Q & A: Kieran Savage (Cycling Sheffield)

Quiz time with Yorkshire’s Regional champion Kieran Savage of Cycling Sheffield who hit a lot of his goals in 2019

Q & A: Kieran Savage (Cycling Sheffield)

– Was 2019 a success?
Kieran: A success yes. I hit a lot of my goals and was consistent but in a few individual races, I know there was a big result that I didn’t snatch.

– What was the highlight of the 2019 season for you?
Kieran: Winning the Yorkshire regionals. Even though its only a Nat B and felt really crap, I rode a tactically perfect race.

Photo: Craig Zadoroznyj

– What was the most fun/enjoyable race in 2019?
Kieran: Maybe Ilse of Man (Manx International) because it felt pretty epic.

– What was the toughest race in 2019 and why?
Kieran: GP Criquelion 2.1 because a massive break got away right at the start and then Wanty started a drag race with them and held them at 30 seconds for about 3 hours

– What’s the hardest thing about British racing?
Kieran: Paying for them

– Do you think next year the racing will be more open with less UCI teams?
Kieran: Potentially but less teams means stronger teams, I don’t think every UCI team was super strong (or even present) in every race last year.

– Most annoying things you see riders do in the peloton?
Kieran: Riders thinking they deserve the racing line, ie that smooth bit at Lincoln and then blowing up in front of you.

– Most impressive rider in the British peloton in 2019.
Kieran: Big Steve Lamps – was up there in pretty much every race after driving from Cornwall and running a team amongst other stuff

– Hardest part of the race is?
Kieran: Depends on the race and how clever you’ve been. It’s often hardest when a team drill it unexpectedly and catch out some big names so then what ever group you end up in, it is riding full on.

– Is there anything you would change about the British calendar on the road?
Kieran: More stage races please!!

– Favourite piece of your Bioracer kit?
Kieran: The tempest. It’s perfect for the spring races when its still really cold because its thick but fit’s like a racing jersey.

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– The most used item of Kit?
Kieran: The megmeister baselayer, perfect for all weather’s year round

– Best thing about being in an Elite team…
Kieran: Feeling like there’s some accountability and you can’t just piss about and that there’s some support behind you. I guess compared to a proteam, you don’t have to ride on the front all day.

– Favourite training route?
Kieran: The Yorkshire road club Saturday gang. A 40 mile loop between Leeds and Selby https://www.strava.com/routes/22769245

– Its raining – Do you get out there or get the turbo out?
Kieran: Out there. I tend to only turbo if I want something really intense as there’s too many lights and junctions near my gaffe.

– Is your winter training structured the whole time or a mix of riding the bike easy and then getting serious with top end work?
Kieran: Mix of endurance and specific stuff this year. I’m doing more intense sessions than I normally would this early in the season.

– Do you train alone or is there a chain gang in your area?
Kieran: Train on my own sometimes or with a few mates. There’s a few chaingangs nearby, some aren’t super hard but are good for getting speed in.

– Finally, what races in 2020 are ones you really want to work towards being part of.
Kieran: Well if I was on a UCI team then I’d say TDY and TOB but I guess I’d love to do some European stage races.


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