Q&A: Team Boss Dave Coulson

A rider who rode Prems before becoming a team boss, we quiz Cycling Sheffields’ Dave Coulson on his team

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Q&A: Team Boss Dave Coulson

How long have you been running a team for various sponsors?
Dave: This team, six years

How many riders in this year’s team?
Dave: Six

What are the key things you look for in a rider when asking them to join the team?
Dave: Potential, the right attitude, commitment.

What’s the hardest thing about running a team besides finding a sponsor with deep pockets?
Dave: Spinning lots of plates, so to speak.

What are the key differences between when you raced the prems and now?
Dave: The teams are more professional now in lots of ways.

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What was your favourite race as a rider?
Dave: I always liked the British Road Race championships and lots of races in Italy

With three or four UCI teams next season and a lot of riders either retiring or going overseas, do you see the racing changing that much?
Dave: Hopefully races won’t be influenced by Tour of Britain politics and maybe it will be more possible for teams like us to crack the top 10.

Back when you were racing the prems, were there as many full time riders as there are now?
Dave: Definitely not.

Is there anything from a team owner’s perspective, you’d change about the race calendar?
Dave: We would all like more races, in particular stage races.

How has the clothing you get from a sponsor changed from your riding days – many more items?
Dave: Clothing has become more technical and aero. The Bioracer gear we use is amazing and we have kit for any weather we have to race or ride in.

How long have you worked with Bioracer UK?
Dave: Five years. Bioracer are a great partner for us as they love the sport as much as we do.

What’s the most impressive item of kit from Bioracer UK for you?
Dave: The Tempest short sleeved jerseys are invaluable in the wet. Our riders love them.

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Life in the convoy – do the riders keep you busy coming back for stuff or is it just a waiting game in case of an issue with a rider…
Dave: As they become more experienced, they get more confident in coming back to the car, but on the whole I don’t see them much. In fact, I often tell them they don’t come back for advice enough LoL!

You have a rider in a break, do you go up behind them or stay in the peloton?
Dave: You have to assess each situation individually because whenever you’re up with the lead group, you’re leaving your other riders to fend for themselves.

What are the ideal objectives for your riders in a race besides getting a good result?
Dave: To race intelligently, efficiently & confidently. At National A/UCI races, they have no pressure from me. I tell them not to be scared to race.

Favourite race for the team in 2019?
Dave: Manx International stage race and the Lincoln Grand Prix.

Best result in 2019?
Dave: Kieran Savage’s 10th place at the Lincoln Grand Prix.

Toughest race for your riders in 2019?
Dave: Probably the CiCLE Classic as it is so intense.

Dave: What are the goals for 2020?
Dave: Top tens in National A races and to race in Europe as much as the budget allows.


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