Day 6: World Masters Track Championships

Day 6 of the 2019 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at the Manchester Velodrome saw a mix of sprinting, Team Sprint and Team Pursuit plus some super exciting Points races with the home riders winning five Gold medals.

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Day 6: World Masters Track Championships
October 12-19, 2019 | Manchester velodrome

Watch it Live on YouTube – The 2019 championships will be streamed live – go to this page

DAY 6, Thursday, OCT 17 

Day 6 of the 2019 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at the Manchester Velodrome saw a mix of sprinting, Team Sprint and Team Pursuit plus some super exciting Points races.

Top nation by a long way in the number of Gold medals won on day 6 was the host nation, Britain with five Gold medals. Next was Australia with two and one each for New Zealand, USA, France and Latvia showing what a truly international competition it is.

The final race of the night was the 45/49 Men’s Points race and if ever there was a deserving winner it was Scotland’s Andrew Bruce who was on the attack from lap 1 and during the race formed a breakaway with teammate from Bioracer– Moriarty Bikes, Jason Roberts (podium above).

Bruce may not have dominated the point scoring but he was certainly consistent in scoring in five of the eight sprints including the important final one with double points and he finished 10 points clear of his teammate Jason Roberts with Alejandro Acton of Argentina in third.

In the other Men’s Points Race, Patrice Huby of France scored in only two sprints but combined with a lap take, he finished the race five points clear of British rider Jeremy Brougham with the USA’s Michael Miller in third.

The night also saw three Women’s Points races.

In the one for the youngest age category, 35-44, second placed rider Anna Rzasowska of Poland was out on her own for most of the race, taking maximum points in two sprints but the Aussie, Joanne Arancibia from New South Wales, kept herself in the mix until she made the winning move with a few laps to go, sprinting clear of her rivals and catching Rzasowska with only metres to the line to take the double points and with it the victory by two points.

The race saw two sets of medals awarded with Joanne getting the Gold for 35 to 39 whilst British rider Niki Kovacs who was third in the race, took away the Gold medal for the 40-44.

In the 45 to 54 Women’s Point race, there was only single points between the riders at the top of the table after an attacking race where the New Zealand rider Penny Pawson was very active as was eventual winner Catherine Coley of Great Britain. In third was Janet Birkmyre who’s winning sprint in the final sprint of the race saw her put herself into the top three in the race.

In the 45-49 age group from that race, Penny Pawson was rewarded for her efforts in the race with a Gold medal whilst in the 50-54 age category, British race winner Catherine Coley took away a stripey jumper and gold medal.

The final Women’s Points race was for the 55 plus riders and was won by Carol Scott who with Lindsey Clarke, dominated the race and in the vital final sprint, took a flyer to catch Clarke by surprise with Scott crossing the line first and getting maximum points to take the overall victory.

In the 55-59, Carol Scott won the Gold medal from Lindsey Clarke and Mindee Stevenson whilst in the 60-64 category, Lillian Pfluke of the USA was a delighted Gold medallist ahead of Barbara Wiles.

In the team events, the British trio Lee Rowe, Adey Dent, Mark Wiffin were quickest by a hundredth of a second in the Mens 55-64 Team Sprint to beat the Aussies Geoff Stoker, Gary Mandy, Paul Parker, with Aron Seiken, Frederick Stanage, Marvin Hall of the USA third.

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The Men’s Team Pursuit final was also a very close and edge of the seat battle between the British quartet and the Aussie one. The Brits were up early on but the Aussies came back and when they lost a rider in the final kilo, the Brits were making up ground on the leaders but it wasn’t to be for them and the Aussies (Bradley Norton, James Ogilvie, Jonathon Millington, Ben Neppl) won the Gold.

The day also saw some exciting sprinting with Ainars Kiksis of Latvia too quick in two straight heats for extravert German rider Marcel Laurenz. In the battle for the bronze, it was a ‘ride over’ for Aussie Michael Smith who’s rival, fellow Aussie Daniel Rickard was unable to contest the race due to a fall in the semi final where he sustained some injuries from his high speed fall.

Racing continues on Friday, starting at 9am with a lot of sprinting on the programme as well as some Team Pursuiting, Team Sprinting, and Scratch races.


– Men’s 45/49 Points Race: Andrew Bruce GBR
– Men’s 50/54 Points Race: Patrice Huby FRA 25
– Men’s 55/64 Team Sprint: Lee Rowe, Adey Dent, Mark Wiffin Gbr
– Men’s 35/44 Team Pursuit: Bradley Norton, James Ogilvie, Jonathon Millington, Ben Neppl AUS

– Men’s 45/49 Sprint: Ainars Kiksis LAT
– Women’s 35/39 Points: Joanne Arancibia AUS
– Womens 40-44 Points Race: Niki Kovacs GBR
– Womens 45-49 Points Race: Penny Pawson NZL
– Womens 50-54 Points Race: Catherine Coley GBR
– Women’s 55-59 Points Race: Carol Scott GBR
– Women’s 60-64 Points Race: Pfluke Lillian USA

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RESULTS (Full results here)

Womens 55+ Points Race
1. Carol Scott GBR 21 14m 32
2. Lindsay Clarke GBR 16
3. Lillian Pfluke USA 9
4. Mindee Stevenson USA 8
5. Barbara Wiles GBR 1
6. Suzanne Pirio FRA -10
7. Meg Mautner USA -20

