01:07:07 Male Vet
37 Russell Hicks Oxted Cycle Club 01:07:33 Male Vet
38 David Beale Lewes Wanderers CC 01:07:54 Male Vet
39 Barrie Foster Anerley BC 01:08:40 Male Vet
40 Kevin Battell Eastbourne Rovers CC 01:09:20 Male Vet
41 Keith Geere GS Stella 01:11:35 Male Vet
42 John Bush Maidenhead & District CC 01:13:25 Male Vet
43 Chris Parker Hastings & St. Leonards CC 01:13:45 Male Vet
44 Emma Naylor University of Bath Cycling Club 01:14:30 Female Senior
45 Paul Valks Lewes Wanderers CC 01:14:37 Male Vet
46 Tim Miles Hastings & St. Leonards CC 01:16:56 Male Vet
47 Robin Johnson Brighton Mitre CC 01:17:40 Male Vet

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