Result: Welsh Cyclo-Cross League Rd 4

Lynn Lines, Ruby Miller, Steven James, William Truelove, Joanne Rees, Grant Johnson, Jason Killiner and Griff Lewis among the winners at round 4 of the Welsh CycloCross league on Sunday (September 29)

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Result: Welsh Cyclo-Cross League Rd 4

Junior, Senior and Vet Women
1 Ruby Miller Hope Factory Racing
2 Carol Thomas Unattached
3 Tanwen Haf Ystwyth Cycling Club
4 Rowena Duffield Whitchurch Cycling Club
5 Lisa Davies Unattached
6 Rhiannon Jones West Wales Cycle Racing Team

Vet 50 Women
1 Clare Hoskins Cardiff JIF
2 Carol Miller Cardiff JIF

Junior Women
1 Ruby Carleton Maindy Flyers

Vet 40 Women
1 Joanne Rees The Bulls
2 Suzanne Warren Cardiff Ajax CC
3 Jenny McAdie Gower Riders
4 Rhian Hopkins Cardiff JIF
5 Nia Richards West Wales Cycle Racing Team

Junior, Senior and Vet Men
1 Steven James Hope Factory Racing
2 Ben Nott BC Private Member
3 Daniel Powell Cardiff JIF
4 Craig Seaman Bynea CC
5 Alex Powell Cardiff JIF
6 Michael Webb Cardiff Ajax CC
7 Christopher Davies Cycle Specific CC
8 David Jarrom Cardiff Ajax CC
9 Thomas Dye Cardiff Ajax CC
10 Iain Fairley Gower Riders
11 Gabriel Hamon Cardiff JIF
12 Jonathan Williams
13 Philip Thomas
14 Ben Phillips

Junior Men
1 William Truelove Abergavenny Road Club
2 Sam Ryland Cycle-Tec
3 Spencer Davies CC Abergavenny/JP Signs & Print
4 George Marshall Cardiff JIF
5 Jack Ramsbottom West Wales
6 Dafydd Wright West Wales
7 Jonathan Pearce Abergavenny Road Club
8 Tomos Moynihan Maindy Flyers Youth CC
9 Endaf Williams West Wales Cycle Racing
10 Gruffydd Daniel Towy Riders
11 Ethan Lucas-Morgan Gower Riders

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Vet50 Men
1 Grant Johnson BC Private Member
2 Timothy Davies CC Abergavenny/JP Signs & Print
3 Martyn Hughes-Dowdle Gower Riders
4 Steve Smith Gower Riders V50
5 Adrian Brown Merthyr Cycling
6 Donald Gray Cardiff JIF V50
7 Kevin Dunster Brecon Wheelers
8 Miles Brown Cardiff Ajax CC
9 Crad Lowe Brecon Wheelers
10 Simon Mudie Cardiff JIF
11 Brad Davies Bynea CC
12 Barry Hardiman The Bulls
13 David Miles Tredz Bikes
14 Andrew Keward Bynea CC
15 Chris Williams Pontypool RCC

Vet40 Men
1 Jason Killiner Pontypool RCC
2 Matthew Lewis Abergavenny Road Club
3 Andrew Baum Pontypool RCC
4 Arwel Davies Towy Riders
5 Kieron Hastings Cardiff JIF
6 Andy Hoskins Cardiff JIF
7 Richard Bowen Gateway Racing
8 Richie Johnson Abergavenny Road Club
9 Jonathan Moyle Gateway Racing
10 David Woodsford BC Private Member
11 Richard Lloyd Pontypool RCC
12 Thomas Hadfield Gateway Racing
13 Lee Watts Gower Riders
14 Alan Cole Ystwyth Cycling Club
15 Christopher Blackmore BC Private
16 Gair McAdie Gower Riders
17 Gethin Howells Ystwyth Cycling Club
18 Carwyn Williams Cardiff JIF
19 Ainsley Evans Gower Riders
20 Brian Kiernan Cardiff Ajax
21 Rhys Thomas Towy Riders V40
22 Gareth Chislett Cycling Club
23 David Casso-Davies Ystwyth
24 Andrew Cleaves Cardiff JIF
25 Warren Tilke Cardiff JIF
26 Neil Rickard BC

Vet60 Men
1 Lynn Lines Gateway Racing
2 Ian Evans Clwb Seiclo Madog
3 Nigel Pitt Bynea CC
4 Michael Smith Cycle-Tec
5 Howard Smith BC Private Member
6 Timothy Jones Bynea CC
7 Philip Harries Cardiff Ajax CC

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Youth and Juvenile Boys Girls
1 Griff Lewis Ystwyth Cycling
2 Ioanhedd Oldfield Marsh Tracks
3 Jack Hastings Cardiff JIF
4 Ethan Pratten Cardiff JIF
5 Perry Jolly The Bulls Yth
6 Finley George Abergavenny
7 Morgan Lloyd Cycle Specific
8 Rhys Thomas Maindy Flyers
9 Carwyn Hardiman The Bulls
10 Gerwyn Humphreys Ystwyth Cycling Club