Women’s Points Race 55-59
1. Carol Scott GBR
2. Lindsay Clarke GBR
3. Mindee Stevenson USA

Women’s Points Race 60-64
1. Lillian Pfluke USA
2. Barbara Wiles GBR

Women’s F35-44 Points Race
1 Joanne Arancibia AUS 14 16m 00
2 Anna Rzasowska POL 12
3 Niki Kovacs GBR 9
4 Melanie Sneddon GBR 6
5 Emma Hill GBR 5
6 Jennifer Gerth CAN 3
7 Kaitlyn Mittan USA 2
8 Georgina Paul GBR 2
9 Louise Ireland GBR 2
10 Dorota Rajska POL 0
11 Aileen Clyde GBR 0
12 Trish Chalk GBR 0
13 Charlotte Roberge CAN 0
14 Lynn Hamel GBR 0
15 Zosia Martin GBR -10

Womens Point Race 35-39
1 Joanne Arancibia AUS
2 Anna Rzasowska POL
3 Emma Hill GBR

Womens Point Race 40-44
1 Niki Kovacs GBR
2 MelanieSneddon GBR
3 Jennifer Gerth CAN

Womens 45-54 Points Race
1. Catherine Coley GBR 15 14m 01
2. Penny Pawson NZL 14
3. Janet Birkmyre GBR 13
4. Kylie Matulick AUS 12
5. Christine D’Ercole USA 1
6. Karlene Rahn USA 0
7. Suzannah Doyle GBR 0
8. Vikki Appel USA 0
9. Donna Clayton GBR -10
10. Francine Haas USA -10

Womens 45-49 Points Race
1. Penny Pawson NZL
2. Kylie Matulick AUS
3. Christine D’Ercole USA

Womens 50-54 Points Race
1. Catherine Coley GBR
2. Janet Birkmyre GBR
3. Karlene Rahn USA

M35-44 Team Pursuit

1. Aussie Masters 4.09.143
Bradley Norton, James Ogilvie, Jonathon Millington, Ben Neppl AUS

2. Manchester Masters 4.10.808
Alistair Rutherford, Scott Burns, Si Wilson, Martin Lonie Gbr

3. Poland
Adrian Swiderski, Pawel Czarneckki, Krzysztof Wolski, Michal Ladosz

4. Team CZE Caught in 1.41.206
Petr Hrdy, Jiri Sonsky, Martin Skerik, Michal Guse CZE

Men’s 45-49 Points Race
1. Andrew Bruce GBR 37 24m 01
2. Jason Roberts GBR 27
3. Alejandro Acton ARG 26
4. Gerry Bowditch GBR 25
5. John McClelland GBR 20
6. Martin Ruepp SUI 17
7. Martin Van Wyk RSA 12
8. Wayne Crombie GBR 6
9. Jason Kierman GBR 3
10. Diego Rozie ARG 2
11. Jamie Anderson AUS 1
12. Pablo Martin Drascovich ARG 1
13. Pavel Alekseev RUS 0
14. Frederic Menard FRA 0
15. Gustavo Alej’o Gomez ARG 0
16. Jason Streather GBR 0
17. Sergio Adrian Chucoff ARG 0
18. Jean-Yves Verdier FRA 0
19. Daniel Ramon Benitez ARG 0
20. Heath Dotson USA 0
21. Niel Dunnage GBR -20

Mens 45-49 SPRINT
1. Ainars Kiksis LAT 10.784 10.979
2. Marcel Laurenz GER
3. Michael Smith AUS
4. Daniel Rickard AUS (dns due to crash in semi final)

Men’s 50-54 Points Race
1 Patrice Huby FRA 25
2 Jeremy Brougham GBR 20
3 Michael Miller USA 19
4 Daniel Casper USA 16
5 Martin Perrett GBR 8
6 Brian Haas USA 7
7 George Porumb ROU 5
8 Jean-Philippe Meret FRA 4
9 Jesper Falden Offersgaard DEN 2
10 David Blockley GBR 2
11 Elliot Davis GBR 2
12 David Klipper USA 2
13 Paul Whatmough GBR 0
14 Gian Carlo Tesini ITA 0
15 Carlos Selvini ARG 0
16 Francois Xavier Brunot Pozo ESP 0
17 Andre Todd CAN 0
18 Vigen Sarkisian RUS 0
19 Iain Davidson GBR 0
20 Michael Clark GBR 0
21 Axel Goers GER 0
22 Justin McMullen AUS -7
23 Alwyn Joy GBR -8

Mens 55-64 Team Sprint

1. Team Terminator (Gbr) 49.250
Lee Rowe, Adey Dent, Mark Wiffin

2. Men in Black (Aus) 49.366
Geoff Stoker, Gary Mandy, Paul Parker

3. Velo Sports Centre (USA) 50.37
Aron Seiken, Frederick Stanage, Marvin Hall

4. G-Force (RSA) 51.779
Hendrik Grobbelaar, Gerrit Schepers, Grenville Scullard

UCI World Masters Track Championships at Manchester’s National Cycling Centre from October 12th to 19th.

Spectators: Tickets are on sale on the website or can be purchased in person from the velodrome Main Reception desk.

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