Q&A: Darcey Ellis (JRC Shutt Ridley)

More quiz time with the riders of JRC Shutt Ridley, this time junior track rider Darcey Ellis who will be racing the British Track Championships this weekend

Q&A: Darcey Ellis (JRC Shutt Ridley)

– What category do you ride?
Darcey: Junior

– What are your aims for the 2020 season in this new team?
Darcey: Get fit again and aiming for top 10s

– What is your favourite discipline?
Darcey: Track

– Do you have a favourite race during the season?
Darcey: Not particularly. I enjoy the ones abroad the most though.

– Do you race around the country or stick to local races?
Darcey: All over the country

– If you could change one (or two) things about racing in the UK, what would they be?
Darcey: More and better quality women’s racing!

– When will you start racing in 2020
Darcey: January (British Track Championships)

– What are your 2019 highlights?
Darcey: I was a Great Britain apprentice rider last year

– What was the most fun/enjoyable race you did in 2019?
Darcey: Scarborough

– What was the toughest race you did in 2019
Darcey: Scarborough

– Was there one thing you learned in 2019 that stands out?
Darcey: How best to recover from injuries!

– Are your winter training days structured from day to day or simply riding to enjoy the time on the bike?
Darcey: Structured


– Do you have some one coaching you?
Darcey: Yes – it enables me to have someone to give me advice at any time and tailor my training to my fitness around my exams. Having another person’s opinion and expertise is key for me.

– What is your favourite item of Shutt VR clothing
Darcey: The skinsuit

– Which item of clothing gets used the most?
Darcey: Bib shorts

– With it being a wet winter, what items of Shutt VR clothing do you use to keep warm?
Darcey: Jacket

– Do you spend more time training indoors in the winter than the summer?
Darcey: Yes

– What type of race bike will you have in 2020?
Darcey: Ribble R8 for the road

– Finally, are there races in 2020 you really want to work towards doing well in?
Darcey: Track nationals in the summer



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