Day 5: World Masters Track Championships

Day 5 of the UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at the Manchester Velodrome was packed with some exciting racing and a lot of rainbow jerseys to be given to the new champions.

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Day 5: World Masters Track Championships

October 12-19, 2019 | Manchester velodrome

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DAY 5, Wednesday, OCT 16

Day 5 of the UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at the Manchester Velodrome was packed with some exciting racing and a lot of rainbow jerseys to be given to the new champions.

The day belonged to Australia with five titles to the four for the USA, two for France and one for the host nation, Britain, and another for Denmark. In the Women’s Team Sprint, the finals were all nail biters with the gun signalling the finish of each team seemingly going off at the same time so close were the times. The teams from the USA dominated with three of the titles whilst the Aussies won the other title on offer.

In the men’s high octane Team Sprint for riders 35-44, it was the French trio of Sebastian Thery, Jann DuJarrier, Arnaud Duble who beat off the challenge of the British in the final by thousandths of a second whilst the Aussies won the bronze in their final against Poland by fourth tenths of a second. The quality of the teams was certainly high and with plenty of depth but even that could not top the French singing their national anthem out loud and with plenty of passion on the podium. Memorable.

There was quality too in the men’s Sprint events. In the 60-64 age category, Aussie Gary Mandy was not just tactically astute but able to back it up with some really fast finishes to win his final for Gold two rides to nil. In the other men’s Sprint race for 55 to 59 riders, it was another renowned Aussie, legend of the championships, Geoff Stoker who won his final two rides to nil as well.

The success for Aussies carried on in the bunch races. In the 65-69 category race, Steele Bishop, a former world professional Pursuit champion, showed he’s lost none of that class by controlling his race, leading out the sprints and winning them at will to take yet another title home to Western Australia.

There was also a big win for a legend in Australian cycling, Keith Oliver, in the 75 plus Points race. Keith came up against a British pro legend of the 70s, Geoff Wiles, and in the first sprint, the win went to Wiles. From then on though, ‘KO’ (Keith Oliver) was wise to the threat that Geoff Wiles posed for the title and Oliver worked his tactical magic to win the other sprints and the World title.

Speaking of magic, in the 55 to 59, Mike Twelves of Britain also rode a brilliant race which was on the go the whole time and with riders going up the track all the time, Twelves had to be extra strong to keep his wheel in front. This he did winning no less than four sprints to deny his rivals a sniff of the title, winning by ten points from Chris Carlson of the USA and Colin Parkinson of Britain.

In the 70-74 Points race, there were different winners for all of the sprints but it was the double points at the end that favoured Andre Petipas who snuck in front of his rivals by a point to win the title from a rider who was in the first few on the leaderboard all race, Graham Weigh, with the leader going into the final sprint, Colin Claxton of New Zealand dropping to third.

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Denmark came out of the day’s racing with a title in the Men’s 50-54 Scratch Race after Jesper Falden Offersgaard clipping off at the end of the race to hold on and win the title race by a clear margin from the sprint coming at him on the final lap of the race.

Finally, I’ve saved the final race in this report to the one which was dominated by Larry Nolan. In the same manner as Steele Bishop of Australia had done with his earlier in the evening, Nolan, who was racing on his birthday, kept his wheel in front in the sprints and his 12 point winning margin over Britain’s James Rutherford shows how much in control Nolan was in the title race. The best bit though was when Nolan was on the podium, all of a sudden the party hats, birthday cake and party poppers were brought out for a podium photo never to forget!

Racing continues on Thursday, day 6 of the championships start at 10am.

– Women’s Team Sprint 65+: Bonnie Woodbury/Lan Tran USA
– Women’s Team Sprint 55-64: Anna Whitten/Sally McKenna, AUS
– Women’s Team Sprint 45-54: Camie Kornely/Christine D’Ercole USA
– Women’s Team Sprint 35-44: Dawn Orwick/Kira Maximovich USA
– Men’s 35/44 Team Sprint: Sebastian Thery, Jann DuJarrier, Arnaud Duble FRA
– Men’s 50/54 Scratch Race: Jesper Falden Offersgaard DEN
– Men’s 55/59 Points Race: Mike Twelves GBR
– Men’s 55/59 Sprint: Geoff Stoker AUS
– Men’s 60/64 Sprint: Gary Mandy AUS
– Men’s 60/64 Points Race: Larry Nolan USA
– Mens 65-69 Points race: Steele Bishop AUS
– Men’s 70-74 Points Race: Andre Petipas FRA
– Men’s 75+ Points Race: Keith Oliver AUS

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Women’s Team Sprint 65+
1 Just 4 Fun (Bonnie Woodbury/Lan Tran USA)

Women’s Team Sprint 55-64
1 Golden Sisters 38.043 (Anna Whitten/Sally McKenna, AUS)
2. Velo Vipers 40.214 (Mindee Stevenson/Gail Matherly USA)
3. Takes 2 (Marybeth Pierantoni/Lisa Nutter USA)

Women’s Team Sprint 45-54
1 IAMICANIWILLIDO-USA 38.523 (Camie Kornely/Christine D’Ercole USA)
2. Mum-n-Nanna 38.801 (Megan Stevens/Julie Barnett AUS)
3. All American Girls 39.973 (Elise Traylor/Charlene Yarnall USA)
4. New Zealand RELEGATED (Lyn Peterken/Penny Pawson) incorrect change

