Q&A: Fergus Jones (JRC Shutt Ridley)

Quiz time with Under 23 rider Fergus Jones (JRC Shutt Ridley) who’s aims for 2020 are to win a National B road race

Q&A: Fergus Jones (JRC Shutt Ridley)

– What is your favourite discipline?
Fergus: Road

– Do you have a favourite race during the season?
Fergus: Nothing like an evening crit series with all the regulars

– Do you race around the country or stick to local races?
Fergus: Both

– If you could change one (or two) things about racing in the UK, what would they be?
Fergus: That all time trials at a junior level or below require the use of a standard road bike in TT’s as otherwise its just a battle of who’s parents have the biggest wallet

– When will you start racing in 2020
Fergus: February

– What are your 2019 highlights?
Fergus: Getting round a UCI 2.1 (Tour of Upper Austria)

– What was the most fun/enjoyable race you did in 2019?
Fergus: Tour of Upper Austria

– What was the toughest race you did in 2019
Fergus: Tour of Upper Austria

– Was there one thing you learned in 2019 that stands out?
Fergus: Don’t attack in the first 10 minutes of ever race

– Are your winter training days structured from day to day or simply riding to enjoy the time on the bike?
Fergus: Structured to an extent but living in the Peak District means every ride is an enjoyable ride

– Do you have some one coaching you? If so, how does having a coach help you most?
Fergus: Yes. Helps me plan my training and remind me the importance of rest if I’m doing too much.

– What is your favourite item of Shutt VR clothing
Fergus: Race Jersey




– Which item of clothing gets used the most?
Fergus: Socks

– Do you spend more time training indoors in the winter than the summer?
Fergus: Outside is free (refuse to ride turbo)

– What type of race bike will you have in 2020?
Fergus: Ridley Helium. Hopefully

– What groupset/wheels will you choose for your race bike?
Fergus: Shimano Ultegra

– Finally, are there races in 2020 you really want to work towards doing well in?
Fergus: Totnes Vire



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