Q&A: Hannah Patton Harris (JRC Shutt Ridley)

Question and Answer with junior track rider Hannah Patton Harris who will ride for the new JRC Shutt Ridley racing team in 2020

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Q&A: Hannah Patton Harris (JRC Shutt Ridley)
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– What category do you ride?
Hannah: Junior

Photo: Graham Penny

– What are your aims for the 2020 season in this new team?
Hannah: To build on my race experiences

– What is your favourite discipline?
Hannah: Track sprint

– Do you have a favourite race during the season?
Hannah: Black line sprint event

– Do you race around the country or stick to local races?
Hannah: Around the country.

– If you could change one (or two) things about racing in the UK, what would they be?
Hannah: Make racing more equal in gender for example female team sprint to 3 riders instead of 2

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– When will you start racing in 2020
Hannah: Probably January

– What are your 2019 highlights?
Hannah: Winning two national medals at Scottish juniors

– What was the most fun/enjoyable race you did in 2019?
Hannah: Blackline

– What was the toughest race you did in 2019
Hannah: British junior nationals

– Was there one thing you learned in 2019 that stands out?
Hannah: Believe in yourself and it will have a positive effect

– Has the serious training begun already this winter or still to come?
Hannah: It’s started lol!

– Are your winter training days structured from day to day or simply riding to enjoy the time on the bike?
Hannah: Structured

– Do you have some one coaching you? If so, how does having a coach help you most?
Hannah: Yes, He tells me what I need to do and gives me any support I ask for.

– What is your favourite item of Shutt VR clothing
Hannah: Bib shorts

– Which item of clothing gets used the most?
Hannah: Skinsuit

– Do you spend more time training indoors in the winter than the summer?
Hannah: Yes, but I’m a track rider so it’s self explanatory!

– What type of race bike will you have in 2020?
Hannah: Fuji sprint track bike

– What groupset/wheels will you choose for your race bike?
Hannah: Fast forward wheels.

– Finally, are there races in 2020 you really want to work towards doing well in?
Hannah: National Championships

Thanks to Hannah and good luck in 2020!


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