Women’s Team Sprint 35-44
1. Dawn of a New Kira 36.272 (Dawn Orwick/Kira Maximovich USA)
2. Torq Performance 36.828 (Maddy Moore/Jan Birkmyre GBR)
3. The bog Women 37.584 (Kirsten Herup Sovang/Janni Bormann DEN)
4. Dutch Dolan Divas 37.663 (Tabitha Dreef/Carolien van Herrikhuyzen NED)

Men’s 35-44 Team Sprint
1 Team France 47.446
Sebastian Thery, Jann DuJarrier, Arnaud Duble FRA

2. Team BSB 47.489
Luca Lupo, Joshua Spendelow, Rowan Elliot (Gbr)

3. Team Australia 48.300
Bradley Norton, Shane Dirks, Alan Townsend

4. Poland 48.722
Adrian Swiderski, Adam Marciniak, Krzysztof Wolski

Men’s 60-64 SPRINT
1. Gary Mandy AUS 12.096 11.805
2. James Joseph GUY
3. Aron Seiken USA 12.536 12.096
4. Jean-Pierre Guinebert FRA

Men’s 75+ Points Race
1. Keith Oliver AUS 23 17m 34
2. Geoff Wiles GBR 17
3. Joseph Nicolosi FRA 6
4. Peter Jenn GBR 5
5. Victor Possee GBR 4
6. Laurence Rissbrook GBR -10

Men’s 50-54 Scratch Race
1 Jesper Falden Offersgaard DEN 9m 09
2 Patrice Huby FRA
3 Paul Whatmough GBR
4 Brian Haas USA
5 Franck Calcus FRA
6 Michael Miller USA
7 David Klipper USA
8 Alan Davies GBR
9 Marco Bergoni ITA
10 Carlos Selvini ARG
11 Gian Carlo Tesini ITA
12 Paul Kircher NZL
13 Francois Xavier Brunot Pozo ESP
14 Martin Perrett GBR
15 Andre Todd CAN
16 Jeremy Brougham GBR
17 Garry Latimer GBR
18 Vigen Sarkisian RUS
19 Daniel Casper USA
20 Grzegorz Turkiewicz POL
21 Marek Bittman CZE

Men’s 55-59 Points Race
1 Mike Twelves GBR 30 18m 45
2 Chris Carlson USA 20
3 Colin Parkinson GBR 15
4 Ricardo Pereyra ARG 14
5 Peter Ettles GBR 13
6 Ian Greenstreet GBR 13
7 Klaus Skjoldann Nielsen DEN 12
8 Mark Wiffen GBR 5
9 William Trischuk CAN 2
10 Beat Ruckstuhl SUI 2
11 Geoffrey Baxter AUS 1
12 Roberto Dardi ITA 0
13 Andrew Nevitt USA 0
14 Mark Hammersley GBR 0
15 Michael Blasczyk GER 0
16 Brent Kay USA 0
17 Dave Fairburn AUS 0
18 Andrej Zavbi SLO 0
19 Stephen Clayton GBR 0
20 Nigel Stephens GBR 0
21 Peter Selkrig AUS 0
22 Walter Santiago Tanzi ARG 0
23 Franciszek Harbacewicz POL -10

Men’s 55-59 SPRINT
1 Geoff Stoker AUS 12.895 12.023
2 Ferruccio Veschetti ITA
3 Jon Gillies GBR 11.236 11.774
4 Grenville Scullard RSA

Men’s 60-64 Points Race
1. Larry Nolan USA 21 13m 13
2. James Rutherford GBR 9
3. Stephane Le Beau CAN 8
4. Bill Brissman USA 7
5. Luc Nouwen BEL 5
6. Vicente F J Zoric ARG 4
7. Ken Roesner GBR 1
8. Marcelo Peralta CHI 0
9. Andre Michaeli FRA 0
10. Graham Bunn NZL 0
11. Uwe Rübling GER 0
12. Keith Jones GBR 0

Mens 65-69 Points race
1. Steele Bishop AUS 21 13m 37
2. Patrick Gellineau USA 8
3. Christian Muselet FRA 5
4. Steve Davies GBR 5
5. Steven Worley USA 4
6. Bob Barber GBR 4
7. Malcolm Clasohm AUS 2
8. Mark Altamirano USA 0
9. Kent Bostick USA 0
10. Charles Hoffman USA 0
11. Veon McReynolds USA 0
12. Brian Cookson GBR 0
13. Larry Wolff USA 0
14. Alan Forrester GBR 0
15. Stephen Bunn GBR 0
16. Richard Cullen USA 0
17. Malcolm Freeman GBR 0
18. Denis Thompson GBR 0
19. Derek Schofield GBR 0

Men’s 70-74 Points race
1. Andre Petipas FRA 11 14m 04
2. Graham Weigh GBR 10
3. Colin Claxton NZL 10
4. Rod Price AUS 9
5. David Mulica USA 6
6. Marcel Le Quere FRA 5
7. Patrick Whelan USA 2
8. Patrick Villain FRA 1
9. Sandy Wallace GBR 1
10. Michel Francois FRA 0
11. Gordon Smith GBR 0
12. Michel Briat FRA 0
13. William Cotton GBR 0
14. Steffen Munch Hansen DEN 0
15. Bent Christiansen DEN 0
16. Enrique E Moyano ARG 0

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