Under 14 Boys
1 Alfie Davies A Cycling
2 Finlay Tarling West Wales Cycle Racing Team
3 Sam Fisher Maindy Flyers
4 Rory Gravelle Towy Riders
5 Llion Rees-Jenkins Ystwyth Cycling
6 Oliver Patterson Gower Riders
7 Alexander Rabaiotti Maindy Flyers
8 Oscar Davies CC Abergavenny/JP Signs & Print
9 Rhys Griffin Cardiff JIF Juv
10 Harry Randell Newport Velo
11 Gwion Humpreys Ystwyth Cycling
12 Ethan Hinton Unattached
13 Matthew Cleves Cardiff JIF
14 Iori Dewsnap Towy Riders

Under 16
1 Awen Roberts Towy Riders
2 Bethany Bennett Towy Riders
3 Lowri Richards West Wales
4 Efa Williams Cardiff JIF

Under 14 Girls
1 Anwen Nesham Cardiff JIF
2 Jessica Hoskins Cardiff
3 Evelyn Nurse Cardiff JIF
4 Briony Roberts Hafren CC


Under 12 Girls
1 Aelwen Davies Towy Riders U12
2 Mabli Phillips Maindy Flyers Youth CC U12
3 Kitty Walton Gower Riders U12
4 Imogen McAdie Gower Riders U12
5 Efanna Lewis Ystwyth Cycling Club U12
6 Cari Williams Ystwyth CC U12
7 Eleri Emmerson Whitchurch Cycling Club U12
8 Hawys Richards West Wales Cycle Racing Team U12

Under 12 Boys
1 Finn Davies A Cycling U12
2 0 Ruben Brandon-Higgs Hafren CC U12
3 Meuryn Rees The Bulls U12
4 Elliot Turner Hafren CC U12
5 Daniel Warrender Towy Riders U12
6 Daniel Davies Maindy Flyers Youth CC U12
7 Tomos Davies Gower Riders U12
8 Zac Risdon Abergavenny Road Club U12
9 Robert Lewis The Bulls U12
10 Gethin Serjeant Hafren CC U12


Under 10 Girls
1 Lara Elias Gower Riders U10 F
2 Katie Evans Gower Riders U10 F
3 Isobel Davies Gower Riders U10 F
4 Mali Emmerson Whitchurch Cycling Club U10 F
5 Laura Thompson Brook West Wales Cycle Racing Team U10 F
6 Poppie Haynes Ystwyth Cycling Club U10 F
7 Jess Duffield Whitchurch Cycling Club U10 F
8 Erin Whitfield West Wales Cycle Racing Team U10 F
9 Seren Serjeant Hafren CC U10 F
10 Livia Walton Gower Riders U10 F
11 Eimear Morgan Maindy Flyers CRT U10 F

Under 10 Boys
1 Cameron Reeves Abergavenny Road Club U10 M
2 Toby Risdon Abergavenny Road Club U10 M
3 Osian Tilke Cardiff JIF U10 M
4 Osian Phillips Maindy Flyers Youth CC U10 M
5 William Morgan Whitchurch Cycling Club U10 M
6 Talan Jones Maindy Flyers Youth CC U10 M
7 Cadan Lloyd-Jones West Wales Cycle Racing Team U10 M
8 Cian Dines Ystwyth Cycling Club U10 M
9 Tomos Williams Cardiff JIF U10 M
10 Steffan Dines Ystwyth Cycling Club U10 M
11 Rhys Walters Gower Riders U10 M

Under 8 Girls
1 Cadi Emmerson Whitchurch Cycling Club U8 F
2 Ffion Davies The Bulls U8 F
3 Manon Lewis Ystwyth Cycling Club U8 F

Under 8 Boys
1 Freddie Roberts Hafren CC U8 M
2 Isaac McAdie Gower Riders U8 M
3 Ben Turner Hafren CC U8 M
4 Steffan Jewell Ystwyth CC U8 M
5 Efan Lewis The Bulls U8 M
6 Osian Perry Gower Riders U8 M
7 Camden-Jay Corbett The Bulls U8 M
8 Henri Williams Cardiff JIF U8 M
9 Hari Whitfield West Wales Cycle Racing Team U8 M
10 Harrison Corp Kellett Gower Riders U8 M


Under 6 Girls
1 Daisy Duffield Whitchurch Cycling Club U6 F
2 Tarynn Perry Unattached U6 F
3 Bethan Morgan Whitchurch Cycling Club U6 F
4 Libby Elias Gower Riders U6 F
5 Corynn Perry Gower Riders U6 F

Under 6 Boys
1 Macsen Harris Abergavenny Road Club U6 M


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