Q&A: Julian Varley (Cycling Sheffield)

Quizzing Harrogate’s Julian Varley (Cycling Sheffield) on his 2019 season and the goals for 2020 – Brought to you by Bioracer UK

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Q&A: Julian Varley (Cycling Sheffield)

– 2019 – a success or could do better?
Julian: My results speak for themselves – not good. It is what it is as they say. I think I will look back upon 2019 with that age old cliché in mind, ‘a learning experience’.

– What was the highlight of the 2019 season for you?
Julian: Thinking back the season just blends in to one, World Championships in my home town was pretty cool though.

– What was the most fun/enjoyable race in 2019?
Julian: Otley Grand Prix; a local race, great crowds, and top advice from inebriated ex riders on the start line.

– What was the toughest race in 2019 and why?
Julian: Tour of the Reservoir Stage 2. It all kicked off from the gun and was then holding on for grim death all day. Well I was anyway.

– What’s the hardest thing about British racing?
Julian: Racing is aggressive and unpredictable.

– Do you think next year the racing will be more open with less UCI teams?
Julian: A little bit more open, especially if they get rid of Tour of Britain qualification.

– Are you missing the racing yet?
Julian: It’s December and the weather is grim, looking forward to my selection box right now.

– Most annoying things you see riders do in the peloton?
Julian: It’s all perspective. If you do it, it’s tactics, if someone does it to you and you get annoyed. Glass houses and all that.

– Most impressive rider in the British peloton in 2019
Julian: Many talented riders but I will go with Jake Scott; solid results, liked his style, all whilst balancing training and working.

– Hardest part of the race is – the start with everyone battering each to get in the break or the end with everyone on their knees?
Julian: The Start. The bunch can be very jittery.

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– Is there anything you would change about the British calendar on the road?
Julian: More stage races, and pace the calendar a bit more. I’d prefer more racing end of Summer/Autumn which is nicer than March.

– Favourite piece of your Bioracer kit?
Julian: Can’t wait to get the Aerosuit on, I’ll take all the help I can get.

– The most used item of Bioracer Kit?
Julian: Right now, Race Proven Winter Jacket.

– Best thing about being in an Elite team…
Julian: Trying to upset the status quo

– Favourite training route?
Julian: You’re generally safe with a Burnsall loop.

– Its raining – Do you get out there or get the turbo out?
Julian: I’ll get out there if I have to.

– When does the serious training begin this winter?
Julian: No set date, I’ll just ease into it.

– Is your winter training structured the whole time or a mix of riding the bike easy and then getting serious with top end work?
Julian: Mainly just riding steady at the moment, bit of gym. I’ll bring in some intensity soon but still keep things flexible.

– Do you train alone or is there a chain gang in your area?
Julian: I’ll get out on the Leeds Chainy when the days get longer. Hopefully I can hang on to the front group up Chevin next year…

– Finally, what races in 2020 are ones you really want to work towards being part of.
Julian: Haven’t seen a full calendar yet, not sticking my neck out this early anyhow, I’ll jinx myself!

Thanks Julian … Good luck in 2020! 



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